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Easywalker Mini Safety Bar

Easywalker Mini Safety Bar
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  • Mini (EB10103)
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Quick Overview

The Easywalker Mini safety bar is a fantastic enhancement for the MINI buggy, as it makes journeys with your child even safer for them. The safety bar attaches onto the buggy frame and, along with the safety belt, it prevents your child from falling out of the buggy.

Product Description

The Easywalker Mini safety bar provides an additional safety precaution for the MINI buggy. It was especially designed for this buggy, and adds safety to your journey by being used in conjunction with the seat belt.

If your child can already get in and out of the buggy by themselves, then the Easywalker Mini safety bar is an alternative form of protection to the seat belt. It will prevent you from having to constantly buckle and un-buckle their seat belt.

If you fold the buggy after use, there is no need to remove the Easywalker Mini safety bar. It can remain attached without causing a nuisance.

Description special features

  • Additional safety bar
  • Exact fit for the Easywalker Mini buggy
  • Safety bar does not need to be removed when folding the buggy

Additional Information

Package Content Safety bar
Name Easywalker Mini Safety Bar
Product type Pram accessories
EAN Code 8717755286413
Article number supplier EB10103
Colour Black
Measurements Suitable for the Easywalker Mini buggy.
Last product update 15 January 2018

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