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Easywalker Prams + Strollers

The Easywalker is a manoeuvrable designer pram from the Netherlands. The starting point for this new pram concept was inspired by the worries of parents back in the nineties, regarding the lack of contemporary transportation for their children: they required a practical, easy, attractive and sturdy solution, and the answer was found in the Easywalker, which is a genuine Dutch design with an international image. Highly popular prams from this range include the Easywalker Sky Plus, the Easywalker QTRO Plus and the SKY Duo Plus.

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Last Modified: 7 August 2018


“Walk the Earth!”

The focus of this company, which was founded in 1989 in Amsterdam, essentially lies in the following: The Easywalker prams are simple, functional, sturdy and light and impress with their stable, secure workmanship. Your child’s comfort will be top priority with these modern, stylish prams and buggies, while the brand’s sporty design appeals to both men and women alike. It doesn’t matter whether you take your Easywalker out to the city or the country – its Dutch design is suitable for all terrain.

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Prams and buggies

Easywalker prams and buggies impress with their high functionality and stylish designs. They ride smoothly over all terrain, and provide a unique feeling of wellbeing for parents who combine city and country living. You can be sure your child’s comfort is top priority with an Easywalker pram.

The Easywalker MINI buggy is made from first-class materials, is comfortable, compact and easy to transport. It can even be used from your baby’s birth, as its backrest has four adjustable positions. You can adjust the buggy’s seat position or fold it using just one hand, leaving you with one hand free at all times and the practical Easywalker MINI buggy at your side.

Parents of twins or siblings of similar ages will be astounded by Easywalker prams: The Easywalker Duo has ample space and its front wheels rotate a full 360 degrees, making it extremely easy to manoeuvre and get through any standard doorway. You can also attach one of many group 0+ car seats (Maxi Cosi and Cybex, amongst others) onto your Easywalker pram using the Easywalker adapter.

Car seats

Easywalker pram accessories are designed to equip you for every situation faced in daily life. While a parasol protects your child from bright sunlight, a rain cover safeguards them from rain, wind and snow. Similarly, the snuggly footmuff keeps your baby warm during cooler periods, and the mosquito net prevents pesky insect stings. The Easywalker Easyboard is another practical accessory, for attachment onto the pram frame. This easily attachable buggy board is a simple way for an older sibling to ride along with a pram or buggy.

Changing diaper bags

Easywalker diaper bags impress with their simple design and form. Their practical quick fasteners make it easy to attach them onto an Easywalker pram. Equipped with a changing mat and numerous inner pockets, these diaper bags really do make ideal companions for daily living.

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