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Double Buggies

Double Buggies

When it comes to pushing two children around in one pram, the handling and manoeuvrability of the pram will be somewhat more of a chore than usual. Nevertheless, there is no need to torture yourself by pushing a gigantic pram along the street: there are handy versions called double buggies, which are designed to be as small as possible for their purpose. Double buggies are even available in the style of the sporty three-wheelers. When it comes to comfort, parents of twins hardly need to make any compromises nowadays: the large, air-filled wheels of these three-wheelers mean that even with two children to push, parents can enjoy running even on bumpy roads! The combi-version is also practical: it is designed for older twins or siblings, and can easily be converted from the horizontal position into the sports version.

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Last Modified: 30 July 2018

Additonal information

1. Double trouble? Double mobility!

Double buggies are almost like squaring the circle: they offer space for two kids, are relatively compact and lightweight and also quite comfortable for the two little passengers and parents. They are the ideal solution for any parents of twins who value the greatest possible flexibility and mobility even with two kids in tow.

Double Buggies

2. Advantages at a glance

As wonderful as it is: the first time with a new baby is also tiring. The little one needs to be looked after all around the clock. And even though parents of twins can be twice as happy, the challenges they need to meet are also twice as many. That starts with practical things like the pram: it needs to be big enough for two. So you need a double pram.

Double buggies are a special type of double pram. They are more compact and more lightweight than classic double or twin prams. This makes them ideal for manoeuvring through busy shops or crowded pedestrian areas. And double buggies are easier to take along in the boot of your car on trips or when travelling - they fold up smaller than most classic double prams.

As all double prams, double buggies offer a fully fledged seat and reclining area for two children. There is no first and second seat, as with tandem prams. Both seat units have the same features.

3. Now or later: when to buy?

As with other products, there is a huge variety of features within the category double buggy. There are double buggies with or without newborn position. Only buggies that offer this lie-flat position are suitable for use from birth.

If you decide to get such a model as your only double pram, you should get the double buggy well in time before the due date. Twins are usually born before the due date.

If the double buggy is going to be a spare buggy, it's a different story. As a classic buggy, you can also get double buggies for babies from six months onwards. In that case, you can wait with the purchase until after the babies are born. But then you, as parents of twins, will need another pram system beforehand, so you can take your babies along on walks in a way that suits their age.

4. Checklist: What to consider when buying

When buying a double buggy, there are a number of important decisions to make beforehand. After all, you are responsible for the wellbeing of two children, and twins in the first few months of their lives are usually smaller than single children, so they need an extra portion of comfort and safety.

If you decide to get a double buggy as only double pram and are therefore going to be using it from birth, you should choose a model for which you can get carry cots. Then you can transform the double buggy to a full-quality double pram where the babies can lie flat. The carry cots have the advantage that the children are more protected from outside influences. This provides extra safety and cosy comfort.

There are also considerable differences in features: some double buggies have an additional safety system in form of an abdominal bar - others omit it in favour of lower weight. Some double buggies have two separate canopies, while others have a shared canopy for both seats. And the luggage nets come in different sizes. Depending on how you are going to be using the buggy, you may find it more or less important to have a large shopping compartment.

You also need to check which accessories are included with the double buggy: for twins, you need two of everything - from a footmuff to a raincover.

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