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Wooden Dolls Prams

Wooden Dolls Prams

Wooden doll strollers are small, stable and robust. They are made from different kinds of wood, and are available either completely natural, or painted in bright colours. But they are not only different because of their material: Wooden doll strollers are also heavier and less flexible than their metal brothers and sisters. This means that dolls not only get a comfortable seat, but that your child has something robust to hold onto as they take their first steps. And should a wall or a table ‘get in the way’, there won't be any sign of the collision on the wooden doll stroller.

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Last Modified: 5 July 2018

Buying Guide

Perfect For the Smallest Kids

Children love taking their dolls or teddies everywhere – either around their own home, out when going shopping or to the playground. And of course, they want the doll offspring to be comfortable. That's why many children, even the smallest, would love to have a doll's pram. The Wooden Doll's Prams are perfectly designed for the special requirements of the smallest doll's parents. These doll's prams are almost entirely made of wood, which makes them particularly stable, sturdy and robust. Their size is designed for the size of younger doll's parents.

Wooden Dolls Prams

Robust and Versatile – the Advantages

The wooden doll's pram is a special category: Unlike classic doll's prams, this is not usually a copy of a real-life pram. A normal doll's pram would not be suitable for younger doll's parents, who often still sit in the pram themselves. After all, most wooden doll's prams are suitable even for children under three years. A wooden doll's pram is robust, compact, agile and versatile. Ideally, it should have whisper tyres – but that's a criterion that will mainly interest the real parents, not so much the doll's parents.


A classic wooden doll's pram is more robust than a normal doll's pram, thanks to the material used and the way it is constructed. The relevant features are the stability of the construction and the fact that the wooden doll's pram needs to be stable and not topple over. This ensures that it is easy to manoeuvre and survives small climbing attempts.


Toddlers are not usually big enough yet to play with a normal doll's pram. The seat or reclining area is often too high for them to put their dolls or teddies in or get them out again without help. A wooden doll’s pram is more compact than a normal doll's pram.


The fine motor skills of most toddlers are not yet very developed. So for these younger doll's parents, it's a real challenge to steer a doll's pram around the house without accidents. The doll's pram needs to be agile and the wooden doll's pram is designed with this concept in mind.


Today a doll's pram, tomorrow a moving van, the day after a soap box – a wooden doll's pram can be all of it at once. This makes this toy ideal for small children who love to follow their imagination and enjoy integrating toys into their games in various different ways. Incidentally: Many wooden doll's prams are also baby walkers – the doll's parents can take their pretend children for a walk even if they themselves cannot yet walk very steadily.

Planning Ahead: What to Consider Before Buying

As always, you should check the quality before you buy this toy. The smaller your child, the more important it is to choose carefully. The wooden doll's pram should be free of harmful materials, be constructed safely and without any sharp edges or corners. What it looks like should be a less important criterion – although this aspect can of course be fun, too. But the important aspect of safety and quality should definitely come first.

Timing: When Does It Make Sense To Buy?

The wooden doll's pram is designed for toddlers, so it can be a main present for the child's birthday during the early years. If it's a combined doll's pram and baby walker, you can even buy it for the child's first birthday.

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