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Wicker Dolls Prams

Wicker Dolls Prams

With a wicker doll stroller, you are guaranteed to attract more than a glances in your direction: This nostalgic version of the modern doll stroller looks very natural, and offers every doll an extremely soft little bed. Above all, these little strollers are ideal for “going for a walk” around the home. There are models made of wicker, and alternative models made of willow. Some wicker doll strollers already come with a cosy cushion and blanket, and others can be enhanced with these kinds of accessories.

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Last Modified: 13 July 2018

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Nostalgia in the Nursery

They are beautiful. They are pure nostalgia. They are long-lasting. We are talking about wicker dolls prams – those dolls prams in the style of the good old days. This very special type of dolls pram is an exquisite present for any dolls mum and dad. Here, functionality and sharing of values go hand in hand. And the best thing is: these ageless dolls prams can be passed on to your child's own children one day. A wicker dolls pram is always in.

Wicker Dolls Prams

The Advantages

Retro, in other words revisiting traditional values, is definitely in. Why else would you see so many prams in retro style? This trend can also be found in the nursery and children's rooms: wicker prams match this trend. Even the great-grandparents of the current generation of children used to play with this toy. By giving your child a wicker dolls pram, you can pass these lasting values on.

Wicker dolls prams are made of natural materials: wood, wicker and fabric are the three components of this beautiful dolls pram. These materials create a very special atmosphere and set a pleasant contrast to the numerous plastic toys that can be found in today's children's bedrooms.

Even if wicker dolls prams have fewer features than modern dolls prams based on real prams, these nostalgic dolls prams still have some great features:


A good wicker dolls pram has a canopy so the little doll child can slumber safely inside the wicker pram. This canopy is either made of wicker just like the basket. Or it can be made of fabric. In the latter case, the canopy can usually be folded back so the child can lift the doll or teddy out of the pram more easily or put them back in.

Bedding Set

Most wicker dolls prams come with a bedding set of mattress, blanket and pillow. These match the colour and pattern of the canopy or decorative border of the wicker pram. Here, dolls parents can make it nice and comfortable for their pretend children.

A wicker dolls pram is far more than just a toy: A wicker dolls pram is a piece of furniture that can add lasting value in the nursery or child's bedroom – even if the child has long since outgrown the doll phase. And: thanks to its timeless beauty, the wicker dolls pram has the potential of being passed on to your child's own children.

What to Watch Out For When Buying

With the wicker dolls pram, you need to check carefully that the product on offer is a toy for children. Sometimes adults like to integrate wicker dolls prams into their furniture as a nostalgic reminder of their own childhood. These models are not necessarily suitable for children. Of course, a wicker dolls pram needs to be made of safe materials and free of harmful substances, just like all children's toys.

Planning Ahead: What to Watch Out For When Buying

A wicker dolls pram is an ideal present for very small and even older children. Thanks to its simple construction, even toddlers can play with this toy. Older children can grasp the idea behind this nostalgic toy and can be happy that already their great-grandma had such a dolls pram. Lasting values and awareness of tradition can be passed on playfully to the next generation.

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