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Twin Dolls Prams

Twin Dolls Prams

On the right is the doll, on the left the teddy – in a twin doll stroller, all of your child’s beloved toys can have plenty of room. It is just like for twins or siblings in real life: From the multi-adjustable back rest to the adjustable foot rest, right up to the removable cover, Bayer Design are offering every kind of luxury imaginable. Particularly important for comfort while pushing the stroller, and for getting the most use out of your stroller, is a height-adjustable handlebar. If you often travel by car, you should know about this stroller’s compact folded size. Also, the material of the wheels/tyres usually determines their durability and the level of noise that they make when they roll.

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Last Modified: 20 July 2018

Buying Guide

For Double Doll Fun

Sooner or later, many children have the idea: wouldn't it be great if I had a twin? Then I would never be alone, would always have someone to play with and an ally if the parents tell me not to do something. This fascination is certainly fed by the numerous children's stories where twins play the main role. But as most children do not have a real twin, they enact this fascination in role playing games with their dolls or teddies. Of course, a twin dolls pram is the ideal accessory for taking the pretend twin offspring out for a walk.

Twin Dolls Prams

Advantages and Features

The most important requirement for a twin pram is that it offers space for two – real seats or reclining seats. That's of course also the great advantage that a twin dolls pram offers. The second condition a twin dolls pram needs to meet is that the two seats must be of equal quality. Otherwise it's a tandem pram for two differently sized dolls or teddies.

A good twin dolls pram copies the real-life original, the twin pram, as much as possible. So in terms of features and visual appearance, it tries to be as realistic as possible. Most twin dolls prams offer two separate seat units that feature a harness each. A canopy protects the doll children or teddies from wind and weather. Ideally, a twin dolls pram should also have a shopping basket where the dolls parents can store the luggage for their pretend kids.

From Pram to Buggy

Just as with the large originals, twin dolls prams come in different versions, such as pram, travel system/all-in-one model or buggy: prams have two carrycots where the doll children can lie flat, travel systems are dolls pram sets that consist of a chassis, two carrycots and two seat units, and dolls buggies feature two seat units that may be adjustable.

Planning Ahead: What To Consider Before Buying

Even more important than all previously mentioned aspects is the topic of safety. When buying a twin dolls pram, you need to consider several aspects in terms of safety – some are obligatory to ensure your child can play safely, others are optional add-ons.

First of all it's essential that the twin dolls pram is sturdy and does not have any sharp edges. Plus the twin dolls pram should be robust and not topple over, and should be able to cope with a child sitting in it, too. That's of course not what they are intended for – but is very likely to happen now and again.

Good wheels ensure easy manoeuvrability and indirectly contribute to the safety of the twin dolls pram. Plus it makes sense if the handles are ergonomically shaped and height-adjustable.

The Right Time To Buy

A twin dolls pram is the perfect present for Christmas or a birthday for all enthusiastic dolls parents. The child should be able to walk alone reliably in order to be able to handle the rather large dolls pram. If the child is still quite young, you should ensure that you choose a twin dolls pram with height-adjustable handle.

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