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Tandem Dolls Prams

Tandem Dolls Prams

It’s all in the detail – that’s why tandem doll strollers are so fascinating, with their numerous little details that mothers also have on their ‘proper’ prams and strollers. From the adjustable back rest, to the adjustable foot rest, to the removable cover, the shopping basket and the safety bar/belts. The decision as to whether you want a lighter or heavier version of this stroller lies in the material of the frames; there are some made of lightweight aluminium, and others made of steel. The suspension and the type of wheels used should also play a part in choosing your tandem doll stroller.

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Last Modified: 14 August 2018

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For Double Trouble Doll Fun

The classic ideal family still has two kids. So it's no wonder that the little dolls mum or dad also wants to play with two dolls. And for two dolls, you of course need a tandem dolls pram. After all, the offspring wants to be well cared for.

For tandem dolls prams, three things are important – just as with their large versions: features, size and weight. These aspects are important to make sure the little dolls parents can happily go out for a walk with the tandem dolls pram – and parents may still find a place at home where they can park the vehicle when it's not being played with.

Tandem Dolls Prams

Advantages and Characteristics

The main characteristic and great advantage of a tandem dolls pram is that it offers space for (at least) two doll children or other cuddly toys. Regarding features, you can find pretty much anything that's also offered by the real-life large versions of the tandem prams:

Twin or tandem prams

Of course, there are also dolls pram models for two same-aged doll children as well as for dolls of different sizes. Correspondingly, the dolls prams either feature two identical seat units, or one main seat unit and a second seat for the larger doll child that offers a bit less comfort.


Of course, the little dolls and cuddly toys should be comfortable during the outing. So tandem dolls prams often feature things like adjustable backrests, adjustable footrests and seat padding.

Chassis Options

The little dolls parents can choose between tandem dolls prams with four wheels and models with three wheels – in the style of a 3-wheel jogger. Plus there are prams with fixed front wheels and others with 360-degree swivel wheels.

Safety for the Doll Children

Obviously, doll children should be safe during every walk. So tandem dolls prams usually feature harness systems and sometimes also additional safety bars.

More Features

Some tandem dolls prams also feature a luggage net where dolls parents can store additional items. Some dolls prams can "grow" with the child, they feature a height-adjustable handle.

In addition to these practical advantages and special features, a tandem dolls pram also offers clear advantages in terms of pedagogical aspects: Playing with dolls and cuddly toys enables your child to playfully copy his or her own reality through role playing games.

This makes it possible to reflect on events of everyday life and understand them better. Many patterns of behaviour the child may see as "unfair" in confrontation with the parent will be adopted by the child itself towards the doll children.

Planning Ahead: What to Look Out For When Buying

The most important selection criterion when buying a tandem dolls pram is safety. Only then can the child play happily with his or her doll children. Plus you should check that you have a space to keep the tandem dolls pram in. The available space in the child's bedroom determines the size of the model you can buy. And of course, the tandem dolls pram should suit the size of your child.

Timing: When Does It Make Sense To Buy?

A tandem dolls pram is a bigger present, so you should make sure your child can enjoy it for a long time. It's a good idea to buy it a bit before the child's role playing phase starts. Many models of tandem dolls pram now have height-adjustable handles, so the dolls pram can "grow" with the dolls parents.

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