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Dolls Pram Sets

Dolls Pram Sets

Doll stroller sets are every young doll mummy’s dream. There is practically no other doll stroller that will bring them so close to reality, or give them so many playtime possibilities. Many doll stroller sets offer lots of storage space, and therefore plenty of room for important items. Small items can also be stored in the included doll diaper bag. Doll stroller sets are also a great choice for particularly protective mothers; thanks to the multi-adjustable back rest, they can now offer their loved one perfect seated comfort. Modern doll stroller sets are extremely easy to fold and then compactly store until further use.

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Last Modified: 22 July 2018

Additional information

The complete package for all dolls parents

Some kids push their dolls and teddies around in an empty cardboard box and claim proudly: This is the pram for my baby! Other children prefer to have more detailed realism in their pretend play sessions. They want a real dolls pram for their doll or teddy children.

And to make the play as realistic as possible, the dolls pram should be able to do (almost) everything that a real pram can do. In other words: a dolls pram, a dolls buggy and dolls carrycot are called for. For these children, a doll pram set is the ideal present.

Dolls Pram Sets

The Advantages

The main advantage of a dolls pram set is that the child gets a whole travel system for the dolls and teddies. There are of course differences between the various models available – just like with real prams, there are modular doll pram sets and convertible models. Here is a quick overview of the various models available:

All-in-one versions

Some dolls pram sets consist of a chassis and a pram seat or rather, a doll pram seat. The dolls pram seat can be used as seat and carrycot in one. You just convert the seat unit. The advantage of such models: they are more compact and can fit easily into even a smaller nursery.

Sports Buggies and Carrycot

These dolls pram sets consist of a chassis with buggy seat which can be either fixed in place or removable. Plus they come with a carrycot. If you attach the carrycot to the seat unit, you have a great dolls pram. The advantage: The carrycot can be used separately, without the chassis, for example as dolls cot.

The complete travel system

The luxury version of the dolls pram set is the complete travel system, consisting of a chassis, a carrycot, a buggy seat and a baby car seat. These models are ideal for any children who want to be able to copy real life in every small detail in their pretend play.

Travel System Plus

And finally, there are dolls pram sets that offer additional extras in addition to all the modules of a travel system, for example a leg cover for the doll or teddy baby, or a diaper bag.

Important: What to Consider When Buying

Even though that's probably not what the dolls pram manufacturers had in mind: in reality, the dear children will almost certainly try to push their friends around in the dolls pram, too. So it's important to watch out for quality when buying a dolls pram set. Any hinges and adapters, for example for attaching the buggy seat unit or the baby car seat, need to be designed safely so little fingers cannot get trapped.

The Best Timing: When to Buy

To ensure the child can make the best use of the dolls pram set, you should definitely wait until your child can walk properly before you buy a dolls pram set. If smaller children show great interest in dolls prams, a combined baby walker and dolls pram is a good idea.

Plus, a dolls pram set is a great present for child number one if you are expecting baby number two. Then the big brother or big sister can practice looking after the baby and use role playing games to act out all the joy and fears or worries having a new baby in the family can bring.

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