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Dolls Pram Accessories

Dolls Pram Accessories

A doll stroller is only perfect once it has the right accessories. With many manufacturers, these accessories come included. Above all, doll diaper bags usually come with the strollers. But should you wish to hand-pick the accessories for your child, you can of course buy them separately. Be sure to only purchase accessories with materials that are free from harmful substances, and ideally ones that can be cleaned. Everything should also match in terms of colour. This is why, before you make your purchase, it is worth looking at the design and features of the doll stroller again.

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Last Modified: 7 August 2018

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Perfectly Equipped: Accessories for Real Dolls Parents

The best is just good enough for your children: Just like any parents who only want the best for their children, dolls mums and dads are also keen to provide only the best for their little treasures. So dolls parents will be happy to get given practical and pretty dolls pram accessories. Plus the children can use the comprehensive range of accessories to make pretend-caring for the doll children even more realistic.

Doll Buggies

The Advantages Offered

Essentially, any kind of dolls pram accessories offer the advantage that the dolls parents can become even more realistic pretend-parents in their role playing games with the doll children. And that's what the classic game of play house with dolls or teddies is all about: the children copy their everyday life with all its joys and conflicts and learn to grasp everyday events and cope with them better through playing. If you have ever listened to your children when playing, you will have noticed that the children say a lot of things they have heard parents and carers say to them.

Here is an overview of the most common dolls pram accessories – and how the little dolls mums and dads can use these accessories, plus which advantages the dolls pram accessories offer to parents:

Rain cover for dolls pram

With a rain cover, the child can take the dolls pram outside even on rainy days. That can be just the argument you need to persuade your child to go out for a walk with you in the fresh air on a wet day. Plus, the rain cover has the advantage that it keeps the dolls pram dry, so after the walk, you only need to wipe off the wheels and your home stays clean.

Dolls pram bedding

This usually consists of a mattress and a pillow to make it really comfortable in the dolls pram for the favourite doll or teddy. Parents will be pleased to know that these accessories can easily be washed if they get dirty, so everything stays nice and hygienic in the dolls pram.

Diaper bag

Dolls parents love giving their pretend babies a new diaper, feeding the little treasure and changing its clothes. And parents will be happy because diapers, spare dolls clothes and the like can be neatly stored in the diaper bag.

Sleeping bag/Footmuff

This accessory keeps the doll or teddy warm. If the doll should end up on the floor during a walk (and that happens quite a lot, even to the most careful doll parents), it's usually only the sleeping bag or footmuff that gets dirty – and it is easy to clean.

Important: What to Watch Out For When Buying

The most important consideration when choosing dolls pram accessories is that the accessories need to suit the dolls pram in question and the doll or favourite teddy they are meant for. You can be faced with a true drama if the child tries to get the doll into the sleeping bag, and it turns out the sleeping bag is too small – or the dolls diaper will not fit onto the dolls little bottom – or even worse, if the rain cover does not fit onto the pram...

Planning Ahead: When to Buy?

You need to differentiate: Even smaller children can play with dolls pram accessories such as bedding or a sleeping bag. But it's a different story for small accessories, such as the contents of a doll diaper bag. And using a rain cover for the dolls pram requires parental supervision, even for kindergarten age children – after all, the rain cover is made of plastic and children could try to pull it over their own head instead.

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