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Doll Buggies

Doll Buggies

One of the most transport-friendly types of doll strollers is the doll buggy. Despite its lightweight quality and small size, doll parents need not compromise on their beloved’s comfort; there are models whose back rest can be adjusted numerous times – even the foot rest will adapt to suit their size every time. Many buggies feature extremely flexible, small double wheels made of rubber. Also practical are their height-adjustable handlebars. This means the buggy will adapt to your child’s size, allowing them to use the doll stroller even when they have grown a little more.

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Last Modified: 13 July 2018

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Travel Buggies for Dolls and Soft Toys

There is a phase in the toddler and kindergarten stage when children seem to consider their dolls and stuffed toys part of the family. In role playing games with these companions, they can copy their everyday life and learn to understand the world around them and their own feelings. So it's not surprising if your child wants to take his or her favourite doll or teddy everywhere and of course also look after their favourite toy when going out or on holidays. To meet your child's requirements, dolls buggies are the perfect vehicle for dolls or teddies.

Doll Buggies

Advantages and Features at a Glance

Dolls buggies are the most compact dolls prams available. They are small, lightweight and can usually be folded very compactly. At the same time, they offer everything a dolls mum or dad would expect from a dolls pram: a comfortable place for the favourite teddy or doll to be in on the next walk.

Due to the low weight, dolls buggies can easily be taken anywhere. True dolls parents would never go out without their little darling, or even go on holiday. And that's an important point, because a classic dolls pram, even if it has lots of advantages, would never be suitable for traveling as it takes up too much space. Dolls buggies, on the other hand, can be folded small so they still fit in the trunk of your car or in the roof box.

But of course, dolls buggies are not just ideal for outings and traveling: you can also use them as fully fledged dolls prams. After all, there are dolls buggies where the dolls parents do not have to make do without comfort for their pretend offspring. Advantage: Even in the nursery, a compact dolls buggy takes up very little space.

But not all dolls buggies are created equally. There are considerable differences in terms of features for this category of dolls pram: for example, you can get ultra-lightweight dolls buggies which offer a seat for the doll child and of course come with a harness. Buggies with a canopy offer greater comfort. Yet other buggies also offer a shopping basket and an adjustable backrest. And finally, there are classic three-wheeled buggies in addition to the normal four-wheeled buggies. The luxury versions of the dolls buggy offer extra high handles, an adjustable canopy and front swivel wheels for optimum manoeuvrability. Plus they feature footrests that serve as steps for the dolls to get in and footrest for the little cuddle companions. After all, dolls buggies should be as close as possible to the originals, the buggies for use by children.

Important: What to Watch Out For When Buying

Quality, quality, quality – and consider the safety of the little dolls parents. That's the most important consideration when buying a dolls buggy. So you need to ensure that the buggy you choose is designed in such a way that it will not trap the fingers of the little dolls mums and dads anywhere. Of course, you also need to check that the favourite toy will fit into the dolls buggy. And finally, take into account on which kind of surface the buggy is going to be used. This determines which type of wheels the dolls buggy needs to have.

The Question of Timing: When to Buy?

Dolls buggies are the classic presents at Christmas or for your child's birthday. So it's nice if parents, grandparents and other relatives contribute a doll-themed present each and make it possible for the child to celebrate a proper dolls birthday party.

In terms of age, dolls buggies are great for children who can already walk well. If your child is very keen to get a vehicle for his or her little darlings before the child can walk properly, you should instead consider getting a baby walker that can also be used as a dolls pram.

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