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Dolls Prams

Dolls Prams

A classic doll stroller offers excellent comfort for both doll and mother of the doll. The cot area usually comes with a comfortable mattress and a wind cover, so that the dolly or teddy can lay down in a soft, protected area in the carrycot. For the ‘mummy’ there is a storage basket for her to store spare clothes for the doll or other small toys for later. The stroller’s large, sprung wheels guarantee a quiet journey.

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Last Modified: 7 August 2018

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1. A must for all doll mums

Whether doll or teddy - from a certain age, most children love playing mum and dad. The dolls and teddies are the children, for whom the "parents" take responsibility. Of course, all doll parents take their "kids" along when going for a walk, shopping or to the playground - in the pram, or more precisely: the doll's pram.

Dolls Prams

2. Advantages for child development

In pretend play with dolls, teddies and doll's prams, children can explore their role within the family. Here, the little ones can pretend to be grownups for a change. For children, it's important to have a doll's pram that is easy to manage, easy to push and nice and agile. Realistic features are less important to most children. Of course, safety is top of the list of priorities. Everything else depends on the wishes of the doll's mum or dad.

3. What to consider before buying

The choice of different models and types is enormous - every child surely knows exactly what they want the new doll's pram to be like. Here’s a brief overview of the most common doll's pram categories:

Doll's pram travel system
the complete set for little doll's parents. Just like with a real pram travel system, these doll's prams are usually pram and buggy in one. Sometimes they include further accessories, such as a diaper bag.
Doll's buggies
the compact version of the doll's pram. These models are great if you want to transport the doll's pram by car or if space for storing the doll's pram is at a premium.
Wooden doll's pram or walker
a combination of walker and doll's pram. These models are ideal for very small doll's parents.
Double doll's pram
children often want a double doll's pram if twins are born in the family or a friend's family. Or they are practically minded doll's parents who simply need space for all their dolls and teddies in the pram at once.
Tandem doll's pram
the same principle as the double doll's pram - but the difference is that it comes in handy if a smaller sibling is born at home.
Doll's pram basket
the nostalgic version. These are particularly pretty and best for use indoors.
3 wheel doll's jogger
the sporty version among the 3-wheel doll's prams.

4. Timing: When is the best time to buy?

The best time to purchase a doll's pram depends on which type you want to get: a wooden doll's pram or walker can be purchased when your child is around one year old, to help him or her learn to walk. A tandem pram may make a good present for an older sibling when a younger baby is born.

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