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Twin Changing Diaper Bags

Twin Changing Diaper Bags

Going out and about with several children is always a little challenge, whether you have twins or children quite close in age. With a twin diaper bag, parents can cope with this challenge easily: this XXL bag can hold absolutely anything you may need in a hurry. The “diaper bag times two” features extra large and spacious inner compartments where you can store any equipment you may need, from bottle to spare clothes - even two sets.

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Last Modified: 21 February 2018

Buying Guide

Mobility to the power of two

Everyone knows it: the magical bag of Mary Poppins from the famous film, a bag which can apparently hold anything. Yet although everything fits into it, the bag is a manageable size. A good twin changing diaper bag works under the same principle: lots of space on the inside, yet as compact as possible. After all, parents of twins need to take along not just diapers and accessories for two, but also keep two kids in check. By the way: Twin changing diaper bags are of course also suitable for siblings who are quite close in age, not just twins.

Twin Changing Diaper Bags

2. Double advantages

More storage space, more compartments, more room, more flexibility: A twin changing diaper bag has to offer the same as a normal diaper bag – but for two children. So it needs to work twice as hard without weighing twice as much. That is a true challenge for the makers of twin changing diaper bags. To meet all the expectations, good twin changing diaper bags use some tricks.

Low weight when empty
To keep the total weight as low as possible and still enable parents to pack lots of items into the twin changing diaper bag, it's important that the bag weighs as little as possible when empty. This can be achieved by using high-quality, tough yet lightweight materials.
Cleverly designed interior
Pockets, compartments and so on are important for any diaper bag. For a twin changing diaper bag, they are a must. That's the only way to store as many items as possible neatly and compactly – and make them easier to find when you need them. In addition to having to take along a lot of equipment for two children, you also need to remember the time factor. That's the only way to care for and watch over two kids at once.

3. Checklist for buying

In addition to the special features mentioned above, you need to look out for the same things in a twin changing diaper bag as you would in a normal diaper bag.

No matter whether the diaper bag is made of canvas, leather or another material – good quality, toughness and the option of cleaning the bag, particularly the inside, are important.
A twin changing diaper bag should be very lightweight so you can carry it easily even on longer trips.
Some twin changing diaper bags come with a changing mat, bottle warmer, separate bag etc. You should consider carefully what you actually need and what you may already have.
A good twin changing diaper bag has to be highly versatile. Most bags have more than one option for carrying them. A shoulder strap plus buggy straps are great and enable you to take the bag anywhere.

4. Good planning: When to buy?

Depending on how you will use it, there are two possible answers to the question when you should buy the twin changing diaper bag. If you are expecting twins, you should add the diaper bag to the list of baby essentials. If you are using it for siblings, it's best to buy the diaper bag before the second child is born, or ask family or friends to give it to you as a present for the baby. In between, you can go on using your existing diaper bag for both kids. But after a while, it will very probably be too small for your needs.

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