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Shoulder Changing Diaper Bags

Shoulder Changing Diaper Bags

The shoulder bag is the classic among handbags and has now also found its way to the diaper bags. Carried over the shoulder, it offers all the familiar diaper bag comfort: plenty of room to hold changing mat, bottle warmer, diapers, a key compartment and much more. A comfortable shoulder strap makes it good to carry and you can still have your hands free for other things.

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Last Modified: 6 August 2018

Your Shopping Guide

The Allrounders

Cool, practical, comfortable – these qualities characterise the category shoulder changing diaper bags. These diaper bags can be easily slung over your shoulder and then you're ready to go. In your daily routine with baby or toddler, that's particularly convenient. Sometimes you just have to hurry – for example, if your child runs on ahead and you have to rush to keep up, or if your child gets impatient and starts crying.

The shoulder changing diaper bags are therefore the most widely used type of diaper bags. And the available range of products on offer is correspondingly huge.

Shoulder Changing Diaper Bags

Variety and Advantages

Shoulder changing diaper bags are available for men and women, with different types of shoulder strap and in a larger variety of sizes and design – more on this later. All changing bags of this type have one thing in common: they are very practical and look cool.

Over the Shoulder, Across the Chest, or Both
Some shoulder changing diaper bags have straps that enable you to carry them over one shoulder or on your arm. Some shoulder changing diaper bags also have a strap that you can use to carry them across the body. And some bags have both, which makes them particularly versatile to use.
For Her, For Him or Unisex
Shoulder changing diaper bags are appreciated by mums and dads alike. These changing bags are quick to grab, good to carry and comfortable to use. The varieties aimed at dads have more unobtrusive colours and plainer designs. The male of the species values functionality and a certain masculine look.
Form and Functionality
If you decide to buy a shoulder changing diaper bag, you usually do not need to decide between form and functionality. These bags offer great design and a functionality that is perfectly geared towards the everyday needs of parent and child. Here is an overview of the most important features a good shoulder changing diaper bag should have:

- Large main compartment

Diaper, spare clothes, toys, cuddly blanket – there is a long list of items that parents want to have within easy reach in their daily life with child. That's why it's useful to have a large main compartment in the diaper bag.

- Organised storage included

To keep diapers, clothes and so on within easy reach, a shoulder changing diaper bag should have a cleverly designed organiser system with several pockets and compartments.

- Clean and neat efficiency

It's a good idea to have a wipe-clean inner material in the diaper bag. Any mess is easy to clean up.

- Useful extras

Many manufacturers of diaper bags offer all-in-one sets where the diaper bag comes with a changing mat, a bottle warmer and a wet pouch or pocket for care items. That's convenient and looks elegant – the accessories are a visual match for the shoulder changing diaper bag.

Important: What to Look Out For When Buying

Before buying a shoulder changing diaper bag, you should consider what exactly you need. How big should the diaper bag be? And which accessories do you actually want or need?

Timing: When to Buy?

Straight after birth, you need to put the first diaper on your child. This is the beginning of the diaper phase, which will last about three years. So the shoulder changing diaper bag really needs to be on the list of baby essentials for your child.

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