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Messenger Changing Diaper Bags

Messenger Changing Diaper Bags

A rectangular shape, a large flap and a long, wide shoulder strap are the qualities of the messenger diaper bag. These bags are carried with the strap across the body or just on one side over the shoulder. The messenger bags usually have several separate small inside compartments with plenty of space for important baby items. The advantage of this style: once your baby has grown past the diaper stage, you can remove the contents of the bag and go on using it as a normal bag.

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Last Modified: 12 July 2018

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Practical, Chic, Versatile

They are available for women and men, in sporty, elegant or even playful design. And they all have one thing in common: They are in any respect the convenient companion for daily life with baby or toddler. We are talking about messenger bag changing diaper bags. Just like all messenger bags, the diaper bag version also features a high degree of versatility for everyday use.

Plus they will impress you with their inner values: For a good diaper bag, functionality is essential. The following brief overview describes the special features of messenger bag changing diaper bags, the differences between them and what you should watch out for when buying.

Messenger Changing Diaper Bags

Advantages and Special Features

A messenger bag changing diaper bag offers a range of advantages and special features that sets it apart from other bags. Some of them are due to the fact that it is a diaper bag, others are typical for the category messenger bags.

Messenger bags – the bags of messengers: messenger bags typically have a flat design and are attached to a wide or padded strap. This enables you the carry the bag across the chest and back – either on the front, on the back or at your side. This makes it very easy to carry, whether you are transporting messages or other things.

Messenger bag changing diaper bags – convenient and versatile: The bag that was designed for messengers is also useful for parents. In everyday life with child, things can get quite turbulent. So practical, robust, easy to handle diaper bags are worth their weight in gold.

Inner values: What sets a diaper bag apart from other bags is above all the "inner values" – in other words, the interior subdivision and features on the inside of the bag. Here is a quick overview of the features that are desirable or essential for a changing diaper bag:

Wipe-Clean Lining
In a diaper bag, you are going to transport baby bottles, jars of baby food, baby care items, skin cream and more, and all these items might leak and make a bit of mess. So it's very convenient if the lining is made of wipe-clean, easy care materials.
Main Compartment
The main compartment of a changing diaper bag should be easily accessible, open and close with one hand and spacious. Inside the bag, you ideally want to have an organising system, in other words, sufficient pockets and compartments so you can neatly store diapers, toys, spare clothes etc and find them quickly when needed.
Parent Pocket
Messenger bag changing diaper bags should have a parent pocket, for keeping purse, mobile phone, keys and the like within easy reach. After all, who wants to lug around yet another bag in addition to the diaper bag?!
Nowadays, most diaper bags are sold with accessories included. Particularly convenient items are changing mats, pouches for wet or soiled clothing, bottle warmers and straps for attaching to the pram.

Checklist: What to Watch Out For When Buying

Before buying a messenger bag changing diaper bag, you should consider the following aspects:

Design: Who is going to use the bag – Mum, Dad or both parents?

Size: Is the bag going to be your main changing bag, is it intended to be a small spare bag or a large weekend bag?

Quality: A changing bag needs to cope with your daily routine. Is your favourite model well made and durable?

Planning Ahead: When to Buy a Changing Diaper Bag

The answer to this question is fairly easy: The messenger bag changing diaper bag belongs on the list of baby essentials – unless you just want it as a second diaper bag.

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