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Changing Diaper Bags Prams

Changing Diaper Bags Prams

Mostly they dangle from the pram handle and are the perfect colour match for the pram: diaper bags for the pram. They are designed so they can be directly attached to the pram, via poppers or Velcro fasteners. This keeps the parent's hands free, nothing can slip off your shoulder and you still have the diaper bag within easy reach. Whenever you need a spare pacifier, a clean diaper, the baby bottle or a toy, you can easily take them out of one of the convenient compartments inside the bag.

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Last Modified: 15 July 2018

Further Information

Logistic Specialists in Corporate Design

Just let the pram do the carrying for a change! That's the motto of the changing diaper bags prams. These diaper bags are designed in such a way that they can be perfectly attached to the pram. Numerous pram makers now offer their own changing diaper bag ranges that are a great match to the relevant pram in terms of style and colour.

Plus there are changing diaper bags prams made by accessory manufacturers. There is a huge selection to choose from, and sometimes the products on offer can differ greatly. Here is an overview to show you what a good changing diaper bag should be like.

Changing Diaper Bags Prams

Advantages and Additional Benefits

Gesslein does it, so do Jette, ABC Design as well and Osann and Mamas and Papas of course, too – all these pram manufacturers, and many more, offer their own range of changing diaper bags – referred to as changing diaper bags pram. They are perfectly matched to the design of the pram, can be attached to the pram chassis and offer everything that other diaper bags also offer.

Corporate Look
The classic changing diaper bag pram comes from one of the many pram manufacturers. These often bring out a new, matching diaper bag for every new range of prams. Plus, these diaper bags are often available in different colour versions – to match the colour version of the pram. The advantage: the travel system is colour coordinated and a nice match. This looks great and all elements harmonise perfectly.
Individual Look
Of course there are also changing diaper bags prams that are offered by other manufacturers, accessory makers. These offer the same functionality as the diaper bags by the pram manufacturers. This is convenient if you cannot get the matching diaper bag for your pram – or great for parents who prefer to put together their own travel system.
Bag Carrier
All parents know that if you have a baby or toddler, you are always carrying something. Either the child itself or laundry to or from the washing machine, diapers home from the shop, the pram up and down the stairs. So it's great if the pram does the carrying for you for a change. Just attach the bag to the pram chassis, and off you go. Usually they attach via Velcro straps or hooks on the handle, some models also attach on the side of the chassis. And of course, a good changing diaper bag pram also has a carrying strap or handles so you can transport them easily.
Symbiosis of Looks and Function
In addition to the visual appearance that matches the pram, good changing diaper bags prams also meet all the requirements that make a bag a diaper bag. This includes:

- Elegant and durable

To ensure a diaper bag can withstand the sometimes turbulent daily routine with child, it has to able to take a lot. The materials used should be durable and the inside must be wipeable, so you can easily clean it if anything gets dirty.

- Compartments

A good changing diaper bag prams has a large main compartment and additional compartments and pockets to store all required diaper changing items, toys and so on. Plus it's convenient if you have a parent pocket for keys, mobile phone and purse.

- Accessories

Diaper changing items, bottle warmer and pouch for soiled items or pocket for care products are very convenient accessories. Many manufacturers include some or all of these accessories as standard – usually in matching design to the diaper bag.

What to Watch Out For When Buying

As with all diaper bags and baby products, the motto for changing diaper bags prams is: the quality must be right. The question of quality refers to both the materials used and the way they are manufactured.

Planning Ahead: When to Buy?

As soon as you want to go out with your baby, you will need a diaper bag. So the changing diaper bag pram should be on your list of must-have items for baby equipment.

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Changing Bag Material
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Changing Bag Features
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  3. Adjustable shoulder strap(202)
  4. Removable shoulder strap(85)
  5. Matching changing mat(211)
  6. Insulated bottle holder(124)
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Changing Bag Fastener type
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  2. Velcro(61)
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  4. Magnet(8)
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