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Backpack Changing Diaper Bags

Backpack Changing Diaper Bags

Breast feeding several times a day, carrying your baby around for hours if it has tummy ache, the heavy pram – being a parent is hard on your back. If you then also have to lug around all the important items you need when going out for a walk, a backpack diaper bag may be easier for you. Spare diapers, a change of clothes, the baby bottle and any little toys can be carried much more comfortably on your back. Positive side effect: you also have your hands free for assisting with your child's first steps or to soothe your baby.

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Last Modified: 30 July 2018

What you should know

The back-friendly hands-free solution

I pack my bag and in it I put diapers, spare clothes, baby bottle, wet wipes, toys, care products, changing mat... – if you are going out and about with a baby or toddler, you can continue this child's game ad infinitum. The list of things that parents carry around with them in diaper bags seems endless. If you want to be mobile in your daily life with child despite the heavy luggage, a backpack changing diaper bag is the best solution. It's the hands-free solution and easy on your back.

Backpack Changing Diaper Bags

2. Overview of advantages

The backpack changing diaper bag is a subcategory of the diaper bag and has all the features as the classic shoulder diaper bag. The main difference is that the backpack is carried on your back instead of in your hand or over your shoulder. Whether or not to get a backpack changing diaper bag is not a landmark decision, but a question of what type of bag suits you. Here is an overview of the main arguments that speak for a backpack changing diaper bag.

The backpack changing diaper bag is carried on your back like a normal backpack. So parents can have both hands free for the child and can run, play with and cuddle the child without having to take off the changing bag first.
Nursing the baby, carrying the baby, perhaps lifting up an older child from time to time, too – if you are a Mom or Dad, your back has to work hard all the time. A backpack as changing diaper bag offers the option of carrying the considerable weight of the complete diaper changing equipment in a back-friendly way. The weight is distributed evenly over both shoulders and even diverted to the hips a little bit, too.
Sporty look
If you preferred to go out and about with a backpack in the time before you had a child, you are going to enjoy having a backpack for diaper changing, too. And for parents who like to take their child out in a bicycle trailer or three-wheeler jogger, the diaper changing backpack is almost a must-have.
Or the classic version: For anyone who wants the advantages of a backpack changing diaper bag, but still wants to keep the concept of a classic diaper bag, there are two-in-one products available. These are diaper changing backpacks that come with a carry handle and shoulder strap. So you can use them either as diaper changing bag or diaper changing backpack.

3. What to watch out for? Checklist for buying

Once you have decided to get a backpack changing diaper bag, you have the problem of which one to choose and which design, size, color or features. The first aspects are just a matter of taste, but the latter should be considered rationally.

Some backpack changing diaper bags come as a set with changing mat, insulating bag for baby food or bottle, pouch for soiled items, clips for attaching to the pram and much more. You need to consider which accessories you really need. But the rule of thumb is: Of course it's nice to have the entire diaper changing equipment in the same look.

4. When to buy? The question of the right time

Right from the start, babies are hungry, need diapers and will enjoy having a toy, so the backpack changing diaper bag is on the list for first baby accessories that new parents need even when going to the doctors for the first time with their baby or taking the baby to meet friends and family.

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