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Designer Prams

Designer Prams

Designer prams have a particular emphasis on design and comfort. A lot of these models have aluminium frames and are therefore extremely lightweight. Much importance is placed on the materials used, in order for them to appear fashionable and stylish. Although not the cheapest of models, they are ideal for trendy mothers who want to introduce style and luxury into their children's lives.

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Last Modified: 20 July 2018

Buying guide

1. A symbiosis of visual appearance and functionality

Design is part of an attitude to life and not linked to marital status or number of children. Design is not something that singles or couples have an exclusive right to. Nowadays, families can also have everyday items that feature functionality in combination with excellent design - for example, the modern designer prams.

Design Kinderwagen

2. The advantages, from style factor to resale value

Designer prams are characterized by two elements: their special look and high quality workmanship. Style and technology meet and combine in a perfect symbiosis. Accordingly, these are the two great advantages this category can offer.

If you value style in your wardrobe, when it comes to furnishing your home or choosing a car, in other words, if style has always been important in your life, then you will not want to compromise once you have a child, nor do you need to. Today, there are high-quality designer products that meet the highest expectations of parents and children, even in the domain of basic children's equipment, from furniture to prams.

In addition to the pure visual appearance, designer prams usually score highly by using high-quality materials, the newest technology and intelligent solutions. This makes them particularly versatile, ensures a long period of use and lasting value. As a result, a designer pram can generally be sold on for a comparatively high resale price once your child has outgrown the pram.

3. A question of timing: When to buy

Buy or wait - that is the question when it comes to purchasing a designer pram. Just as with other designer items, the manufacturers of designer prams regularly bring out new collections in the latest look of the season. On the other hand, you should bear in mind that the period of use of a pram, whether designer pram or not, is relatively short. So it's best not to put off buying the pram for too long just to get a new design.

4. Important: These are the features to watch out for when buying

As always when buying a pram, you should think about the following points when purchasing a designer pram:

Number of seats: Transport for one or two children? Designer prams also include prams for one child, prams for twins and prams you can expand by adding a second seat if you suddenly need space for child number two. They can accommodate children of different ages.

Baby prams, pram travel system or pushchair: A baby pram is a pram that is specifically designed to meet the needs of a newborn and baby. The period of use is limited to the first six to nine months of your child's life. Afterwards, you will need to purchase a pushchair which in turn is ideal for children who can already sit up. Pram travel systems on the other hand feature a modular design and consist of a chassis, a carrycot and a seat unit. Some manufacturers also offer a second seat for a sibling or a baby car seat. A pram travel system offers a long period of use.

City, off-roader or all-rounder: The important thing is that the designer pram matches the reality of your life. There are designer prams that are ideal for city life and traveling. Other models are great for parents who like to take their child into the countryside where there may not be any paved paths. And all-rounders are the perfect choice for parents who want to be going out in town but also expect their designer pram to be suitable for off-road use as well.

Retro or futuristic: Not every type of design is the same. In terms of designer prams, there is a broad spectrum of different designs to meet any taste, from retro look to futuristic design.

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