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Cybex Pallas M SL Car Seat Group 1 2 3 - 9 36 kg Test Winner gray rabbit - Collection 2018

Cybex Pallas M SL Car Seat Group 1 2 3 - 9 36 kg Test Winner gray rabbit - Collection 2018
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Quick Overview

The Cybex Pallas M SL Car Seat Group 1 2 3 - 9 36 kg Test Winner will protect your child like a titan. It will win you over thanks to the well thought out protection system which protects your child with an impact shield up to a weight of 15 kg. Once your child weighs 15 kg, he or she will be buckled in with your vehicle's 3-point safety belt. That, however, does not negate the outstanding safety features of the double-walled lateral protection structure with linear force absorption (Lsp system) and the 3-fold adjustable angle of the head rest.

Product Description

A titan, such as Greek mythology's Pallas, is synonymous with strength, reliability and protection. That is exactly why the Cybex Pallas M SL Car Seat Group 1 2 3 - 9 36 kg Test Winner truly lives up to its name.

The comfortable car seat is simply fixed with your car's 3-point belt and your seat is securely attached! As the car seat spans Groups 1, 2, and 3, it can be used directly after the baby car seat until your child outgrows car seats altogether (weighing approx 36 kg or when age 12 is reached).

Once your child has outgrown the baby car seat, at minimum weight 9 kg or aged approx 9 months, he or she will feel completely at home in the Pallas car seat. Unlike most seats in Group 1, your child is not buckled in with an additional 5-point belt in this car seat, but with a protective and at the same time comfortable impact shield. The advantage is that the pressure emitted by a 5-point safety belt is completely dissipated by the impact shield.

Once your child is sat securely in the Pallas the impact shield is simply folded down over the seat. As the shield is height-adjustable, it perfectly adapts to your child's needs and growth stages. Despite the impact shield, the seat can be adjusted in the sitting as well as in the sleeping position to ensure maximum comfort. In addition, the seat has a removable cushion that perfectly supports your child until an age of approx 18 months.

Once your child has reached a minimum weight of 15 kg, you can remove the impact shield and the cushion transforming your Cybex Pallas M SL Car Seat Group 1 2 3 - 9 36 kg Test Winner into the Cybex Solution M. Naturally the Pallas M SL car seat has many of the advantages of the Cybex Solution M, even when you are still using the impact shield.

The seat is therefore equipped with a double-walled lateral protection structure thanks to the innovative linear side-impact protection (lsp) system. Lsp ensures that all forces created during an accident or in a braking process are linearly absorbed by the seat's protective area so that your child is not affected by them. This linear side-impact protection system has been improved in the second generation of Pallas M SL and Solution M car seats.

Furthermore, the angle can be adjusted three times so that your child's head always remains in the seat's protective area, even when asleep. As the seat is designed to accompany you and your child for many years, the height can be adjusted 12 times and the back rest's angle can also be adjusted for maximum comfort.

The seat has been equipped with an air circulation system and breathable, washable covers so that your child is always sat in pleasant temperatures and climate even if it is extremely warm.

Naturally, the car seat has been tested and approved according to current standard ECE R44/04.

Description special features

  • ADAC (Germany) car seat test "good" (06/2015), Stiftung Warentest test winner "good" (2,5 - 06/2015)
  • Comfortable car seat
  • Forward facing attachment with vehicle's 3-point belt
  • Group 1-3 from 9-36 kg (approx. 9 months to 12 years)
  • Can be used directly after the baby car seat
  • Removable cushion for children aged 18 months or less
  • Buckling in directly via car's 3-point belt and safety cushion
  • Protection and comfort thanks to an impact shield
  • Safety cushion height-adjustable
  • Sitting and sleeping positions adjustable
  • The Pallas M SL is transformed into the Cybex Solution M as of a weight of 15 kg by removing cushion and safety cushion
  • Double-walled lateral protection structure - Lsp system
  • Head rest angle adjustable 3 times
  • Head rest height-adjustable
  • Adapting seat - 12 different heights
  • Air circulation system
  • Back rest angle adjustable
  • Compartment below seat
  • Breathable cover
  • Machine-washable cover
  • Tested and approved according to ECE R44/04

Additional Information

Package Content Car seat, impact shield
Name Cybex Pallas M SL Car Seat Group 1 2 3 - 9 36 kg Test Winner gray rabbit - Collection 2018
Product type Car Seats
EAN Code 4058511135670
Article number supplier 517001341
Weight (in kg) 5 kg
Characteristics Car Seats Adjustable headrests, Adjustable backrest, Sleeping Position, Impact shield
Car Seat ISOFIX No
Car seat Attachment to vehicle Safety belt
Car Seat direction Forward-facing
Car Seat Child's weight 9-36 kg
Car Seat Group Group 1 2 3
Car Seat Age Type 9 months - 12 years
Car Seat Adapts to growing child Yes
ADAC Test Germany 05/2017 - Good
Test Stiftung Warentest Germany 06/2017 - Good 1,9)
Colour Grey
Colour supplier Gray Rabbit
Measurements Length 42 cm x Width 54 cm x Height 63 cm
Package dimensions + weight Length 43 cm x Width 56 cm x Height 72 cm, Weight 11 kg
Available Colours Autumn Gold 2018, Autumn Gold, Blue Moon, Cobblestone, Denim Blue, Gray Rabbit, Lavastone Black, Manhattan Grey 2018, Manhattan Grey, Passion Pink, Pepper Black, Pure Black, Purple Rain, Rebel Red, Rumba Red, Grey, Black, Purple, Red, Blue, Beige, Orange, Pink
Last product update 9 July 2018

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Customer Reviews

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  1.  1 of 1 people found this review helpful
    Perfect next stage seat

    Review by: Manrose

    This car seat has won awards and deservedly so. It's comfortable and spacious without seeming too restrictive and my daughter loved it straight away. Great interaction as she sits up higher than a normal car seat and very easy to put a wriggling toddler in and out. It can be moved between cars easily and the best thing is we won't ever need to purchase another one as it will grow with her. (Posted on 16/06/2014)

    Do you find this review helpful? Yes No

  2. Fantastic price and will last!

    Review by: Twinmummy

    Will last and last.. Safe, easy to clean. (Posted on 10/11/2015)

    Do you find this review helpful? Yes No

  3. Very nice seat.

    Review by: JAG

    We were looking for a great seat. This was recommended to us by someone we know and we've not been disappointed. Our daughter (1 year) sits perfectly in it. (Posted on 19/12/2013)

    Do you find this review helpful? Yes No

  4. Super seat, super price!

    Review by: Melanie

    Great item – feels just right – easy to use - well made – not too expensive – best test scores... all our child needs! (Posted on 16/09/2012)

    Do you find this review helpful? Yes No

  5. Great

    Review by: Neja

    They are great carseats. We hawe twins and we bought two. Realy great seat. (Posted on 12/08/2012)

    Do you find this review helpful? Yes No

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