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Crown Prams + Strollers

The pram brand Crown is distributed via the company Zawione Design, based in 76689 Karlsdorf-Neuthard (Baden-Württemberg, Germany). It is here that young parents get their stylish, functional prams – from pushchairs to combi-prams to twin prams. In lots of cases singular modules can be combined, resulting in a highly customised family pram. All models are light, and very travel-friendly. The Crown brand is rounded off by some very useful accessories.

Price from 58.80 € - 348.80 €
Last Modified: 13 July 2018


Functional products at unbeatable prices

The German pram manufacturer Crown is part of the Zawione Design company, situated in Karlsdorf-Neuthard in Baden-Würtemberg. As well as high functionality and easy handling, this pram manufacturer places extreme importance on ecological production without the use of harmful substances. With such a huge range of prams to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find what you are looking for.

Products on

Prams and buggies

Crown prams impress with their excellent value for money. The prams come in the form of combi-prams, buggies, joggers, 3-wheeled prams, twin prams and tandem prams. Crown prides itself on providing functionality that goes above the norm. The multi-adjustable backrests ensure a comfortable sitting or sleeping position in all prams. Other features of the sporty, modern buggies include an innovative Quick-Fold system, which makes it easy to fold and unfold the buggy frames as and when you need them. The rotating, lockable front wheels make it nice and easy to push the buggies on practically any surface. Another highlight are the flexible, three-wheeled jogger buggies, with which you can happily carry on your exercise programme with your child in tow!

Pram accessories

With the huge range of Crown pram accessories on offer, you really can tailor your pram to suit you. The comfortable seat liner, for example, will help ease your baby in the transition from sleeping position to seated position. Cosy leg covers and footmuffs will keep your baby warm on cooler days, and a rain cover tailored to your pram model gives reliable protection against rain and snow. Now even a winter outing can be a real pleasure.

  1. Buggies (21)
  2. 3 Wheelers Joggers (8)
  3. Double Twin Prams (10)
  4. Tandem Prams (7)
  5. Pram Accessories (18)
  6. Car Seats (1)
Stock / Time to Dispatch
  1. On stock(2)
  2. 1 week(32)
  3. Include Out of Stock
Product type
  1. Prams(32)
  2. Pram accessories(18)
  3. Car Seats(1)
Pram Features
  1. Adjustable footrest(20)
  2. Height-adjustable handle(12)
  3. Adjustable backrest(26)
  4. Adjustable handlebar(1)
Pram Usage
  1. All terrain(10)
  2. Suitable for city areas(19)
  3. Running(11)
  4. Walks(9)
  5. Trips/Travels(26)
  6. Beach(6)
  7. + see more
Pram All Terrrain
  1. Yes(16)
  2. No(16)
Pram Number of seats
  1. One(23)
  2. Two(9)
  1. -
Clear Brands
  1. 4moms(20)
  2. 7 AM Enfant(19)
  3. ABC Design(219)
  4. Amelis(4)
  5. BabaSling(11)
  6. Baby Jogger(159)
  7. Crown(52)
  8. + see more
Car Seat Age Type
  1. 0-18 months(1)
Car Seat Child's weight
  1. 0-13 kg(1)
Car Seat Group
  1. Group 0+ 0 13 kg(1)
  1. No(1)
Characteristics Car Seats
  1. Adjustable shoulder strap(1)
  2. Sleeping Position(1)
  3. Washable covers(1)
  4. Swinging mechanism(1)
Car Seat Adapts to growing child
  1. No(1)
Car Seat direction
  1. Backward-facing(1)
Car seat Attachment to vehicle
  1. Safety belt(1)