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All in One Systems

All in One Systems

The All in One System usually consist of a pram, a buggy counterpart and a car seat. Some manufacturers include accessories with these, for example, nappy-changing bags, leg blankets or foot sacks. Buying one of these sets is often cheaper than buying everything separately. Another advantage of the sets is that the design of each individual piece matches the rest perfectly.

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Last Modified: 17 July 2018

Additonal information

1. Mobility for the first few years

Three, four, five or more modules all in one go - that's what the all-in-one sets can offer. These are a special variety of pram travel system. An all-in-one set usually included other modules such as footmuff, diaper bag, rain cover etc in addition to the chassis, carry cot, seat unit and baby car seat. This makes the all-in-one sets ideal for parents who want a travel system where everything matches. Once your choice is made, you have everything you need to be fully mobile from the beginning to the end of the pram stage.

All in One Systems

2. Advantages at a glance

The great thing about the all-in-one sets is that everything matches and fits together. That's why this type of pram is perfect for parents who are looking for a visually matching pram system. The pram modules are a great match both in terms of design and technology or functionality.

With all-in-one sets, chassis and carry cot match just as well as chassis and baby car seat or chassis and buggy seat. If the pram set also includes a footmuff or diaper bag, these modules of course also harmoniously match the rest of the travel systems.
Da All in One Sets von einem Designerteam entwickelt wurden, sind die technischen Details perfekt aufeinander abgestimmt. Dies bezieht sich insbesondere auf das Klapp-und-Faltsystem und auf die Verbindungssysteme zur Befestigung der unterschiedlichen Kinderwagenaufsätze.
Parents who opt for an all-in-one set can be fully mobile with their child from day one. The set includes a carry cot so your newborn can lie flat in the pram. The carry cot is also a safe restraint system for the car and most likely the first module of the all-in-one set that your baby will travel home in from the hospital after birth. Plus the carry cot can be attached to the chassis of the pram. Later, your child can sit safely and comfortably in the buggy seat.
Plus there is another advantage that applies to all-in-one sets: the price. These sets are usually cheaper to buy than it would be to purchase the modules individually.

3. Sooner rather than later - best time to buy

For the all-in-one sets, it's clearly a good idea to purchase them early. As mentioned above, you are going to need the carry cot included with the set straight after birth so you can safely transport your child home.

4. What to watch out for when buying

How much mobility do you need? That is the question to answer before purchasing an all-in-one set. If you already have a diaper bag, you do not usually need a second one. So it makes sense to check carefully which modules you really need.

Plus you need to make sure that the pram suits your lifestyle. More specifically: are you likely to need a city pram system or will you need an off-roader instead? Or how about an allrounder? How important is the design? Would you like a more modern all-in-one set or do you prefer a classic or even sporty style? And finally, size matters: will the pram fit into the boot of your car? If you work your way through this checklist, you will find the best all-in-one set for your needs.

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