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Combi Prams

Combi Prams

The days of the classic, old-style prams are numbered. As soon as a baby starts sitting upright - in other words, when they don't want to be constantly lying down anymore - the classic pram becomes useless. Nowadays, most prams are a combination of the classic pram and a buggy. Unlike the classic prams you can get three, or even four years of use out of it. These modern prams also score highly when it comes to comfort. As a general rule, they have adjustable handlebars, which can be changed to suit the individual and can sometimes even swivel. With these, you can either push the pram with the child facing you, or facing away from you. There is space in a basket underneath the seat for shopping and for important items for your child. A secure brake, or an additional handbrake ensures safety even on sloping surfaces, and swiveling front wheels make it easy to manoeuvre.

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Last Modified: 18 July 2018

Additional Information

1. With one model through the entire pram stage

The pram is the all-rounder: It is suitable for newborns and toddlers alike and can accompany you and your child right through to the end of the pram stage at the age of three or four years. This type of pram performs as a classic pram and sports buggy.


2. Timing – the best time to buy

According to current studies, only about nine percent of babies are born on their due date, so it's a good idea to have the pram ready before the child is due. Plus you should allow extra time for familiarising yourself with the various different models. This applies even more if you are expecting your first child and have never really paid attention to the topic of prams before.

3. City version, off-roader, all-rounder, compact system - overview of advantages

Not all prams are the same. Within this category of pram, there are big differences. That is why it is important to think in advance about how and where you are going to be using the pram. There are special pram systems for practically all areas of use.

The city version is ideal for any parents who often go out and about in town with their children and who use the pram for walks and trips just as much as for weekend shopping trips. Particularly agile and lightweight prams are great as they are easy to handle and can also be taken on the bus or tram. Plus it's a good idea to choose one with a spacious, sturdy shopping basket.

Off-roaders on the other hand are specifically designed for parents who like to travel off the beaten track. These prams have especially sturdy wheels and extra suspension. It is important that the pram can be taken along in the boot of the car when necessary. So remember to check the folded size. All-rounders are perfect for any parents who want a pram that is suitable for use in town and trips into the countryside.

Finally, there are compact and ultra-compact prams that have an extremely low weight and highly compact folded size - so you can transport them easily in a car, on a train or plane.

4. What would you like?

Once you have resolved all these questions, you are faced with the next decision. Within the category of prams, there are three sub-categories:

Pram + Buggy:
It includes the pram chassis plus a carrycot and a seat unit.
All in One Sets/System:
It offers even more comfort. These sets also include a baby car seat which can be used both as a safe restraint system in the car and as a seat on the pram.
Buggy + Car Seat:
Here, the baby car seat serves both as car seat and as carrycot in combination with the buggy chassis.

5. Last but not least: What to look out for when buying

The main selection criteria when purchasing a pram are quality, quality and more quality. After all, you will be taking your child around in this pram. Plus there are considerable differences in terms of accessories for pram: Many prams already include many accessories, others have parts which can be purchased separately. The range of available accessories also varies greatly; there are prams that offer not just classic accessories such as rain cover, leg cover and seat insert, but also attachable tandem seats or buggy boards. It helps to think ahead and consider how your family may develop in future.

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Pram Features
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  3. Adjustable backrest(3369)
  4. Adjustable handlebar(627)
  5. Reversible seat(2985)
  6. With seat + carrycot(2545)
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  3. Running(16)
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  5. Trips/Travels(3572)
  6. Beach(887)
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