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Chicco Prams + Strollers

We promise that we will try to fulfil the wishes and needs of children all over the world every day with our Chicco products. We will try to achieve this goal with intelligent products that are perfectly suited to the different developmental stages of babies and small children. For this reason we will conduct studies in our own monitoring centres. We will work with mothers, paediatricians and teachers in order to constantly perfect our results.

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Last Modified: 1 August 2018


From the very first day

Chicco products will accompany you from the very first day of your baby’s life. Through years of experience and research, this Italian manufacturer is able to create products that aim to make life that little bit easier – and nicer - for parents and children. Chicco have their very own research centre, where specialists in the fields of medicine and science work closely together to ensure each product is perfectly tailored to the needs of children - at each stage of their development. With their intelligent innovation and child-appropriate designs, Chicco have been successfully putting smiles on children’s faces since 1958.

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Prams and buggies

Chicco prams set themselves apart with their versatility. The modern, transformer-style buggies can be used as either prams, buggies or travel systems. The intelligently designed twin and tandem prams make it easy to get about with several young children at once, and the extra-light, handy buggies let you make city trips and go on holiday without hassle. Furthermore, all Chicco prams and buggies fold into a small, compact size, and have plenty of special features, such as a 5-point safety belt, a large sun hood, or a roomy shopping basket. With the extensive range of pram accessories, you can personalise your Chicco pram or buggy however you see fit.

Car seats

With a Chicco car seat, you can be sure your child is getting the best possible protection in the car. These car seats are available for all age groups, and their integrated Shock-Absorber and Side Safety System ensure the highest possible level of safety and security. Their numerous functions, including a seat liner, safety belt fasteners, and adjustable backrests, ensure they will stand the test of time.

High chairs

Chicco’s high quality high chairs enable your baby to take part in family meal times from the very start. Their comfortable padding and adjustable bars give excellent seated comfort, and freedom to move. Some of these high chairs can even be flexibly used as baby bouncers and toddler chairs.

Baby bouncers

The multi-functional Chicco baby bouncers create a cosy little space for your baby to relax and play in. The extra-soft, durable materials used to make these baby swings give them their extreme longevity. Furthermore, the intriguingly designed toy bars and different melodies on these bouncers help train babies‘ motor skills and senses.

Travel cots and playpens

Chicco travel cots are designed with kids in mind, allowing them to enjoy a restful sleep even when travelling. Thanks to their adjustable sleeping heights, these cots are even suitable for new-born babies, and can also be used as changing tables. The padded Chicco playpens help babies make their first attempts at standing and walking, and create a cosy space for them to play and rest in.

Baby walkers

The Chicco baby walkers support your child with their walking, giving them the security they need to take their first steps. Babies are guaranteed a comfortable position thanks to the adjustable seat and the soft padding. Furthermore, the removable toy console helps train their motor skills.

Baby carriers

Chicco baby carriers allow you to comfortably and securely carry your baby. Some of these adjustable carriers are suitable for use from birth, and help to calm restless babies through the nearness they have to you.

Children’s bedroom furniture

The Chicco children’s bedroom furniture range makes daily life with a child significantly easier. The Chicco side cot, for example, has numerous settings and possibilities for use, which allows you to attach it onto the side of your own bed or use it as a free-standing cot. The cradling function helps rock your baby gently to sleep. The pracitcal diaper changing/bathing combination creates a comfortable, secure way to wash and change your baby.

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