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Chic 4 Baby Viva Pram jeans black - Collection 2018

Chic 4 Baby Viva Pram jeans black - Collection 2018
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Quick Overview

Safety, stability and comfort in combination with timeless design make the Chic 4 Baby Viva pram your indispensable companion from newborn age to toddler age. Together with the 3 in 1 soft carrycot the Viva is a classical pram, without the carrycot it becomes a dynamic sporty pushchair. Either way, the Viva pram offers all the luxury you could wish for – from a height adjustable reversible handle to a large shopping net and fourfold suspension (and of course many other handy features).

Product Description

Viva – live! … and don't worry. The name of the Chic 4 Baby Viva pram says it all. This unique pram meets your highest expectations with regard to comfort and safety and still manages to look great. As soon as your baby is born it can start exploring the world in this impressive pram. The Viva pram is highly versatile – you can use it as classical pram in combination with the 3 in 1 soft carrycot (included) or simply as modern sporty pushchair. Either way, it's the ideal companion for all fun-loving parents and children.

You can start using this pram right from day one for your newborn in combination with the sturdy 3 in 1 carrycot. Once your child can sit up on its own, the Viva pram can be converted to a sporty pushchair by turning the carrycot into a footmuff or seat cover (or even using it without this), so you can use it well into toddler-age for your child. The Viva makes it easy to simplify your life!

In order to give you and your child the highest amount of safety, stability and driving comfort, the Viva features a robust aluminium frame with fourfold suspension, so your baby will always be comfortable no matter what type of terrain you travel over. This comfort is also ensured by the 12 inch air tyres that enable you to smoothly roll over sticks and stones, pavement curbs and cobblestones, without having to worry about the pushchair tipping over sideways.

The height adjustable reversible push-bar with soft handles has a maximum height of 115 cm, so it can be comfortably used even by tall parents. The reversible push-bar enables you to change direction with just one flick on the hand if there is not enough space to turn the pushchair around. And if your child wants to see the big wide world for a change, you can easily fulfil this wish thanks to the convenient reversible handle.

To make sure you can still always keep an eye on your child, the Viva's generously sized canopy has an integrated window that can also be closed. To round off the luxury of this pram travel system, it also features a large shopping basket.

Especially during the first few months of your baby's life, the lay-flat position is best for your baby's back from an orthopaedist's point of view. That's why the back rest and foot rest of this pram can be reclined fully to an optimum degree of 180°. Of course the safety of your child is of utmost importance, whether your baby is still tiny or has already grown bigger when it grows bigger. That's why the Chic 4 Baby Viva pram has a 5-point safety harness to keep your child securely strapped in yet still offer enough freedom of movement on the large cot area.

Fresh air is good for children in any weather, come rain or shine. The Viva pram is very well prepared for any weather conditions. The large canopy can be converted to a sun shade if required, to protect your baby's delicate skin from excessive sun exposure. Thanks to the 3 in 1 soft carrycot your child can not only travel in the Viva pram straight after birth, but is also protected from sun, wind and rain. Once your child is ready to explore the world sitting up, you can easily convert the soft carrycot into a footmuff, or a seat cover if the weather is warm.

Description special features

  • Aluminium frame with fourfold suspension, can be converted to pushchair
  • 12 inch air tyres with modern wheels
  • Height adjustable reversible handle with soft handle grips
  • Canopy with closable window and handy accessory pocket, can be used as sun shade by removing back section of canopy
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Parking brake at front and rear
  • Multi-position back rest and foot rest, reclinable down to lay-flat
  • Spacious shopping net
  • Comfortable 3 in 1 soft carrycot included, can be converted to footmuff or used as seat cover

Additional Information

Package Content Aluminium frame, pushchair seat, 3 in 1 soft carrycot, 5-point safety harness, safety bar, shopping basket
Name Chic 4 Baby Viva Pram jeans black - Collection 2018
Product type Prams
EAN Code 4054353100203
Article number supplier 100 20
Pram Features Adjustable footrest, Height-adjustable handle, Adjustable backrest, Adjustable handlebar, With seat + carrycot
Weight (in kg) 14.2 kg
Pram Usage All terrain, Suitable for city areas, Walks, Trips/Travels, Beach, Shopping
Age Suitable from birth to about 15 kg.
Wheel Size Front 30
Wheel Size Back 30
Colour Black
Colour supplier Jeans Black
Measurements Unfolded: Length 110 cm x Width 66 cm x Height 110 cm
Folded: Length 100 cm x Width 64 cm x Height 38 cm
Pram reclining area: Length 75 cm x Width 32 cm
Internal size soft carrycot: Length 73 cm x Width 30 cm
Seat length: 29 cm
Seat width: 34 cm
Handle height: up to 115 cm
Package dimensions + weight Length 49 cm x Width 33 cm x Height 81 cm, Weight 19 kg
Last product update 26 July 2018

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Customer Reviews

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  1.  2 of 2 people found this review helpful
    Stylish pram

    Review by: Stephanie

    Very happy with this pram - great colour and design. The price is right too. Would gladly buy again - really recommend it. I hope our baby feels the same when they see it. (Posted on 31/01/2010)

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  2.  2 of 3 people found this review helpful
    A stylish "Baby Porsche"

    Review by: Ali

    We decided on this stylish "Baby Porsche" because of its many excellent reviews. We have some really bad roads and pavements where we live, so it was of upmost importance to have good suspension with it, as well as large, air-filled tyres. This pram looks, like its name suggests, completely chic! There wasn’t even a bad smell when we unpacked it, which was a bonus. You can smell it a bit only if you put your nose right up against the material, but this will surely disappear once it’s been aired out a bit. The wheels don’t smell too bad, either. The slight rubber smell of the tyres will also surely disappear after a bit of airing. The pram itself was assembled in no time at all. The soft carrycot has, happily, a reinforced surface on the bottom. According to the instructions you’re supposed to put this in yourself, but ours came with it already in place. The stabilisers for the side walls were really easy to push into place. There are 3 parts for it: 1 long part, which runs down the bottom from the left side of the middle of the cot, to the right side of the middle of the cot. Then there are 2 short parts, which run from the respective middle-left and middle-right sides of the cot all the way to the upper edge. The head part itself has no stabiliser. This isn’t a problem in itself. Only the division into 3 stabilisers isn’t great, because the little gap on the side in the middle (approx. 5 cm), between the upper stabiliser and the lower stabiliser, makes the carrycot cave in slightly on itself, making it unstable. It only does this slightly, but it’s not very nice. It would’ve been better to use one continuous stabiliser, instead.

    The carrycot has 2 well-padded handles. You don’t really know where to put them when you attach the cot onto the pram. It doesn’t really look nice to let them hang there at the top. We tried to ‘hide’ them at the sides at first. But this presses on the cot’s side walls, which made them cave inwards ever so slightly. After that we simply pushed them underneath the carrycot, which does involve a bit of fumbling about, as it means you have to lift the carrycot. It’s not exactly practical or useful if your baby is currently lying in the carrycot! Finally we decided not to use the carrycot as its namesake suggests. We stuff its handles underneath the cot, click the carrycot into place on the pram, and then carry out baby up the stairs and into our flat without the cot. The carrycot isn’t too wide or too long in terms of its inner measurements, but this is a problem you can overcome because it also makes a lovely, padded liner, which can be transformed into a footmuff when attached with the cover. Should your baby outgrow the carrycot quicker than expected, they can lie in the sleeping position in the pushchair, with its soft padded liner (with slits for the 5-point belt). The footmuff can still be safely attached and bundled up inside. The reversible handlebar is great. The one issue with it is that it needs to be moved to the head area before you can fold the pram. If you have the handlebar at the foot end of the pram, you need to release 2 fasteners on the left and right sides before you can move it to the head area, so it takes a total of perhaps 15 seconds longer than usual to fold the pram. This is not too big of a deal, though. The handlebar is great, and really easy to adjust in height. It also has beautiful soft grips which feel great to the touch. The relatively roomy shopping basket was also an important factor for us. It’s secured at the front and back with stable material and buttons, so you can easily remove it and clean it. It’s got a reinforced bottom surface, and its sides are made from netted material (very tight mesh design). The pram has the same parking brake at the front and back. When you use it, it locks each wheel in a gear-like way. When you release it again, however, it doesn’t have any locking mechanism. We really hope this won’t take a turn for the worse, and that the brake won’t fall off on its own during a journey (especially on bumpy roads), leaving it to trail along behind. We cannot comment on the overall durability of the pram, as our baby has another few weeks to arrive!

    But as a preliminary CONCLUSION we can say this: We’re very happy so far with our choice of purchase, and we can hardly wait to go out with this stylish baby Porsche! We also hope, of course, that our baby will be able to spend many happy days (or rather, 2-3 years) with it. (Posted on 16/08/2014)

    Do you find this review helpful? Yes No

  3.  1 of 1 people found this review helpful
    Very good value for money

    Review by: netti80

    We received this pram yesterday... Assembling it was really easy and we didn't even use the instructions…although our baby won't arrive for another few weeks we decided to try the pram out…it moves in a straight line and is really easy to handle. The suspension is genius...the carrycot could be a little wider, but all in all we don't think we could have bought anything better for this price... (Posted on 22/03/2012)

    Do you find this review helpful? Yes No

  4. Great buggy.

    Review by: deprincess

    It looks even prettier than on the picture… I am very happy and can highly recommend it. (Posted on 27/01/2015)

    Do you find this review helpful? Yes No

  5. Perfect.

    Review by: Stichi

    Item is just what we wanted. would buy again. :)) (Posted on 25/01/2015)

    Do you find this review helpful? Yes No

  6. Very happy.

    Review by: Madeleine

    Pretty, lightweight buggy. Would purchase again. (Posted on 29/07/2015)

    Do you find this review helpful? Yes No

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