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Car Seats Gr 1 2 - 9 25 kg

Car Seats Gr 1 2 - 9 25 kg

The car seat 9 - 25 kg group 1 2 can be used by children of the age of 9 months up to 7 years. Up to the weight of 18 kg the weight of the child is held by the 5-point belt of the car seat or an impact shield. After that the seat turns into a seat of group 2 by securing your child directly with the seat belt of your car.

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Last Modified: 18 April 2018

What You Should Also Know

Finally Big

Sitting up instead of lying down – your child will be happy about it as soon as he or she can switch from the baby car seat to a seat type 9 25 kg Gr 1 2. At the age of about nine months, when your child is big and strong enough to sit up for longer periods of time, the phase of traveling lying down in the baby car seat group 0 is over.

The car seats group 1 2 are perfectly designed for the needs of toddlers and children up to the age of seven years. In this time, children put on around 15 kilos in weight and grow almost half a metre. To keep up with this rapid development, the car seats 9 25 kg Gr 1 2 are very adjustable and can grow with your child.

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The Advantages at A Glance

Just as baby car seats are ideal for transporting babies, car seats 9 25 kg Gr 1 2 are perfectly designed for the needs of toddlers and children. They offer support and protection so the little passengers are kept safe even in case of an accident.

Double Safety Thanks to 5-Point-Harness
Most car seats type 9 25 kg Gr 1 2 feature a 5-point harness. This is perfect for redirecting and distributing the forces acting during strong braking or even an accident. Padding in the shoulder area and the buckle offers additional comfort and protects the passenger when needed.
Sitting Up or Lying Down
Even if your child will be pleased to have finally outgrown the baby car seat, some seats of group 1 2 still offer the option of being reclinable. For long car journeys in particular, this optional slumbering position, which is only rarely available in car seats for older children, is very convenient.
Seat with A View
Last but not least, car seats of type 9 25 kg Gr 1 2 give the little passenger the option of looking out of the window during the car trip – both forwards and to the side. This keeps your child happier and makes the journey more pleasant for all concerned.

What to Watch Out For When Buying

What do I really need? This question is central before buying any car seat, including the car seat 9 25 kg Gr 1 2. It's a good idea to work through a checklist (the following checklist does not claim to be exhaustive):

Isofix or 3-Point Seat Belt
Car seats 9 25 kg Gr 1 2 are either attached via the Isofix system in the car or via the car's 3-point seat belt. The Isofix system offers more safety and is very easy to use. But you need to ensure that the car seat is approved for your particular make of car.
Basic Seat or Seat Including Extras
There are many great basic car seats that can manage very well without extra features, such as a reclining function. If you just want a second seat or a car seat for the grandparents, you can easily do without such extras in favour of a lower price. On the other hand, you cannot just add such extra features later on. If you travel frequently by car for longer journeys, you should not use false economy when it comes to car seat options.
Safety First
Good car seats have seals of approvals, a good score for being free of noxious substances and an ergonomic shape. The more time your child will spend in the car seat, the higher your requirements should be.

Right Planning: When to Buy?

As babies always grow in spurts, it can happen that the switch from baby car seat to car seat type 9 25 kg Gr 1 2 becomes necessary quite suddenly. So it's a good idea to buy the bigger car seat well in time. Just as an excessively large seat is not going to protect your child in the best way, a too small car seat does not offer optimal protection either.

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