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Car Seat Test Winners

Car Seat Test Winners

If there is one thing parents can rely on then it is Stiftung Warentest, ADAC and ÖAMTC test results. These independent testing institutions check the car seats from top to bottom. Crash tests and endurance tests are just some of the exertions every car seat has to endure. "Test winners" are all products that were considered one of the best seats in their categories in ADAC, Stiftung Warentest and ÖAMTC tests in 2007 and the following years. For example, in 2008 the ADAC test did not award any seat with the grade "very good", that is why we call all seats that were awarded a "good" grade test winners.

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Last Modified: 31 July 2018

Your Shopping Guide

1. This is What Winners Look Like

Tests are regularly conducted to determine the ADAC test winners among car seats. What you need to know is that the ADAC does not test all the car seats available on the market, but only assesses a few selected models in more detail. So a car seat that does not have the verdict ADAC test winner can still be a very good car seat. Of course, it is much easier to recognise the quality of tested car seats. But even for other car seats that have not been tested by ADAC you can use the tester's criteria to find a good car seat. Along the lines: Learn from the best.

Car Seat Test Winners

2. Which Advantages do the Test Winners Offer?

The car seats that get the verdict ADAC test winner are tested for very different aspects. This includes above all the criteria safety, handling, ergonomic structure, comfort, noxious substances and manufacture plus cleaning. The test winners all have in common that they clearly exceed the legal requirements. The following summary gives a brief overview of what the various test criteria refer to and what parents should correspondingly watch out for when buying.

The ADAC testers check the level of the protection the car seat offers in case of a frontal impact and side impact. Plus they assess where the straps or seat belts sit and if the straps can be adapted to the child's size. The stability of the seat and quality of the head rest are also checked.
As a car seat can only offer optimum safety if it is correctly installed, it's important to ensure that you can install it easily. So the testers check if installation on the passenger seat or the different rear car seats is straightforward.
Noxious substances
Children are much more vulnerable to noxious substances than adults. So it is particularly important to ensure the materials used in a car seat are free of harmful substances.
Another important aspect is comfort for the child sitting in the car seat. If the seat is uncomfortable or the child is unable to look out of the window when traveling, it becomes much harder to strap the little passenger in safely. That's why this seemingly less important aspect also gets taken into account.

3. Checklist: What to watch out for when buying

Even with ADAC test winner car seats, you should make sure the seat corresponds to your own requirements. This includes, for example, criteria such as compatibility of an Isofix car seat with your own car. Not every Isofix car seat is approved for every car. So you need to double-check.

Plus you should consider that manufacturers of car seats that have not performed well in an ADAC test will often react very quickly and improve subsequent models, so the successor of a car seat that got only an average result in the last test can sometimes be very good in terms of quality. You need to do a bit of research to establish this – but you may well find a good buy this way, of course without compromising in terms of quality.

4.The right time to buy

ADAC test winners are ADAC test winners and will always remain test winners. But technology is moving rapidly and car seats are constantly being developed and improved. So the legal safety requirements can also change rapidly. This means: An ADAC test winner or its successor model may not necessarily still be the best in its class a few years down the line. This would require it to have been developed further in accordance with the latest standards.

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