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Car Seats Isofix

Car Seats Isofix

Nowadays car seats are no longer simply buckled into the vehicle. Instead, Isofix systems are becoming more and more popular. Isofix systems are firmly fixed to your car's back seat. Car seats that are compatible with Isofix systems are equipped with the respective counterpart to the Isofix system and the two can then simply be attached to one another. Baby car seats need a special Isofix base for attachment.

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Last Modified: 23 July 2018

Further information

1. Be on the safer side

They are easy to install. They are very safe. They are easy to use. And they are ideal for use in two cars. We are talking about the Isofix car seats, the safety restraint system for the car that attaches to the car body via small metal anchors. This article will give you an overview of what they can do, whom they are suitable for and which special features are available.

Car Seats Isofix

2. Numerous Advantages

The Isofix system has now become an international standard. The system was defined as standard back in 1990 by the "International Organisation for Standardisation". As the Isofix car seats are designed in such a way that they are rigidly connected to the car body, they are particularly safe. Numerous tests have proven this. Here is a summary of the advantages the Isofix car seats can offer.

Easy Installation
To install the car seat in the car, simply extend the Isofix arms and hook them into the anchors between the car's backrest and the back seat. An indicator switches from red to green to show that you have attached the seat correctly.
Easy to Strap In
The seat is always in just the right place and cannot slip around, so you do not need to strap it in via the car seat belt if you are traveling without a child in the car seat. So when your child gets in, it's easy: sit down, strap in, off you go.
Easy to Switch
If you want to use the car seat in two different cars, the Isofix system is a great solution – attaching and removing the car seat is really easy.

3. What to Watch Out For When Buying: Compatibility

Before buying an Isofix car seat, you need to watch out for two things:

Not every car seat that has Isofix is compatible with every brand of car. So before you buy the car seat, make sure your car is on the list of approved car types for the specific car seat. This list of car types is enclosed with the car seat but can also be found on the Internet. If you want to use the seat in several cars, you should know that Isofix car seats can indeed be used in any car – provided you attach them via the car's three-point seat belt. But look out: you need to check the length of the car seat belt first.

Secondly, before buying a car seat you should check that it meets your individual requirements. In addition to the general criteria such as age classes and weight categories, there are also considerable differences in specs. You need to consider if a reclining function, cup holder or leg rest etc are required or not necessarily essential. Plus you may also want to consider which color your child would prefer.

4. Timing: The Best Time to Buy

When purchasing an Isofix car seat, the same applies as with other car seats: You need to get the seat well in advance. Once your child is born and you want to travel by car, you need to have a suitable car restraint system in place. And children grow in spurts, so every time your child needs to move to the next size of car seat, you need to have the seat ready when it's required.

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