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Car Seats Gr 2 3 - 15 36 kg

Car Seats Gr 2 3 - 15 36 kg

A car seat 15 36 kg - Group 2 3 is the last seat a child will ever need before being able to travel without a car seat. There is a rather large variance in this group that is approved for a weight of 15-36 kg. A Group 2 3 car seat can be equipped with a back rest, a head rest and integrated lateral impact protection - but does not have to be.

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Last Modified: 1 August 2018

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Enormous Variety

Car seats group 2 and 3 are suitable for children weighing around 15 to 36 kg, in other words, kids aged 3 to 12 years. The enormously long period of use already indicates that there is a large variety of restraint system in this category of car seats. The safety systems range from booster seats to car seats with adjustable backrest, headrest and lateral protection plus further additional features.

Car Seats Gr 2 3 - 15 36 kg

Which Advantages Do These Car Seats Offer?

On the one hand, the car seats 15 36 kg Gr 2 3 have the advantage that they can be used for such a long time. These car seats are purchased just once for your child, for example at the beginning of the kindergarten stage, and can then be used right through to the end of the obligatory car seat stage. This makes these car seats very convenient for parents who want a straightforward solution for a car seat. Due to the long period of use, the car seats 15 36 kg Gr 2 3 are particularly handy for families with a second car, for the grandparents' car or childminders.

Plus, car seats 15 36 kg Gr 2 3 have very specific advantages, depending on their individual construction, which we are going to describe briefly in the following summary.

The Booster Seat
Booster seats are designed in such a way that the child can use the car's three-point seat belt, just like an adult. As the name indicates, they compensate for the child's smaller size in comparison to an adult. Plus, booster seats ensure that the seat belt is in the right place and prevents the seat belt from slipping. Most booster seats have arm rests so the little passenger can travel in comfort. Booster seats are great as second seats and for older children. Children usually love these seats because they can feel very "grown-up" in them.
The Monoblock
The monoblock is a car seat type 15 36 kg Gr 2 3 that features a backrest, side impact protection and head protection. Usually, the head rest is adjustable so you can adapt the car seat to the height of the child traveling in it. The car's three-point seat belt is used to strap the passenger in. An integrated seat belt guide keeps it in the right place.
The Variable Car Seat
This type of seat of car seat group 15 36 kg Gr 2 3 offers your child generally the best protection and highest comfort, because these car seats can be optimally adapted to the size and development stage of the child. Plus, they often offer additional features such as an adjustable backrest, snoozing positions of the head rest and much more. Some variable-type car seats can be converted to booster seats. This means less safety, because the integrated buffer zone in the head and shoulder area is then absent, but older children who have nearly outgrown the car seat are usually more prepared to accept this type of seat.

What to Watch Out For When Buying?

The most important of the selection criteria is the safety. If it should come to the worst, the car seat is crucial for your child's health so you need to look out for the commonly used safety test seals of approval that confirm the car seat conforms to the legal regulations. Further quality signs can be high scores in tests by independent testers.

But not all car seats available on the market get tested, so the absence of a test score does not mean the car seat is low quality. After you have considered the aspect of safety, you can also consider criteria such as design and additional features.

When to Buy the Car Seat?

To ensure a car seat 15 36 kg Gr 2 3 can indeed be used through the entire period of use, you should buy it as soon as your child is close to the 15kg weight mark. As second seat, it's of course still worth buying one of these car seats later on.

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