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Car Seats Gr 1 - 9 18 kg

Car Seats Gr 1 - 9 18 kg

Children who have outgrown their baby car seats and want to sit facing forward in the car can travel in Group 1 car seats. They have been designed for children weighing between 9 and 18 kg. These seats can be buckled in directly using your vehicle's 3-point belt or with an Isofix base or a belted base. A characteristic of car seats 9 18 kg - Group 1is that children are not yet buckled into the car's safety belt.

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Last Modified: 17 July 2018

Your Shopping Guide

1. The "I'm-already-so-big" Car Seat

In the first few months, your baby will travel in a baby car seat., but as soon as your baby grows into a toddler, it's time to switch to a child seat of category 9 18 kg Gr 1. Here, the child will no longer lie down as in the baby car seat, but can sit upright and proudly demonstrate: I am already so big now!

Car Seats Gr 1 - 9 18 kg

2. Specialists

There are child car seats that have a significantly longer period of use than the car seats 9 18 kg Gr 1 – for example, car seats 0 18 kg Gr 0 1 for children from birth to the age of around four years, or car seats 9 25 kg Gr 1 2 for children from the age of about 1 year to well into school age. So where are the advantages of car seats 9 18 kg Gr 1?

The answer is obvious: car seats 9 18 kg Gr 1 are specialists that are exactly designed to meet the needs of toddlers. Toddlers are no longer babies and always want to see and engage with the world around them. That's why the upright seat in group 1 car seats is ideal. Also, toddlers and small preschool-age children are not yet physically developed as much as older school kids. Car seats of the category 9 18 kg Gr 1 are specifically designed for this age group.

3. Differences and Special Features: What to Watch Out For When Buying

Within the car seat category 9 18 kg Gr 1 there are different systems of car seat or safety restraint system, so you should check before you buy which type is best suited to your individual requirements.

Car Seats 9 18 kg Gr 1 with Impact Shield
These seats feature a seat with a sort of table that is attached in front of the child's abdomen and upper body via the car's 3-point seat belt. The advantage of this safety system is that the impact shield largely absorbs the enormous power of any impact during an accident or strong braking.
Car Seats 9 18 kg Gr 1 with 5-Point Harness System
These car seats feature a 5-point harness system, similar to the ones used in racing cars. This gives your child greater freedom. Important: They must be adaptable to the size of your child, so they offer the best support.
Car Seats 9 18 kg Gr 1 with and without Isofix System
The Isofix system creates a rigid connection between car seat and car body via Isofix anchors, offering greater safety. More and more car seats, including those of 9 18 kg Gr 1, feature Isofix systems these days.

4. Timing: When to Buy?

Children have growth spurts, sometimes it can seem like they suddenly grow "over night", and so it's important to purchase the car seat 9 18 kg Gr 1 well in time. Otherwise the child is already too big for the baby car seat, and the next car seat has not yet been ordered or delivered.

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