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Car Seats Gr 0 1 - 0 18 kg

Car Seats Gr 0 1 - 0 18 kg

A car seat Group 0/1 (from birth until a weight of 18 kg) is an attractive alternative to baby car seats because these can no longer be used after only a few months. Instead, this seat faces toward the rear just like a baby car seat but can be turned to face forward when your child is old enough.

Price from 57.80 € - 658.80 €
Last Modified: 17 July 2018

Further Information

1. Baby and Toddler Safely On Board

Safety in the car is a must: This applies in particular to the smallest passengers. And although all cars now have seat belts, children need to be kept extra safe. The car's three-point seat belt is designed for adults and teenagers, not children.

To ensure babies, toddlers and school children can also travel safely, there are specially designed safety restraint systems for the different age and weight classes. The car seats 0 18 kg Gr 0 1 are suitable for babies from birth and toddlers with a weight up to 18 kilos.

Car Seats Gr 0 1 - 0 18 kg

2. 2-in-1 car seat for baby and toddler – these are the advantages

As mentioned above, there are suitable car seat systems for the different weight categories. The child car seats 0 18 kg Gr 0 1 are suitable for children who weigh up to 18 kilos (as indicated by the description "Gr 0 1"), and these car seats keep your child safe from birth to the age of around 4 years.

This group of car seat can be used for a long time. Of course, this is an advantage in terms of financial savings, because you do not need to buy two car seats for the baby and toddler stage, instead one car seat lasts through both stages. Plus you can also use this car seat during the transition stage, when it's hard to decide if the child is already too big for a baby car seat or still too small for a group 1 car seat.

And finally, the emotional component should not be underestimated either: Some children grow to like their car seat very much and find it hard to accept a new one. With the car seat system 0 18 kg Gr 0 1, children can keep their car seat well into preschool age.

3. What to Watch Out For When Buying

As car seats 0 18 kg Gr 0 1 have to be equally suitable for babies and toddlers, these car seats need to meet different requirements. It's important to know what features are relevant in car restraint systems for babies and toddlers. Only then can you check if the seat you are considering meets all the requirements.

Babies have weak neck and back muscles and should be strapped in lying down and as horizontally as possible during a car journey.

Car seats 0 18 kg Gr 0 1 should have the function of a carrycot during the first few months. Plus baby car seats must be attached backward facing, so the little passenger is well protected in case of an accident or sudden braking. Plus it's important that the seat size can be adapted to a baby's body size – in other words: car seats 0 18 kg Gr 0 1 must have a newborn insert.

Toddlers also benefit from the backward facing position of the car seat – but you may find it increasingly difficult to get them to accept it. Toddlers want to actively take part in everything that goes on, instead of just looking at the car's backrest.

Backward Facing: For babies, the backward facing position of the car seat or baby car seat is obligatory. This is the only way of sufficiently protecting small children in case of an accident. But toddlers also benefit from the backward facing position. This is why there are more and more group 0 1 car seats with reboard function. Current studies have shown that the reboard seats minimise the risk of accidents for toddlers.

4. A question of timing: The right time to buy

When you should buy a car seat 0 18 kg Gr 0 1 depends on how you are going to use it: If it is going to be the main car seat, you should buy it before the child is born. Generally, the child will travel home in the car from the hospital after birth. If the car seat 0 18 kg Gr 0 1 is going to be used as second seat, for example in the grandparents' car, you can take your time with buying it.

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  2. Car Seats Gr 0 1 - 0 18 kg
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