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Car Seat Accessories

Car Seat Accessories

In most cases car seat accessories make life easier and prettier. Bad weather or hot days no longer pose a problem. In addition, your child's safety is improved by the small and subtle added features. Finally, car seat accessories ensure great comfort no matter which group they belong to.

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Last Modified: 3 July 2018

Your shopping guide

1. The upgrade for the Car Seat

The selection of different car safety systems is enormous. Once you have decided which car seat to get for your child, the next decision you are faced with is which accessories to get for the car seat.

Before you can make a decision, you should be aware that there are accessories which increase safety as well as those that serve to provide greater comfort for child and parents. The most important accessories are Isofix bases, adapters, covers and baby blankets or footmuffs for the baby car seat.

Car Seat Accessories

2. Which accessories offer which advantages?

A quick comment: Car seats that are approved for use as restraint systems in the car are fully functional. Car seat accessories are simply an upgrade, an added improvement in terms of functionality, safety or comfort. The following summary explains which accessories offer which advantages.

Isofix Base
An Isofix base generally increases the safety of the car seat used by creating a rigid connection between car seat and car body. That's why car seats that attach via Isofix instead of a 3-point seat belt usually get a higher score for safety. Plus they are easier to use, so adding an Isofix base makes handling the car seat more comfortable.
Spare cover and summer cover
Covers make car seats look like new again. And they enable you to change the car seat color to suit your child's taste. Plus you can get special summer covers that ensure the little passenger can travel comfortably even on hot days.
Adapters are small and rather inconspicuous – but they make it possible, for example, to use a baby seat as pram seat. With an adapter, you can turn your pram into a fully fledged travel system.
Footmuff for baby car seat, baby blankets and rain covers for car seats
Footmuffs and baby blankets are ideal for keeping your child warm during the cold season – whether you use the baby car seat in the car or on the pram. A rain cover for car seats is also great for protecting your child from wind and rain when using the baby car seat as baby carrier or on the pram.
Car seat strap
Car seat straps hold car seats in place when empty, i.e. when you are driving without your child in the car. This ensures that the car seat cannot go flying around the car if you have to brake suddenly. If you are using an Isofix car seat, you do not need this accessory, as the seat is always fixed to the car body.
Head huggers
These ensure comfort on longer journeys and prevent the child's head from tipping to the side.

3. Checklist: What to watch out for when buying

Two important tips: Quality matters. Plus, you need to ensure the accessories are compatible with your car seat.

4. Planning ahead: when to buy?

The best time to buy car seat accessories depends to a great extent on which accessories you are getting. An adapter for the baby car seat is an accessory that is definitely worth getting when your baby is born. But a footmuff is only sensible if the baby is born in the cold season – for summer babies, you do not need to put this accessory on the must-buy list straight away.

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Car Seat Adapts to growing child
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Car Seat direction
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Car seat Attachment to vehicle
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  2. ISOFIX(2)
  3. Isofix Base(3)
  4. Safety belt(4)