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Cam Prams, Buggies + High Chairs

The Italian brand Cam makes prams and buggies that are unique. This brand develops and sells different kinds of travel system-models and buggies that flaunt lightweight qualities, sporty designs and a variety of safety features. Functions such as the Via Vai System, or the Quicky System, enable simple handling for pram and buggy models, as well as broad, flexible possibilities for use. Experience a brand that delivers its promises: effortless Italian skill from beginning to end.

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Last Modified: 17 July 2018


Il Mondo del Bambino

Cam was founded in 1969 by the brothers Franco, Aldo and Mario Rho in Italy. Up to the present day, it represents one of the most important family companies in the area of children's products. Their success story consists of ensuring continuous high quality, greatest safety and a unique style. The approach is simple: they try to see the world from the perspective of a small child and passionately create products that are highly suitable for children. Cam is one of the few companies whose products really deserve the label "Made in Italy" as 95% of the product range is manufactured in Italy.

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Cam prams are available as pram travel systems, buggies, classic prams, designer prams, three-wheel pushchairs and prams, double twin prams and tandem prams. All models of the quality manufacturer will impress the user with their lightness, user friendly and extraordinary design, inspired by the Italian fashion. Cam buggies, with their lovingly designed details, will enchant you with nostalgic visual appearance or playful decorations with bows and gems. But Cam prams also perform excellently in terms of convenience: the chassis are very low weight and quick and easy to fold. The free-turning wheels feature and off/on system which enables you to push the pram easily even on rough terrain.

Car seats

Car seats by Cam are available for different age groups. You can offer your baby the best protection from day one and greatest comfort. Some baby car seats can also be attached to the pram chassis or a rocker. Cam car seats are made with high-quality, easy-care and breathable materials and can be used for a long period of time. The removable covers are even machine-washable at 30 °C.

High chairs

High chairs by Cam are true miracles of versatility and make mealtimes a pleasure. Comfortable padding, height adjustable seat and 5-point harness offer the greatest degree of flexibility and safety. All high chairs can be folded for easy storage.

Playpens and travel cots

Playpens by Cam offer babies plenty of space for playing and relaxing. A sturdy, transparent mesh lets children watch the world around and the extra soft floor absorbs any mishap during the first attempts at learning to walk. Cam travel cots come with a comfortable mattress and can be compactly stored in the convenient travel bag.

All Cam playpens and travel cots are made from safe, non-toxic materials and meet the highest EU safety standards.


Bouncers by Cam give your child a cosy place of comfort. The well padded seats offer protection and the non-tip frames provide highest safety thanks to anti-slip rubber and closing mechanism. Cam bouncers also feature removable activity bars or mobiles and can be easily transformed to a fascinating play area.

Changing tables / dressers

Changing table dressers by Cam consist of a robust frame and a comfortable, wipe-clean changing mat. Many changing table dressers are also available in combination with a baby bath and have storage compartments with plenty of space for care items. Additionally, all changing tables have a safety system to prevent the baby rolling off.

  1. Combi Prams (134)
  2. Buggies (36)
  3. Baby Prams (4)
  4. Designer Prams (40)
  5. Double Twin Prams (16)
  6. Tandem Prams (14)
  7. Pram Accessories (15)
  8. Car Seats (27)
  9. High Chairs (36)
  10. Travel Cots (21)
  11. Baby Bouncers (12)
  12. Playpens (18)
  13. Nursery Furniture (15)
  14. Special Offers (7)
Stock / Time to Dispatch
  1. On stock(46)
  2. 1-2 weeks(253)
  3. Include Out of Stock
Product type
  1. Prams(176)
  2. Pram accessories(15)
  3. Car Seats(25)
  4. Car seat accessories(2)
  5. High Chairs(36)
  6. Play Pens(15)
  7. + see more
Pram Features
  1. Adjustable footrest(49)
  2. Height-adjustable handle(127)
  3. Adjustable backrest(176)
  4. Reversible seat(136)
  5. With seat + carrycot(119)
Pram Usage
  1. All terrain(57)
  2. Suitable for city areas(167)
  3. Walks(51)
  4. Trips/Travels(167)
  5. Beach(51)
  6. Shopping(167)
Pram All Terrrain
  1. Yes(57)
  2. No(110)
Pram Number of seats
  1. One(151)
  2. Two(16)
With wheels
  1. Yes(11)
  2. No(8)
Changing Table Features
  1. Padded Changing Mat(15)
  2. With Bath(15)
  3. Raised Sides(15)
  4. Removable Changing Tray(5)
  5. Foldable(11)
  1. -
Clear Brands
  1. 4moms(20)
  2. 7 AM Enfant(19)
  3. ABC Design(199)
  4. Amelis(4)
  5. BabaSling(11)
  6. Baby Jogger(159)
  7. Cam(299)
  8. + see more
  1. Metal(8)
  2. Plastic(52)
Car Seat Age Type
  1. 0-18 months(4)
  2. 0 months - 4 years(5)
  3. 9 months - 4 years(4)
  4. 9 months - 12 years(10)
  5. 4 years - 12 years(2)
Car Seat Child's weight
  1. 0-13 kg(4)
  2. 0-18 kg(5)
  3. 9-18 kg(4)
  4. 15-36 kg(2)
  5. 9-36 kg(10)
Car Seat Group
  1. Group 0+ 0 13 kg(4)
  2. Group 0 1(5)
  3. Group 1(4)
  4. Group 1 2 3(10)
  5. Group 2 3(2)
Test ADAC Germany
  1. Good(4)
  1. Yes(4)
  2. No(23)
Characteristics Car Seats
  1. Adjustable headrests(8)
  2. Adjustable backrest(11)
  3. Adjustable shoulder strap(23)
  4. 5-point belt system(14)
  5. Washable covers(25)
  6. Swinging mechanism(4)
Car Seat Adapts to growing child
  1. Yes(15)
  2. No(10)
Car Seat direction
  1. Forward-facing(21)
  2. Backward-facing(4)
Car seat Attachment to vehicle
  1. Belted base(6)
  2. ISOFIX(4)
  3. Safety belt(25)
High Chair Features
  1. Foldable(31)
  2. Seat cushion included(23)
  3. Portable(20)
  4. Adjustable back rest(23)
  5. Adjustable seat height(14)
  6. Adjustable table top(29)
  7. + see more
Characteristics Bouncer
  1. Swinging Function(8)
  2. Adjustable back rest(8)
  3. Foldable(8)
  4. 5-point harness system(4)
  5. Removable toy bar(4)
  6. Washable cover(4)
Bouncer Music function
  1. Yes(4)
  2. No(4)
Playpen Support
  1. Feet(15)
Playpen Features
  1. Padded base(15)
  2. Folding(15)
Travel Cot with Mattress
  1. Yes(4)
Travel Cot Features
  1. Tilt-proof(4)
  2. Adjustable base height(2)
  3. With bassinet(2)
  4. With changing table(2)