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Brevi Slex Evo Design High Chair snow white - Collection 2018

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Quick Overview

With the Brevi Slex Evo design high chair, even the youngest family member can take part in family meals. Combined with the Evo rocker this is the ideal space even for very young babies. The chair adapts to your growing child’s needs, and can be used into their adult lives. Its high quality, safety standards and innovative design are sure to impress both parent and child.

Product Description

Evo: In Italian this refers to time. And as time passes this extremely special high chair - designed by the traditional company Brevi – goes along with it. This chair ensures that children and parents can be close to eye level with each other at all times, and in every stage of a child’s life. Every day a child discovers a little bit more of the world, and their needs begin to change – with the Brevi Slex Evo design high chair, those children are gaining a companion that adapts to their changing rhythms and is therefore always there for them.

Should you combine this high chair with the separately sold rocker, you have the ideal space for your baby from birth onwards. The rocker transforms it from a comfortable lounger to a fun swing, with possibilities for playtime when your child is awake. It also makes a great feeding space for when you begin to use baby food.

Later on, the Brevi Slex Evo design high chair will be used as a wonderful high chair that allows your youngest member of the family to take part in the family ritual of dinner. Those who would like to may also purchase an additional dinner tray, which opens up even more possibilities. The Slex Evo also ensures a healthy seated position is maintained at all times, since the seat surface can be adjusted in both height and depth.

Even the foot rest can be adjusted limitlessly. The safety bar also provides a firm hold, and can be removed for cleaning or for older children who do not need it. For additional comfort an insert cushion tailored to the Slex Evo is available to purchase separately.

Once your child is in pre-school, the Brevo Slex Evo becomes a comfortable chair that can be used at the family table or at your child’s desk, where it will continue to provide a good level of seated comfort. Its high safety standard, robustness, and stable foot construction are all further impressive features of this outstanding high chair.

Should you want to change the chair’s position, its foldable wheels and rear handle make it very easy to move. Finally, there is the impressive timeless design of the Brevi Slex Evo design high chair, which is guaranteed to create a special place for your child every time.

Description special features

  • Designer high chair that uniquely meets the needs of children at different ages
  • Can be used even in adult life
  • Can be used from the first few months of a baby's life when used with separately sold rocker
  • Seat surface can be easily adjusted
  • Adjustable foot rest - 21 positions
  • Safety bar is easy to remove
  • With 5-point safety belt
  • Handle on the rear side, to make it easy to move around the home
  • Ergonomic back rest
  • Particularly stable steel construction
  • With very slip-resistant profile
  • Wheels for easy movement, can be folded away
  • Tray and insert cushion available to purchase as accessories

Additional Information

Package Content High chair, safety bar, 5-point safety belt
Name Brevi Slex Evo Design High Chair snow white - Collection 2018
Product type High Chairs
EAN Code 8011250212060
Article number supplier 212S006
Colour White
Colour supplier Snow White
Measurements Seat height: 46 - 75.5 cm
High Chair Features Adjustable back rest, Adjustable seat height, Adjustable table top, Adjustable safety belt, Adjustable foot rest
Weight (in kg) Highchair: 7,4 kg
Stool: 5,6 kg
Age Suitable from 6 months of age, no upper age limit.
Package dimensions + weight Length 76 cm x Width 45 cm x Height 28 cm, Weight 12 kg
Available Colours Blue Brids, Candy Pink Fans, Cedar Yellow Owls, Dove Grey Woods, I Love You, My Little Bear, Pumpkin Orange Stripes, Uni, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Black, White, Grey
Last product update 12 April 2018

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Customer Reviews

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  1.  1 of 1 people found this review helpful
    Fantastic chair

    Review by: FD

    Fantastic chair that even works for kitchen counters (one of very, very few that do). The instruction manual was a bit "Greek to me" but actually you can quite easily assemble the chair using common sense. The bouncer is also great, although I see it more as something for new-borns than as a bouncer. (Posted on 13/03/2017)

    Do you find this review helpful? Yes No

  2. Great

    Review by: Lisa-Ann

    We are really pleased with this high chair, it's just as we imagined it'd be. I'd definitely recommend it again and again. (Posted on 16/11/2016)

    Do you find this review helpful? Yes No

  3. Super

    Review by: Lisa-Ann

    We're very pleased with this high chair - it is exactly as we imagined it would be. I'd definitely recommend it. (Posted on 16/11/2016)

    Do you find this review helpful? Yes No

  4. Works really well at kitchen counters

    Review by: Minnie Mouse

    All in all, we're very happy with this high chair. We didn't instantly like how it looked but since we needed a high chair that could stand at our kitchen counter top, we weren't left with a lot of choice. But what's nice with this collection is that you can choose the chair's colour and the pattern on the backrest. Assembling it wasn't as easy as it is with IKEA products because the instruction manual wasn't very good. This is why I took a point away. But the chair is of high quality, which is of course expected when you pay this much for it. Like other high chairs, you need to buy the accessories for this one separately, though ours came with a belt. We've no need for a tray for it because we can put the chair at our kitchen counter, and the chair adjusts so we can get it to the exact height we need it at. We definitely needed the extra insert cushion for our 7 month-old daughter, though, as although she can sit up she's far too 'mini' for the chair at the moment. But we bought a different insert cushion which works just as well. (Posted on 14/09/2016)

    Do you find this review helpful? Yes No

  5. Best decision

    Review by: GlaDir

    Our baby hasn't "arrived" yet! But because we wanted to use the Brevi Slex Evo with the baby rocker from the very start, we obviously ordered it immediately! I know about this chair because some of our friends have it, and I find its design, stability and functionality really, really great. The price did give me a bit of a shock at first. But then most of the well-known manufacturers who offer this kind of wooden model charge a similar amount. With accessories added into the mix, it is even more expensive! And the Brevi Slex Evo baby carrier/rocker alone is, in my eyes, miles better! All in all, the Brevi Slex Evo is simply chic and, above all, not so bulky! And it is so stable it could be bomb-proof! You really do get a secure, stable impression from it, and know your little one will be safe sitting in it at the table with you. (Posted on 02/05/2016)

    Do you find this review helpful? Yes No

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