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Brevi Prams, Buggies + High Chairs

Safety and comfort come first and foremost with Brevi. Founded by the Brevi brothers in 1954, they indulged in their passion for metal and plastic manufacturing. Their goal was always to develop practical products for mother and child. After decades of experience producing baby carry cots, high chairs and sleeping cots, Brevi began to develop a line of pushchairs/buggies and prams in 2003. They completed their ‘journeys with my child’ range by creating accessories such as changing bags and practical carry slings.

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Last Modified: 7 August 2018


Needs-based products with an Italian design

In 1954, near Bergamo, Italy, the Brevi brothers founded their family business, which would soon become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of baby products. Starting with high chairs and children’s beds, their range of products soon expanded to include today all of the most important products that make the daily lives of young families easier, happier, and more relaxed. Brevi’s mission is based on the philosophy of creating high quality products with functional design and advanced security features. Furthermore, many European institutes regularly test the quality of Brevi products, specifically that they contain no toxic chemicals, the security of their locking mechanisms, the ergonomics of their edges and rounded corners, and their structural safety distances.

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With a Brevi pram, you can be sure to enjoy life with your new baby from the very first day. These prams impress with their numerous possibilities for combination, and there is even space for two children on the Brevi OVO tandem pram. Various possibilities for combination and easy handling make every outing enjoyable and hassle-free. The handy Brevi buggies are especially good for city trips and holidays, as they are outstandingly light in weight, have remarkable flexibility, and are extremely compact when folded.

Car seats

With a Brevi car seat, you can be sure your child is getting the best possible protection in the car. Special features, including integrated side impact protection and an adjustable headrest, guarantee safety and comfort of the best possible quality. The covers are easy to clean, and can even be removed for washing.

High chairs

Brevi high chairs stand out for their functionality, stability and longevity. Their high quality, durable materials make them a dream to use, and when paired with practical accessories such as a toy bar or baby bouncer, these high chairs can even be used away from the dining table.

Changing Diaper bags

You can be sure you’ve got your important items to hand with one of these stylish, Brevi diaper bags. These simple bags come with practical accessories including changing mats and diaper pouches, and are very easy to attach onto your pram.

Baby bouncers

Brevi baby bouncers offer your child a comfortable, protected space to relax in. Their soft swinging motions help your baby to relax, while their interestingly designed toy bars will keep babies nicely entertained.

Travel cots

The practical Brevi travel cots create a protected, comfortable space for babies to rest and feel at home in while travelling. Easy folding mechanisms and special details including side pockets, toy bars and changing attachments, make the Brevi travel cot something you really cannot go on holiday without.

Baby walkers

The Brevi baby walkers are here to help your baby take their first steps. These comfortably padded baby walkers come with entertaining toys to help train your child’s motor skills.

Baby carriers

The Brevi baby carriers let you keep your little one close to you at all times. These baby carriers are suitable for use from birth, and guarantee comfort for both parent and child thanks to their soft materials, and numerous possible ways to wear them.


The Brevi playpens give your child a secure and comfortable space to dream, play and attempt their first steps. These colourfully designed playpens are softly padded, and are easy to fold and store away.

Safety gates, bed gates and stove guards

The Brevi safety gates can be set up anywhere there are hazardous areas in the home. These adjustable stair- and safety gates simply attach onto the openings of staircases or hallways. A bed gate is intended to keep your child safe during restless sleep, while the practical stove guards can even turn your kitchen into a child-safe place.

Changing table dressers

The wide range of Brevi changing table dressers leaves no wishes unfulfilled. These practical bathing/changing hybrids stand out for their extremely high flexibility, and can also be adapted to suit your own requirements.

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