New Graco Collection 2016: Graco Evo

I'm sure you have read many articles or blogs about new collections that have only droned on about the features of the new collection and how it's better and newer and shinier than the previous model.

Am i right? I think I am...

I feel most fail to recognize what is truly to answer what you really want to know....

...What is that you may ask?...

Well, I feel what is most important and the question you must ask yourself is: why should I invest in this brand? What makes it a brand worth buying?

Well your in luck...because I am here to explain that to you...

Because what I'm here to tell you is what you really need to know, which is why should you have faith in Graco products? I want to talk about brand reliability as I think this is important.

I wrote this article because I personally believe it is a brand that you can really trust. So this blog piece will tell you why and will explain the specifications of the new 2016 collection. Because at the end of the day, you're trusting a brand with the most precious thing in the world: your child. So listen up because this is worth knowing for when deciding what to carry your adorable children in...

About Graco

So let's start by talking about Graco as a company and what makes investing in one of its products such a good decision?

So before talking about the new 2016 Graco Products, I will provide you with a brief history of the brand which will show you that you're in safe hands when investing in a Graco product.

Originating in Philadelphia in 1942 as Graco Metal Products, Graco did not even produce baby products....Great start your thinking?

Am I right?...

Now before you start is that going to make me feel better about buying from Graco..I would say bare with me for this explanation and the interesting backstory…

After a little over a decade of making machine and car parts for local manufacturers and a founding partner leaving, the decision was made to start a new line of products by the remaining owner. Now this is where it gets interesting…

Father of nine...(yes, nine)...David Saint an engineer at Graco, had a light bulb moment when watching his wife soothing his nine (yes nine, take that in for a minute) children to great effect when they were tired with the swing in the backyard. 18 months of hard work led to the world's first windup infant swing leading to the birth of the Graco Swyngomatic

Now you may not think this is important, but it really is. Prams have been around for centuries, but this product is truly innovative and different. I also love how the husband saw his wife's great technique with dealing with his children (did I mention he had 9?) and looked to find a way to facilitate others to use that same technique. I think this a testament to Graco products, and inherently implies the innovation in their products. This led to a focus on baby products...and trust me the innovation did not stop there…

The son of the engineer and swing inventor, Nate Saint (one of nine, in case I didn't mention that?), designed Graco's Pack N' PlayA Portable Playards which is a playpen and a travel cot in about innovation running in the family…but this isn't even the best part…

Now, you ready? Graco first introduced the Travel System, which was the first product that enabled parents to either click a car seat into or out of a push-chair which would mean that babies can be transported from car to push-chair or vice versa without being disturbed or woken up. This is now a very popular piece across brands, and the fact that Graco were the innovators behind this prove its genuine reliability in their product. Now, I have proved to you the value and the integrity behind Graco I would like to mention the new 2016 product they have introduced.

Graco Evo

2016 collection

Graco Evo

As explained, the Graco Evo Trio All in One is a truly reliable product. It is the latest edition from Graco and is useful from the moment your baby is born. For all your first outings, whether it's a grocery shop or its a nice meal out, the carrycot offers the perfect place for your baby. Your child will lie comfortably flat on the padded mattress. There is also a large removable cover to protect your little one from sun and wind.

Out and about, cruising round town in your car or on foot, the Graco Evo Trio All in One really shows its best side on all occasions. You can rely on the baby car seat to ensure your baby will be very secure in the car during their first few months. Upon arriving at your destination, you simply take the car seat and mount it into the frame of the pram. It is simple, easy, effective and comfortable. You do not need to fuss around with transferring your baby from the car seat into a pushchair or vice versa. That way you don't lose out on those precious moments when they are asleep and maybe get a little extra time to relax yourself! The car seat also doesn't have to be a permanent feature of your backseat when the baby isn't travelling with you!

Another added value is that when your child becomes more alert and responsive to his or her surroundings, you can move them to the buggy seat from the carry cot. What is great is that you can swiftly change the direction that your child is facing within seconds. You can either have your child facing you or the street or the pond whenever you want. The 3-way adjustable back rest can be reclined to allow your child to be in a more comfortable position to sleep in addition to the foot rest being able to be raised in order to provide the perfect atmosphere to nap when your little one gets tired. The 5-point safety belt and the safety bar, ensure your child stays safe and secure without the fear of your child accidentally falling. It is a product for all seasons, making sure you're ready for the cold winter months with a Footmuff that keeps your child nice and warm.

Not only are the features good for your chidren, but the handling when driving the travel system is very impressive. It has small, swivelling front wheels to make pushing the travel system easier for you. You can also keep the front wheels fixed for when your travelling down those uneven and bumpy roads to ensure you stay in control of the travel system and be worry free.

It is also easy to fold with compact proportions and its lightweight nature. This makes the Graco Evo Trio All in One a reliable product which will fit into (almost) every car boot.

Features List
  • Travel set consisting of combi-pram and baby's car seat
  • Modern, simple design
  • Carrycot with padded mattress, cover and blanket
  • shchair-style seating with 5-point safety belt, safety bar and cover
  • Baby's car seat belongs to group 0+
  • Adapter for attaching the baby's car seat onto the frame
  • Footmuff
  • Rain cover
  • Large shopping basket
  • Quick to fold, very compact when folded

Graco Sweetpeace

We discussed this piece in our previous article where we interviewed a customer who bought this product from I think that explains perfectly how handy this piece is for mothers and it is born out of the original idea of Graco's baby products and is an iconic piece of the brand.

Graco Sweetpeace

Just to provide a quick explanation of the Graco Sweetpeace it is ideal for the early months in your baby's life. It is a great help with by assisting in soothing your child with its innovative swing feature. You can take at least one extra stress off your shoulders (or should i say arms?). It can be really helpful, especially in those early months where every bit of rest you can get is worth a million dollars.

The very attractive feature of the swing can imitate various swinging movements. I'm sure your child will hardly even feel any difference to being rocked by yourself or your partner. This is the same for the seat as it has four unique positions which provide an incomparable feeling of safety and coziness which is just as amazing as Mommy's or Daddy's arms. The soft materials and gentle colors have a soothing effect with the translucent canopy provides additional protection.

What is even more attractive is the Graco Sweetpeace Baby Swing even offers music! Yes, you heard me right. Music! With the help of an MP3 connection, you can play your baby's favorite tunes that they like to rock to! Or maybe you want to play something a little more classical to help in the various ways some research indicates. Whatever the vibe you're going for, you can with the Graco Sweetpeace Baby Swing. Once you get one, your child will be playing with the soft toys of the Sweetpeace whether its the toy mirror or the Mix'n'Move lid, or the teething ring, I'm sure your child will be thoroughly entertained.

Features List
  • Multi-dimensional swinging movements, inspired by parents
  • Relaxation-enhancing materials and colors
  • Translucent, adjustable canopy
  • Tray with toy mirror, Mix'n'Move lid, teething ring
  • Unique audio experience via MP3 connection
  • Bee-Bear soft toy
  • Can be used as freestanding swing
  • Raised position
  • Powered via mains power or batteries
  • 3 backrest positions
  • 6 speed settings
  • 2 vibration speeds

What is especially great about this swing as opposed to others is that your child does not sit all the way down on the floor, but nice and elevated. The Graco Sweetpeace Baby Swing is attached to a plastic foot and enables your child to be at the center of the party that is life!

I hope this discussion of the benefits of the products coupled with the discussion of Graco as a brand, will help you make a more informed decision when buying a product which is essentially going to help you raise your child, but maybe in a more literal sense! Until next time, happy swinging with Graco!

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