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I put that out there first so that if you've come across this article on your smartphone whilst strolling through the park with your little one, then you would immediately stop if you were making this mistake. At the end of the day SAFETY COMES FIRST.

The safety of their children is a major priority for every parent, so I felt this an important subject to talk about, especially with the weather in Britain being extremely hot over the last few days. I felt it necessary to highlight this common mistake that people are making, in order to prevent them hurting their child, so much so that it could potentially lead to 'furnace like heat' inside of the pram. This can obviously be very dangerous for a child as I'm sure no parent would voluntarily put their child in a furnance, so why let it happen in a pram?

Let's face it, we complain all year round about how cold it is in Britain, yet as soon as we hit weather (that we actually pay thousands of pounds to travel to other countries to have) we start moaning about how hot is! You'll see social media storms of #hotashell and #hottestdayoftheyear or snapchat filters of 32 Degrees Celcious. The way some people talk about the weather, it seems like they would prefer if it snowed! And don't get me started about the reaction on social media when its snows..because you will be reading all night I tell you. Regardless of the reaction, it is fair to say I have topped up on enough Vitamin D till at least the end of the year (and no that is not me moaning - well maybe a little but its only because its soooo hot in the office!).

Anyway, during the 1 or 2 weeks of summer Britain is able to muster out (in the right months of course, let's not forget about the sun in December we are all privy to!), it is important to ensure your child is safe. A common thing many mothers tend to do, which I am fully aware is obviosuly with the best intentions of course, is put something to cover or shade their child from the sun or to protect them from wasps or bees. According to the The Independent, and a host of others, it is not a good idea to cover your pram with anything but the accessories desgined for the purpose of shading your child. Tests by a Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet following the advice of Dr Svante Norgren, found very distrubing results. The newspaper left the pram in the sun between 11:30am and 1pm which resulted in a 12 degree increase with just a thin blanket on top. The tempurature without the blanket was at 22 degrees and with was 34 degrees. Now do you want your child having that amount of heat in the pram? It is very dangerous and despite people saying they have done it since the beginning of time, if we can see proof of this why not implement it to be on the safe side? Safety comes first, thats why I said the instruction first and thats why your reading this instead of watching a cat play the piano on youtube.

Well now that I mention it, I want to see one and seeing as while writing this I found this video there is no harm in me putting it in for you to have a chuckle along with me. Here you go...

(Keyboard Cat Youtube Channel)

That video isn't there just as a filler for my article, in case you were wandering how random it was. The problem I find is, children are so precious the thought of them being hurt is something I really don't like to think about. That's why I chose to show you the cat, so you don't think about the risk that you may have taken. All I can say, is dont take the risk anymore and spread this article far and wide so people know not to do it. It's important we are all more informed about keeping our children safe, so lets work together to ensure we keep our little ones cool and happy in their prams. So I leave you with a short but important message today, and I will speak to you soon, hopefully about something more cheerful. Enjoy your week!