Gerard Pique and sons, Milan and Sasha

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Football fever is buzzing, with Euro 2016 kicking off at the end of this week on Friday 10th June. Its important now more than ever to support your national team and ensure your country succeeds at this years competition.

With that in mind, here at we decided to look at how fans and some of the best European footballers can support their country making them national heroes, not only on the pitch but off it too! You may ask how? The answer: by rocking the best pram their nation has to offer of course! And you don't need to be on the pitch to do that!

To celebrate the starting of the Euros we have chosen some of the best national strollers in certain European countries, such as Red Castle, Cybex, Childwheels, Britax and Jane. Help your nation this summer by supporting your national brand!

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Starting with hosts France and their rising star Anthony Martial, currently playing for Manchester United, we've suggested the best national stroller for his little Peyton Martial, pictured snuggling with him below.

Anthony Martial and Baby Peyton


Our Brand Verdict: Red Castle

To represent France at our Euro 2016 Pram Championship, we've chosen our best selling French brand, Red Castle. With Martial's proven technical ability on the pitch, he needs something just as fitting off the pitch when handling his precious baby girl. This is mirrored with Red Castle's prioritisation of quality, safety and innovation, whilst maintaining world-class engineering with an admirable commitment to eco-friendly materials.

Evolutwin - Black

Best French Stroller Verdict: Evolutwin

After much debate, we agreed on's best selling Evolutwin to suit Anthony Martial's family. Being an industry first, the Evolutwin is a single pram which evolves into a double pram, making it perfect for French families who are looking to grow their own football team. Additionally, having the fluidity to pick between a single or double stroller is also beneficial for parents of twins or children close in age. Evolutwin grows with your family!


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Next we look at the current football world champions, Germany. Being one of this tournaments strongest favourites, they have an array of talent in their ranks. For our Euro Pram Championship, we look at Germany's Toni Kroos who recently won the Champions League with Real Madrid. We suggest what German brand would be ideal for him to represent his country in the Pram championship, making him a champion off the pitch as well!

Germany World Cup

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Our Brand Verdict: Cybex

After much debate, we've suggested the durable and popular German brand, Cybex to match the strength of the German football team. The World Cup win was not the only German success in 2014, as Cybex merged with the Chinese company, 'Goodbaby International Holdings Limited', which led to significant brand growth, adding another great German achievement in 2014. This is why Cybex gets our support in the Pram Championship as it has become a luxurious yet affordable lifestyle brand, popular with numerous celebrities, such as Cate Blanchett, Liv Tyler, Keira Knightly and so on. Germany are world industry leaders, renowned for their consistent contribution to the field of engineering, design and new technology. This also translates to the baby goods industry, making Cybex an impeccable choice to fit the German standard of high quality and efficiency.

Being's best selling German brand, Cybex is the logical choice to represent Germany in our Pram Championship. We believe Cybex is the best choice for Toni's young son, Leon, whilst being a great opportunity to represent Germany's industry dominance off the football pitch.

Toni and Leon Kroos

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Best German Stroller Verdict: Balios M

After much deliberation over the many great pieces Cybex produces, we felt Balios M was the best option for Leon Kroos, pictured above with his father.

Balios M

We're certain that parents looking for a reliable, versatile and well engineered stroller, should look towards Cybex's Balios M. This smart and easy to use pram truly concurs with the German football style of efficiency and class.

This is seen with the fast and simple one-handed compact folding feature and lift-and-fold technique, which promptly adapts into a compact and concise stand-alone position. Fast and simple movement to create space, just like any great attack in football, is not only unique to German football but one the great features of the Balios M, ensuring compact and light storage and transportation. It saves storage space allowing you more flexibility when packing away. Made to last with the ability as the Balios M adapts to suit your child's development. A perfect choice for Toni and any other parents wanting the efficiency and durability to suit their their busy city lifestyles. However, if that's not enough to tickle your fancy, the Balios M comes in the new array of vibrant and sophisticated colours. In addition, just because Balios M is our favourite German player, does not mean there are not other great players such as Hauck, Knorr Baby, ABC Design, Kiddy, Concord, Gesslein, Teutonia, Zekiwa, Chic 4 Baby, Crown, Moon, Osann, iCoo and Recaro. It looks promising for the German pram industry, so lets wait and see whether the German football team can keep up!


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Another favourite for this year is Belgium. Recent years have shown promising talent coming through the ranks. One of the most well known players is Eden Hazard. Having only won the Player of the Year in the Barclays Premier League in 2015, Eden Hazard has seen a siginificant dip in form, leading supporters of Belgium to be wary of his inclusion in the squad for Europe.

However, we here at want Hazard back at his best and we believe the solution is representing his country off the pitch with our choice of stroller perfect for his young sons.

Hazard with family

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Our Brand Verdict: Childwheels

With hosts France having their home advantage, and Germany having won the World Cup, Belgium would need to provide players that are reliable and trustworthy. Childwheels is trusted by parents due to having an immense commitment to safety. This is definitely what you need in a football team: trust between team mates and a good defence (saftey), and its something that can be definitely found in Childwheels. Our Belgium Pram Championship representative has definitely achieved this, making it the perfect choice for Hazard to represent his country off the pitch.

Childwheels Triplet Pram

Best Belgian Stroller Verdict: Childwheels Triple Pram

Scoring a hatrick in the parenting department, with three young children, it would make sense for Eden and Natacha Hazard to choose the Childwheels Triple Pram. We suggest the Beligian No.1 selling pram on Childwheels Triple Pram. In Childwheels Triple Pram all three children have their own space which can be tailored to their needs, coupled with a large hood to protect all three from the ever changing weather. Spacious yet compact, it would be ideal for Eden's three children and being from his native country of Belgium, a perfect fit for him to represent his country patriotically! Childwheels' quadruple and six seater strollers would be the next best choices for their growing football team.


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After a poor World Cup performance in Brazil, England captain Wayne Rooney has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders this summer. He must lead the line at the tounament aiming to make a far bigger impact to overcome the awful showing in the World Cup in 2014. In keeping with the partiotic theme, we decided to suggest something truly English for Wayne to carry little Kit Rooney in pictured below.

Kit and Wayne Rooney
Kit Rooney

(Wayne Rooney Twitter - @WayneRooney)

Our brand verdict: Britax

Even though last time round in the 2012 Euros, the Rooneys had a similar taste to Adele and Angelina Jolie's choice which choosing a Maclaren stroller. We're all about the revamp! Therefore they could represent England with Britax this time round. Hopefully this will bring some luck to the team. Even though the attractive colours of Red and White show what an majestic brand Britax is, there is much more to their outstanding designs.

Rooney Maclaren


Best English Stroller verdict: Britax Smile's fan favourite would have to be the Britax Smile. Not only does it come in the perfect shade of red and white for this years tournament, but it entails a reversible seat with multiple uses for all the functional parts. In addition, useful acessories such as a reflector band and rain/wind cover are already included! This pram is easy to use with great manoeuvrability and suspension, something that all England players will need this summer.

Britax Smile


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So what are the Spanish hopes for the Pram championship? As shown, Gerard Pique's wife Shakira is using Britax which we have already suggested above and the Pique family have been fans of the Britax for both sons. However, just for our tournament we've suggested the Spanish brand Jane, to fit the national Spanish style.

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Best Spanish stroller verdict: Jane Epic

According to, Jane is the best selling spanish brand on their website, so Pique could support the team off the pitch with using the best selling Jane pram: Jane Epic

In order to help Spain hopefully turn around their miserable showing at the World Cup in 2014. The reason we've suggested Jane is due to their dynamic, athletic and versatile models, fitting the Spanish football teams characteristics of previous victories. It is a durable model with its tubular aluminium chassis with high elasticity, making it exceptionally lightweight whilst maintaining durability. The durability stretches to the tyres which are shock absorbent. Truly a great pram from a country in need of your support, so represent the Spanish team with your own Jane Epic.

Jane Epic

So we have determined the best prams for these Euros and beyond, but now its up to you to do your part to support your country and the players to work hard on the field. We are certain it will be an invigorating event and we wish you a happy and successful tournament! We leave you with a little taste of whats in store in this tournament with a little video.

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