Travel essentials for air travel with children

Seeing as the kids have gone back to school so soon with the summer holidays over in what felt like 1 week, I am sure you must be thinking about the half term holiday. So I thought it necessary to quickly give you an overview of the types of products available to make travelling easier. I am sure you must see lots of people with different cool gadgets when your flying and you think, "Oh I must get one of those!" and then don't think again about it. I thought its better to tell you now, so your prepared for October, because you know it's going to just creep up on you and you will be up that the airport thinking the same thing again, until the vicious cycle ends. So listen up real quick to get a little overview of the cool products out there to make your journey better.


Obviously a pram/buggy is available and the worst kept secret as a travel essential. I thought to quickly mention that the lightweight is the feature you should prioritise if you travel a lot or if you can have a travel specific pram, then try to go for something under 6kg. An example of this is the Baby Jogger City Mini Zip Extra Compact black from the Baby Jogger 2016 Collection.

alt text

This is a great buggy for travelling, as it is lightweight and easy to use. It will be a great companion for when you have lots of luggage, as it will not add to your stuggles, but help with extra storage space and light enough not to be a nuisance to keep lifting when boarding on and off the plane.


Next we have a car seat. Now I know you may be thinking like me, do you need a carseat on a plane? Well the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) say the following regarding children:

  • If your child weighs LESS than 20 pounds/9.1 Kilograms then use a Rear-facing carseat.
  • If your child weighs MORE than 20 pounds/9.1 Kilograms then use a Forward-facing carseat.
  • If your child weighs MORE than 40 pounds/18.2 Kilograms then use the airplane seat belt.

Therefore, when your child is very young it is better to take your carseat. Please use FAA approved carseats when travelling by air as you make come into issues, with cabin crew expected to check whether they are FAA approved.

Check out our carseats here

Cybex Carseat

This could also be a great place to use a travel system as you can ditach the carseat and put the fram in the check in. However, travel systems do tend to be heavier, so its best to look at what your individual circumstances are and use either a travel system or a seperate buggy and carseat.

Ferrari Travel System

Why not roll onto the plane in style with a Ferrari Travel Sytem? We have so much variety here at that there is something for everyone, so get shopping now! Now thats a sexy travel system!!! Next up on our travel essentials is Diaper bags!

Diaper Bag

Diaper bags can be handy when travelling as you can pack all your baby essentials in one place. Just because it is a diaper bag does not mean you can't have a nice looking back. At the end of the day, instead of carrying round two seperate bags, you might as well choose a really good diaper bag to rock, seeing as your going to need it at least for the next 5/6 years. Have a look at our great range of diaper bags here.

Some examples we have to offer:

Diaper Bag

Now tell me that isn't a bag you would just buy, regardless of whether it could carry diapers, and I'll call you crazy! We have lots of bags that can double as nice bag out so make sure you check out our full collection by clicking here.

Another handy product to take with you on your travels is a baby carriers.

Baby Carriers

Baby carriers are the ultimate travel companion. I think from my own observations, this is more popular with dads, but I think these are awesome! And they should be used by both parents! They keep your child safe and close, and keep your hands free to hold bags and other necessary things, like when you need to get your passport or ticket out of your pocket. I think they are great and we have a great variety of them. Have a look here to see our wide range. I thought I would also show you a few examples of how they look incase your absolutely lost as to what I mean...

alt text

These are really great for when your travelling by air, and I think they should be an essential for all those travelling alot. However, this can be used in a variety of situations, whether going to the park or the beach, you can safely keep your baby close to you and well protected.

So a quick run down of the essentials are:

  1. Pram/Buggy
  2. Carseat
  3. Diaper Bag
  4. Baby Carriers

Make sure you check all of these things out before the half term holiday, and don't be stuck in that 'why didn't I think of that' moment any longer.

Happy shopping and have a great weekend!!!!!!