The Bayer Chic 2000 Doll's Pram

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For all those children's adventures when one doll is just not enough. The Bayer Chic 2000 Vario Tandem Dolls Pram, a tremendous choice for parents and grandparents looking for that brilliant toy that won't break down as soon as your little one gets hold of it. Expect it to be navigated on all future voyages!

It will inspire endless imaginative hours of fun, nurturing creative expression, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

The vibrant Bayer Chic 2000 has impressed to no end, becoming the most popular Doll's Pram on with a 5* rating with our tester. Featured in a wide range of delightful and spirited designs, from the rich 'Plum' to the fresh 'Menta' shade.

A gracefully designed, lightweight and easy to push model, meets both European and British safety standards. The multi-adjustable positions suits girls and boys aged 3+ for easy travel with their toys facing different directions and withstanding different terrains.

Review, 5* Rating, 02/11/2015

Rose, 23 and Jamie Brown, 27, an English couple based in South East London with their two year old, Samantha.

Samantha Brown

Were the instructions comprehensive?

Jamie: Very! Haha even though the instructions were in German, the visual instructions were very clear.

How fast could you assemble the pram?

Jamie: Quickly, in under 5 minutes. The parts fitted together effortlessly, there weren't many small parts to figure out and without need for any tools.

How did Samantha respond to the Doll's Pram?

Rose: She was feeling unwell and unhappy that evening, but as soon as she was introduced to the pram, she was so happy and excited! Seeing her wide smile and eyes light up makes it all worth it. She started playing the pram immediately and found her favourite toys to put in the pram, then started pushing it all around the flat.

Is the Doll's pram age appropriate?

Jamie: The model suits the age bracket of 3+. Currently Samantha is shorter than the handle height, but she'll turn 3 in February 2016 and she should be tall enough by then to play with it properly.

Is the pram high quality?

Rose: Yes, If only we had a similar model when she was a new-born!

Is the pram easy to use?

Rose: We like that the handle height is adjustable to accommodate her size and it’s very lightweight so she can push and play with it easily.

What’s the main benefit of the pram?

Rose: The pram enhances her development. We like that she can practice and improve her spacial awareness, sense of direction and awareness of safety with the safety belt. It's her first example of a high quality toy which will teach her to respect and protect her toys whilst learning how to securely put her toys in the pram, in turn will enhance her maternal instinct to be caring. Also it’s her first example of an adjustable toy, understanding of how different toys are and the numerous seat positions combinations will encourage her to be more creative and imaginative. For example, with the forwards, backwards or inward facing positions and her variety of different sized toys can fit as each seat can be reclined or upright. Overall the pram will her improve fine motor skills, especially with putting the seatbelt on properly with the bar across the seats.

Any obstacles avoided?

Jamie: The broad covers protect from sun, rain and intense wind. A spacious bassinet houses all her travel essentials. Manoeuvring in tight spaces made possible due to its compact size and swivelling front, for example, through her baby gate.

If you could change one thing about this pram what would it be?

Jamie: The only thing is the risk of her skin can getting caught on the sliding seatbelt unlike a regular push button seatbelt.

Would you recommend the Doll’s pram to others?

Rose: Yes, we just adore this pram. It handles like a dream, we love that it assembles quickly, the compactness, its lightweight and easily transportable. A total winner in our eyes, it's so well made and comes in a range of lovely colours.

Overall, there’s a reason why the Bayer Chic 2000 is the most popular Doll’s pram on A lightweight appropriately sized and high quality toy. The best part is how it will enhance your child’s development. An ideal choice for a happy and creative childhood. I’m so glad that Samantha and her parents enjoyed the pram!