Peg Perego have launched their new 2016 collection and is now available at

New Colour Palette

Peg Perego have continued their signature iconic and regal designs whilst energising the collection with vibrant and passionate modernity, epitomising post-modern Italian style and elegance. Peg Perego new arrivals provide an immense spectrum of choice from the majestic and refined soft fabric models such as the Riviera, Ascot and Versilia to the vibrant and warm embossed fabric models such the Mod Navy or Mod Red.

Mod Red

(Versilia on the left and Mod Red on the right)

Refreshed Terminology of Book Pram

Now you can understand the meanings behind the models in a clearer way. Prior all the models were titled Book Plus. The different chassis names were added after the name, for example the Book Plus with the narrow chassis was called Book Plus 51 due to the 51cm width, which is one of the narrowest on the market. The leather gripped S Chassis was previously known as the Book Plus S. New Book Plus stands for Base, Book 51 for 51 chassis, Book S for Chassis with leather grips. The Stroller set with car seat and changing bag was called “modular” and is now just called XL.

ChassisSet oldSet new
Plus ChassisBook Plus ModularBook Plus XL
51 ChassisBook Plus Modular 51Book 51 XL
S ChassisBook Plus Modular S ChassisBook S XL

Grand Innovations

Book for Two

One of the most compact double strollers (71cm width) which allows fluid and effortless mobility through the narrowest spaces. Suitable from birth and highest rated on all terrains.
Book for Two

Pliko Mini Twin

Pliko Mini Twin

A notably lightweight and compact model with immense agility for two and suitable from birth. One hand push and fits into the car boot with extra space left over.

(Pliko Mini Twin in Mod Yellow on the left)

Aria Shopper Twin

A supremely lightweight model (8.3kg), optimal for twins or siblings close in age. This design is excellent for shopping and travel as it offers tremendous agility and boundless freedom of movement.

(Aria Twin Double Twin Pram in Mod Beige on the right)

Aria Shopper Twin

Stay tuned, new blogs on the way covering everything you need to know about all the current and diverse baby products suited for you!