Parenting Tips From Celebrities


They're the faces in the tabloids, the names in the headlines, and the people who entertain you on a daily basis.

But they're more than just the actor who can capture your heart and make you laugh out loud. They're parents. And just like any parent out there, they have plenty to say on the topic.

So, whether you go to your parents, friends, or other family members for parenting advice, take a quick look at the tips these 10 celebrities have for all you parents out there:

1. Elizabeth Banks

  • Actress (Starring in The Hunger Games, Pitch Perfect, and The 40-Year-Old Virgin).
  • Mother to 2 Boys.

alt text

"Be open to any help. Many mums today feel they have to be super mums... I think it's really important to know when to ask for help."

Elizabeth Banks highlights something that is very easy for parents to forget. Whilst there's no question that you are a super-parent (tackling an enemy known as a 'full diaper'), it's okay to ask for help. More than okay, in fact. This will give you the time to take that nap you so desperately need, to have a cup of tea and recharge your batteries ready for that next diaper change coming your way.

2. Katherine Heigl

  • Actress (Starring in The Ugy Truth and Knocked Up).
  • Mother to 2 Girls.

    Katherine Heigl

If her baby struggles to sleep at night then they put on a big fan to "drown out everything".

Strange question: do noises like a hairdryer or the whirring of the fan send you to sleep? Yep, me too. And there's a reason for this. White noise is a proven method of soothing your baby (and you!) to sleep.

So, a silent room may not be the key to a good night's sleep. Whilst in the womb, your baby is constantly surrounded by noise (like the steady beat of your heart or the calming sound of you breathing), so trying to sleep in silence can be rather daunting for your little one. Investing in a white noise machine (or using a fan, like Katherine Heigl), can become a vital sleeping aid for your baby.

Spotted: Katherine Heigl and the Cybex Topaz.

alt text alt text

We can certainly see why Katherine chose this pram. Ideal for busy, city mums, this pram is uncomplicated and very easy to manoeuvre around busy streets. On top of this, it can be folded so that it can fit easily into any car boot, thanks to it's slim size. The striking Mars Red that Heigl was spotted with makes this trusty pram a definite eye catcher.

3. Angelina Jolie

  • Actress (Starring in Mr & Mrs Smith, Changeling, and Maleficent).
  • Mother to 3 Girls and 3 Boys.

alt text

"Children should be allowed to express themselves in whatever way they wish."

Allowing a child to express themselves in different ways is a chance for them to develop a sense of individuality. l remember the liberating feeling of being able to choose my own outfits for the first time - and yes, whilst they may not have always matched - it was exciting and a chance for me to truly become my own person.

4. Sarah Jessica Parker

  • Actress (Starring in Sex and the City).
  • Mother to 2 Girls and 1 Boy.

sarah jessica parker

"As a working mother high heels don’t really fit into my life anymore - but in a totally wonderful way. I would much rather think about my son than myself."

I think what Sarah Jessica Parker highlights here is that things change when a baby comes into the picture. Maybe you won't be wearing heels everyday like you were before, but you're entering a new and exciting chapter of your life and it's going to be pretty amazing!

Spotted: Sarah Jessica Parker and the Cybex Oynx.

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SJP definitely has good taste. The Cybex Oynx Buggy Lightweight is designed to meet the needs of the parents. It can be lifted easily and folded into a compact size and is ideal for busy city mums just like Sarah Jessica Parker. And let's not forget the large, comfortable seat, which promises to lull your baby to sleep.

5. Ewan McGregor

  • Actor (Starring in Moulin Rouge, Star Wars, and The Island).
  • Father to 4 Girls.

alt text

"Pay attention. I recognise that it can be boring to play with young children... but the secret is being there. If you've made a decision to play with your children, then play with them. Don't be looking through papers or sneaking off to the computer. Lose yourself in their world."

If I wasn't already in love with Ewan McGregor, the thought of him fully embracing the pretend world of his 4 daughters has done it.

Not only does that prove how incredibly sweet he is, but highlights the importance of giving your children your time and letting them know that what they have to show you is important. And he's given you the excuse to act like a big kid for an hour or two, and who wouldn't want that?

6. Michael J. Fox

  • Actor (Starring in Back to the Future).
  • Father to 3 Girls and 1 Boy.

    Michael J. Fox

"Always be available to your kids. Because if you say, ‘Give me five minutes, give me ten minutes,’ it’ll be 15, it’ll be 20. And then when you get there, the shine will have worn off whatever it is they wanted to share with you. I’ve never gotten up to see something one of my kids wanted to show me and not been rewarded."

Michael J. Fox reinforces the idea that you need to spend time with your children. Kids are more aware of our actions than we think, and not only are they bright, but what they have to say can be both interesting and surprising if they're given the chance to speak.

7. Barack Obama

  • Politician.
  • Father to 2 Girls.

    barack obama

"You give them unconditional love, and then you give them some structure and some rules, and they usually turn out really, really well."

There's no doubt that you're already on top of the unconditional love part, parents. But, interestingly enough, he has a point about giving children a structure, and he isn't the only one...

8. Kate Winslet

  • Actress (Starring in Titanic, The Reader, and The Holiday).
  • Mother to 2 Boys and 1 Girl.

    Kate Winslet

"To me, parenting is about consistency, among other things, and routine. Children love routine. They like to know when they're going to have lunch, and in what order things will happen during their day."

Routine is important. Many believe it gives children a sense of security and helps them develop self-discipline. We all know that being a child is all about change. Their bodies are constantly growing and changing, their friends and schools too. So a familiar routine will allow them to feel safe and secure.

9. Tina Fey

  • Actress (Starring in Mean Girls and Date Night).
  • Mother to 2 Girls.

Tina Fey

"You go through big chunks of time where you’re just thinking, ‘This is impossible - oh, this is impossible.’ And then you just keep going and keep going, and you sort of do the impossible."

What Tina Fey has so beautifully demonstrated is that, though it may be tough at times, you will make it through this. Just remember to breathe, and take one thing at a time.

10. Hugh Jackman

  • Actor (Starring in The Wolverine, X-Men, and Les Misérables).
  • Father to 1 Boy and 1 Girl.

alt text

"I believe in letting kids be kids for as long as possible. I do constantly talk to them about giving everything their best and doing the thing you love, because I have managed to find my way into a job that doesn’t feel like a job, and if my kids can be lucky enough to do that, then that is the goal, I think. That is the Holy Grail. I want them to just follow their passions and then work hard at it."

Hugh Jackman manages to sum everything up rather nicely. Of course, as a parent, you want your child to be happy and be the best that they can be. Allowing them to follow their passions, therefore, may just open up an opportunity that will lead them (and you!) somewhere amazing.

We hope that hearing these wise words from celebrities who have been there and done it has helped you, even if it provided a nice 5 minute break from the little ones.

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Have a lovely week!