Mutsy have launched their 2016 collection. Featuring their enhanced chassis design, The Farmer and Reflect Luxury editions entailing new colour palettes.

Mutsy Igo

Whats New?

Chassis: An integrated front wheel suspension for improving comfort and ensures anti-lift, stabilising the stroller on urban and natural surfaces. The central upper frame hinge shape and the push bar triggers are now safer, easier and lighter to operate. Resulting in effortless compact storage, easier handling and control for parents.

Mutsy Chassis

The Farmer Edition: Evo & Igo

Exuding an organic lifestyle with exquisite craftsmanship. Prime for city dwellers trying to find a peaceful countryside escape, far from hustle of their hectic urban lives. The Farmer Evo entails thickly yarned simple pockets, natural tones in wool-like outer fabrics, organic cotton quilted liners, durable metal and deep brown leather accents. All pursuit of a timeless and traditional style.

Mutsy Farmer Evo

The Reflect Edition: Igo

A showcase of luxury and athletics, influenced by innovative athletic fabrics with a dedication to comfort and safety. The quilted top layer are water and wind resistant. Exuding timeless sophistication with exquisitely crafted features, such as metallic finishes and leatherette accents. The canopy liner is crafted from 3M reflective material which illuminates at night. Ensured optimal safety due to the two reflective triangles on the reversible and expanding cot canopy.

Reflect Edition

New Colours:
The Farmer range, features the neutral 'Mist' and the warm basic 'Earth' tones, accented with new dark brown leather detailing. The Igo Reflect, provides a choice between striking to understated sophistication with the new camel leather detailing and a camel leather push bar. Such as the 'Silver Mist' and the elegant 'Cosmo Black.'

Mutsy’s new 2016 collection exemplifies superb craftsmanship alongside a timelessly chic design. #SimpleHumanMagic

Farmer Carseat