Mountain Buggy Swift 3 - Gold

Mountain Buggy has revealed their 2016 collection.

Mountain Buggy's 2016 Collection has introduced the new Urban Jungle Luxury Edition, Cosmopolitan, Urban Jungle 3, Terrain 3, +One and Swift 3.

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Urban Jungle Luxury Edition

Urban Jungle Luxury Edition

An evolved icon, Urban Jungle Luxury Edition lightweight caters to the needs of modern and mobile parents and is a perfect and reliable companion both in town and in the country.

The Urban Jungle Luxury Edition features a new colour palette available in Nautical and Pepita

2016 Upgrades

  • One hand fast, smaller fold (15 cm smaller)
  • Lighter weight 11.5 kg
  • With hand brake and improved suspension
  • Matching changing diaper bag included
  • Larger shopping basked
  • Compatible with Carrycot Plus, the new carrycot from Mountain Buggy



Introducing the new Cosmopolitan, which will win you over thanks to its simplicity, durability, manoeuvrability and flexibility. Four features that characterise all Mountain Buggy products. You and your child with benefit from this ingenious and well-thought out buggy which will accompany you from the day your baby is born, in town and in the country.


  • Suitable from 0 months - 5 years
  • Modern, simple design
  • First-class suspension
  • 2 swivelling and lockable front wheels
  • Seat can be used as a carry cot
  • Seat can face in or against direction of travel
  • 3 positions for the seat
  • 5-point safety belt
  • Large sun cover
  • Large shopping basket

Urban Jungle 3

Urban Jungle 3 - Fern

The multi-talented Urban Jungle 3 has been engineered for active urban parents in demand of a trustworthy companion for the city and countryside. Evolved from the original all-terrain model, the Urban Jungle 3 is exceptionally versatile all rounder, lightweight, flexible and comfortable for you and your child.

The Urban Jungle 3 features Mountain Buggy's new one handed fast fold mechanism, which means a 13cm / 5 inch reduction in size from the previous model, for more compact and convenient storage. The Urban Jungle 3's advanced manoeuvrability is thanks to its 12” air-filled wheels entail enhanced rear wheel suspension and a lockable and swivel front wheels suited for smooth gliding on all terrains and long distances.

The Urban Jungle 3 rear axle accommodates a second child as the freerider transitions into a children's scooter, delivery double functionality and fun!

2016 Upgrades

  • Fast one hand folding, compact stand fold
  • Practical hand brake (parking break)
  • Extra large shopping basket up to 10 kg
  • Retractable leg extension
  • car seat compatible - travel system
  • carrycot plus compatible

Terrain 3

Terrain 3 - Graphite

Mountain Buggy's new Terrain 3 delivers ultimate control and performance. The Terrain 3 is the ultimate premium jogger for active parents looking for optimal performance on all terrains. Terrain 3 has redefined adaptability and functionality, becoming the powerhouse of the Mountain Buggy range, providing parents an athletic and precision steering jogger. The Terrain 3 features one handed fast fold, more storage space, active to urban air-filled wheel, in 16” and 12”, flexibly go from active to urban in seconds.

Ideal for parents on the go in need of more storage space, as the new zip-covered gear tray has the capacity to support 10kg / 22 lbs and helps you stay organised with the built in pockets. The Terrain 3 perfect weight distribution optimises performance on all terrains, far superior in comparison to other brands. The Terrain 3's air-filled 16” rear tyres feature improved suspension with shock absorption, 3 mode front wheel which swivels, locks forward and locks back and drum brakes for parents to control speed with the hand control brake. Infinite traction is guaranteed with the 'bias ply' constructed 16” wheels, with all purpose tread, a steel bead and nylon casing.

The Terrain 3 precision engineering ensures maximum control with a feather-light touch for one-handed manoeuvrability as you run. The adjustable front wheel tracking device ensures an accurate course. The one-hand disc brake in the middle of the handle helps you uphold speed. The Terrain 3 is available as a combi bundle with the carrycot plus and as a travel system with a car seat or individually.

2016 Upgrades

  • Fast one hand folding, compact stand fold
  • Practical hand brake with speed control feature
  • Extra large shopping basket up to 10 kg
  • Retractable leg extension
  • Additional Set of rear wheel (12 inches) included
  • Compatible with carrycot plus
  • Car seat compatible


Mountain Buggy +One - Berry

Introducing the 2016 Mountain Buggy +One, the buggy that grows alongside your family. From a spacious single to a double, essentially the Mountain Buggy +One is the all-terrain Urban Jungle plus one. Suitable for newborns and toddlers, enjoy the city and country trails with newborns and toddlers.

Mountain Buggy +One's new one handed fast fold is extremely easy and convenient to compactly store away. Smoothly glide over all terrain with the Mountain Buggy +One entails superior manoeuvrability due to the enhanced rear wheel suspension, lockable and swivel front wheels and perfect weight distribution for optimum performance, resulting in less force needed to lift the front wheel.

The Mountain Buggy +One reflects Mountain Buggy's heritage with durable waterproof canvas fabrics, from Marine to Berry. The Mountain Buggy +One includes a second seat and newborn mattress.

2016 Upgrades

  • Fast one hand folding, compact stand fold
  • Practical hand brake
  • Second seat with mattress and more space for newborn
  • Carrycot plus compatible
  • Car seat compatible

Swift 3

Mountain Buggy Swift 3 - Coral

Introducing the revolutionary Mountain Buggy Swift 3, designed to be compact and light, ideal to swiftly navigate the city with the Swift's elegant size and adventurous spirit.

Introducing one handed fast fold mechanism, ensuring convenience, simplicity and ease. Compared with other brands, The Swift 3 has exceptionally greater manoeuvrability thanks to the perfect weight distribution which means less force is needed to life up the front wheel, for optimum performance.

The Swift 3 enables effortless gliding on all terrains, due to it's 10”, lockable and swivel wheels. Perfect for weekend getaways, with its slim stand fold which compactly fits in your car boot. The Swift 3 is perfect for newborns with the new carrycot plus, entailing a single base, two fabric sets and three rear-facing positions.

Compatible with the new, innovative and adaptable carrycot plus™, designed with your baby’s comfort in mind. With an easy adjustment from incline to lie-flat mode, providing the best angle for babies who suffer from reflux. The fabrics switch to transition the carrycot to a parent facing seat, for older children.

The Swift 3 is available in eight vibrant and uplifting colours, from Gold to Berry.

2016 Upgrades

  • Fast one hand fold, compact stand fold
  • Practical hand brake (parking brake)
  • Reversible seat liner included
  • Magnetic peek a boo flap

Urban Jungle 3 - Gold

Overall Mountain Buggy's 2016 Collection has stayed true their DNA of adaptability, manoeuvrability, simplicity and durability.