Armadillo Ochre Yello

The 2016 Mamas and Papas Collection has been launched! Now available at!

Introducing The Signature, The Rose Gold Limited Edition and The Donna Wilson Special Editions, available on Mamas and Papas' iconic strollers, from the Urbo2 to the Armadillo collection.

Designed and engineered to suit all parents, looking for high quality, simplicity and versatility. For those with a taste for iconic beauties, exquisite phenonmenons or those with a passion for natural landscapes and wildlife.

The 2016 collection is compatible with the evolved Cybex Aton 4 Car Seat and entails design upgrades on the chrome chassis, a new colour and fabric range and new season accessories from footmuffs to changing diaper bags.

What's new?

New Editions

The Mamas and Papas’ 2016 Collection has been enriched by three new exceptionally iconic editions. Capturing the best of British design, luxury and comfort, within 'The Signature', 'Rose Gold' and 'Donna Wilson' Special Editions.

Urbo 2 Rose Gold Chassis

The Signature Edition

An iconic beauty, for those parents with a taste for distinction, tradition and luxury. The unique tweed blended fabric is comes in classic and rich ‘chestnut brown’ and warm and calm ‘grey’, with striking and sophisticated copper accents. The Signature’ stands out from the crowd, capturing the timeless and quintessentially British spirit whilst remaining recognisable as a Mamas and Papas masterpiece. Available in the Armadillo collection and Urbo 2 model.

Urbo 2 Signature Edition Rust

The Rose Gold Limited Edition

An exquisite phenomenon, inspired by the latest trends in technology and fashion. This deluxe edition is exclusive to Mamas and Papas, entailing the chrome chassis in radiant rose gold alongside the salient black matte fabric and luxury detailing. A quilted honeycomb seat and leatherette handlebar ensure further comfort and ease for both baby and parents. The luminous ‘Rose Gold Edition’ is here to make an enduring statement, standing out from the crowd. Available in the Urbo 2 model.

Urbo 2 Rose Gold Edition

The Donna Wilson Special Edition

Donna Wilson, a Scottish countryside native with a passion for natural landscapes and wildlife. The 2016 Mamas and Papas and Donna Wilson collaboration has stayed true to her distinctive woodland wonderland designs, colliding a playful imagination with spirited patterns and soft textures. The lively and playful ‘3 Bears’ print is enhanced with forest green and deep grey tones, soft textured fabrics and the makers mark. Available in the Armadillo collection and Urbo 2 model.

Donna Wilson Special Edition 3 Bears

Urbo 2

Ideal for urban young parents, looking for simplicity, versatility and high quality. Available in a variety of colours, from Rose Gold to Chestnut.

Urbo 2 Chestnut

2016 Upgrades:

  • Chrome chassis is narrower and lighter, able to be folded compactly into a super-slim size.

  • Improved front and rear suspension providing extra comfort on any terrain for both baby and parents.

  • Height adjustable handle to suit both parents.

  • Travel friendly due to a new flip flop friendly foot-brake, a larger mosquito net and larger sleep shade to protect against the elements.

The Armadillo

Perfect for parents in need of a comfortable, lightweight and compact second stroller, whose child has outgrown their first stroller. Available in a wide range of colours, such as Black Jack, Teal Tide and Ochre Yellow.

Armadillo Teal Tide

2016 Upgrades:

  • Safety Bar.

  • More wriggle room.

  • XXL Hood.

  • Full Recline.

  • Unique easy-fold technology.

Armadillo Flip XT

Revolutionary and best for newborn babies, a unique model which can face forwards and backwards due to its 2-way flip technology, whilst maintaining its compact folding capability in either position.

Armadillo Flip XT Navy

2016 Upgrades:

  • Safety Bar.

  • Chunky treading wheels.

  • More durable and adjustable XXXL hood.

  • A cooling air vent.

Cybex Aton 4 + ISOFIX Car Seat + Compatible Adapters

The evolved Cybex Aton 4 Car Seat features more sophisticated ergonomics, superior side impact protection, is rear facing and ISOFIX compatible, in turn remarkable comfort, advanced crash support from birth to 18 months old. Cybex Aton 4 makes alternating between pram and car seat much easier. Compatible adapters are available alongside a wide colour range to perfectly coordinate with your Mamas and Papas stroller, from the warm Autumn Gold to classic Manhattan Grey.

Cybex Aton 4 Car Seat Autumn Gold

2016 Upgrades:

  • Rear facing with I-Fix which is 80% safer than before.

  • ISOFIX compatible: one click installation and ultra-safe ISOFIX base.

  • Safer sides with superior side impact protection with telescopic shock absorbers.

  • Automatic seat height adjustment.

  • Straps are super comfortable.


The Mamas and Papas' Ellis Changing Diaper Bag

A new and stylish design, featuring the new integrated and insulated bottle holder and changing mat with greater storage space and numerous pockets to ensure you are fully organised for all outings. Available in fresh, fashionable and classic colours, such as Coral, Teal and Plum.

Mamas and Papas' Ellis Changing Diaper Bag Plum


Made from breathable fabric, the Armadillo Footmuff is best described as a hard shell with a soft core. This 2 in 1 footmuff is waterproof and snug and soft on the inside. With a removable inner lining suit both winter and summer, with slits for 5-point belt. Can be turned into a stroller liner with one zip and suitable from birth. Available in vibrant and sophisticated colours, from Ochre Yellow to Mulberry to Black Matte.

Armadillo Footmuff Ochre Yellow
Rose Gold Edition Black Matte Footmuff

Pram Liners

New pram liners in a more breathable material with new prints. Softly lined, waterproof, washable, reversible and ideal for protecting your pram against dirt. Available in the 3 Bears, Le Fleur and Pyramid prints.

Donna Wilson Special Edition 3 Bears Pram Liner

Overall, 'The Signature Edition' will suit those inclined to tradition, distinction and luxury. The 'Rose Gold Edition' for those with an appreciation for the latest trends in technology and fashion. 'The Donna Wilson Special Edition' for those who enjoy the natural beauty of the countryside with a spirited and playful imagination. Alternating between pram, car and home will be easier, comfortable and lighter with the evolved Cybex Aton 4 + ISOFIX Car Seat.

Armadillo Flip XT Mulberry

The 2016 Mamas and Papas collection embraces the best of classic British sophistication and new season trends with exceptional quality, versatility and simplicity.