Joel Air - Desert Beige

Jette's 2016 Collection entails the new Black and White Special Edition and Flannel Grey Edition available in Jeremy, Joel Air and Jackson strollers, with new PU air wheel technology.

Available from April 2016 at

Black and White Special Edition

Joel Air - Black and White Edition

The Black and White Special Edition captures Jette's spirit of 21st century youth, modernity, creativity and style, which has been translated into a sleek, original and outstanding collection.

The double-sided black and white memory foam suits all seasons, as the light side is made from cooling jersey which will keep your baby cool during the summer and the dark side will ensure your little one is warm and cosy during winter.

The Black and White Special Edition has been implemented across the entire Jette 2016 Collection, available in Jeremy at

Flannel Grey Edition

Jette Jeremy - Flannel Grey Edition

The Flannel Grey Edition is ideal for urban parents with an affinity for understated and modern style, whilst still making a memorable fashion statement.

Joel Air

Joel Air - Desert Beige

Jette's Joel Air is a triumphant hit with parents as it is designed to enhance modern lifestyles and adapt as your child develops.

Jette's Joel Air epitomises the how advanced 21st century lightweight combi-prams have become, skilfully blending modern beauty, comfort, versatility, safety and durability.

Entailing excellent adaptability to suit you and your child, such as the handlebar, backrest and footrest. The exceptionally light aluminium frame and air tyres ensure superb handling and smooth suspension. The Joel Air's spacious shopping basket and quick and easy compact folding perfectly suits fast paced urban lifestyles. Suited for all seasons with a removable UV-approved window.

The Joel Air transitions easily into travel system with car seat adapters, such as the Cybex Aton car seats.

  • Overall weight of pram body is just 13.6 kg with 60 cm track width
  • Slim chassis provides the modern aesthetic
  • Designer combi-pram and baby car seat
  • Light aluminium frame
  • Now with air tyres
  • Small front wheels
  • Height-adjustable handlebar
  • Large shopping basket
  • Easy to fold
  • Firm carrycot for the first few months
  • Pushchair seating attachment can be mounted facing either direction
  • Adapter included


Jackson - Flannel Grey Edition

Jette's Jackson exemplifies classic style, a super-lightweight lay-back buggy, weighing only 8.6 kg.

Featuring the new silent canopy without a hood bracket. The adjustable backrest and footrest comforts and grows with your child. Safety guaranteed with the 5-point safety belt and additional upholstery. Suited for all terrains and long distances with lockable and swivel wheels.

The Jette Jackson is highly understated yet very practical and versatile, ideal for urban families.

  • Detachable canopy with window
  • Universal bumper available as an accessory
  • Adjustable backrest, including sleeping position
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Large canopy with window, sun visor and roof pocket
  • Fabrics with UV protection
  • Swivelling, double front wheels
  • Rear parking brakes
  • Large shopping basket
  • Easy to fold
  • Lightweight


Jeremy - Desert Beige

A 21st century innovation for ultimate functionality. Exceptionally lightweight and compact, easy to use for those parents always on the go.

A modern and beautiful combi-pram, suitable from birth as the Jeremy transitions into a travel system with the Jeremy carrycot and car seat adaptors.

Featuring new durable and puncture-resistant PU wheels entailing a fine-pored polyurethane coating. Additionally, the PU tires are completely maintenance-free, and provide a higher level of comfort than pneumatic tires.

Jette's Jeremy is ideal for active, outgoing and stylish families who want to provide luxury from birth.

  • Lightweight at only 11.2 kg with 60 cm track width
  • Quick and compact folding chassis
  • Smoother suspension due to new PU wheels
  • Adjustable foot and backrest until reclined
  • 5-point safety belt with supplementary upholstery
  • Travel-system compatible with carrycot and car seat adapters
  • Spacious carrycot
  • Pushchair-style seating attachment
  • 5-point belt and safety bar
  • UV-canopy
  • 2 small, lockable front wheels
  • Puncture-proof PU wheels
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Jette's 2016 Collection captures 21st century youth, modernity, creativity and fashion resulting in original, sleek and exceptional designs. Jette in collaboration with the Austrian company, 'Horn', have provided precision engineering and high quality to make luxury accessible for all families.