Jane Trider 3 - Red

Jané have launched their 2016 Collection.

Introducing the new 2016 colour palette, the Epic, Nanuq XL, Trider 3, Powertwin Pro Double strollers and the Montecarlo R1, Matrix Light 2 and Strata car seats.

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New Colour Palette

Jané Epic - Off White

Jané's vibrant and classic 2016 colour palette features Red, Blush Purple, Teal, Tile, Off White and Soil Grey.

The Epic

Jané Epic Buggy - Red

The Jané Epic is dynamic, athletic, compact and versatile. A best seller for those urban parents who intend to make statement. The Jané Epic is an urban, innovative and durable model thanks to its tubular aluminium chassis with high elasticity, in turn one of the lightest pushchairs on the market.

Jané Epic's PU tyres are highly durable and shock absorbing. The rear wheels entail independent and long distance suspension. The Jané Epic has been impeccably designed, upholding Jané's high standards of being lightweight, compact, having excellent suspension and handling, comfortable, a Pro-fix system within an original design.


  • Pro-Fix frame for easy attachment and removal of the seating, and separately sold, optional module
  • Aluminium, tubular and lightweight chassis.
  • Reversed C shape enables easy pushing.
  • Double brake lock handbrake.
  • Independent wheel suspension
  • PU-tyres
  • Front lockable swivel wheels
  • Spacious storage net
  • 3 adjustable seating positions
  • Padded belt system
  • Padded safety bar
  • Hood
  • Rain cover included

Nanuq XL

Jané Nanuq XL - Red

The progressive and perfected next generation Nanuq XL has arrived, reaching a dynamic new level of innovation.

Introducing the Nanuq XL, a smooth blend of lightness, versatility and functionality. The Nanuq XL transitions into a comfortable and secure travel system easily and entails a compact folding mechanism, ideal for home and car storage.

Designed the increase your child's freedom, the new Nanuq XL features an adjustable backrest, new hard wearing and stain resistant material, making daily maintenance much easier and care free. Breathable materials to enhance ventilation. Wind and water resistance, water and other liquids will slide off the material without leaving a stain.


  • Umbrella fold technique enables an extremely compact folded size
  • Four double wheel pairs
  • Lockable swivel front wheels
  • Inward folding rear wheels when the buggy is folded
  • Height-adjustable handlebar
  • Spacious large storage net
  • Comfortable seating
  • 5-way adjustable seat position
  • Breathable fabrics in seating area
  • Waterproof fabrics in the cover
  • Padded belt
  • Large weather cover
  • Rain cover included
  • Pro Fix System for car seat and carrycot, only included in the sets

The Trider 3

Jané Trider 3 - Red

Introducing Jané's agile and all terrain three wheel Trider 3 due to it's three wheels, ideal for urban and rural outings. The multi-position seat allows forward and rear facing positioning, perfect for bonding with parents and outside exploration.

A versatile and comfortable choice, the Trider 3's raised seat gives a broad world view and can be used as high chair. The Trider Buggy 3 folds with one hand and is 30% smaller than other buggies with removable rear wheels, enabling easy and compact transportation and storage. Extra security, comfort and handling delivered by the additional handbrake, leg space and unbeatable agility.

A lightweight model, weighing just 10 kg. With back rest positions, your baby will always be comfortable, from sleeping to taking in their surroundings. The back rest can be adjusted into 3 different positions so that your baby is always comfortable, and can either sleep or sit and watch everything that is going on.

The Trider 3 is compatible with the Matrix Light 2 and Strata car seats.

Powertwin Pro Double

Jané Powertwin Pro Double - Red

Jané's new robust, agile and all terrain Powertwin Pro Double ensures your babies with travel in style and comfort, in the city and countryside. Smooth suspension and comfort ensured thanks to the sprung pneumatic rear wheels. Excellent handling and control on any distance due to the swivel and lock front wheels.

The Jané Powertwin Pro Double's compact dimensions and the swivel-wheel allows easy manoeuvring in narrow spaces. Extra safety ensured due to the revolutionary rotary wheel disk brake. The front seat's back adjusts into two positions, the rear seat has three positions up to 152 degrees, perfect for naps. The Jané Powertwin Pro Double is has a breathable interior and the washable seat covers, ensure your children are ventilated and comfortable. Protection provided during all seasons and climates due to the water-repellent outer material, the sun, wind and rain covers.

The Powertwin Pro Double has been designed with parent's comfort in mind, as the handle is height adjustable, the storage basket is spacious and the handling is excellent on all terrains. The Jané Powertwin Pro Double is incredibly light for a double stroller, weighing just 11.7 kg and dimensions of only 96 x 60 x 49 cm when collapsed. Easy and compact storage in your home and car boot, with enough space left over for luggage and shopping.


  • Ideal for twins or siblings who are relatively close in age
  • Rear wheel spring dually adjustable
  • Lockable and swivelling 360° front wheel
  • Innovative disk brake
  • Push handle adjustable to 4 different heights
  • Front seat adjustable up to an inclination of 120°, rear seat up to 152°
  • Outer material water-repellent
  • Inner material breathable
  • Seat covers removable and washable
  • Pro-fix system for one-handed car seat attachment

Montecarlo R1

Jané Montecarlo R1 ISOFIX - Red

The main criteria for most parents is optimum safety and comfort when choosing their child's car seat. The Jané Montecarlo R1 meets these demands in every respect. The ADAC Germany Test Report 2012 has praised its ease of use, comfortable seat design and low load values. The Jané Montecarlo R1 is regarded as one of the safest and stable car seats of its class.

The ADAC Test Germany has tested the Jané Montecarlo R1 effective lateral impact protection, resulting in very low load values during side crash testing. Experts were impressed by the excellent belt guide and low load values during front crash testing.

The Jané Montecarlo R1 delivers serene comfort all journey durations due to the great padding, comfy seat position and leg rest, with unobstructed visibility. The three position back rest reclines with one hand and suits tired children in need of nap.


  • Child car seat group 2/3
  • Suitable from 15 to 36 kg
  • Isofix system for direct anchoring to car
  • 3-point seat belt can be used to attach car seat in cars without Isofix system
  • Child is secured via 3-point belt
  • Height adjustable back rest
  • Head and side sections are width adjustable
  • Back rest adjustable in three positions
  • Weight: 6.9 kg
  • Removable, washable covers
  • ADAC Test Germany rating “good” (05/2012)

Matrix Light 2

Jané Matrix Light 2 ISOFIX - Red

Jané's Matrix Light 2 car seat allows you to transport your baby in the car whilst they are asleep, ideal for long journeys.

Jané's Matrix Light 2 back rest has 4 positions, 2 of which are allowed in cars in Germany. The 5-point safety belt provides optimum protection. Additionally Jané Matrix Light 2 is highly lightweight and is 20% lighter than it's predecessor.

The Jané Matrix Light 2 attaches to Jane strollers to create combi and travel systems.


  • Back rest adjustable into 4 positions
  • 2 positions, upright (138°) and sleeping (180°), permitted in cars
  • 5.25 kg
  • 5-point safety belt
  • Automatic adjustment of belt height


Jané Strata - Red

The Jané Strata car seat ensures absolute security and first-class comfort. Suitable from birth 9group 0+) up to a maximum weight of 13 kg. The Jané Strata is great for everyday use and is compatible with Jane strollers.


  • Heightened protection thanks to shock-resistant shell, 5-point safety belt and integrated head rest
  • Two seat positions: newborn babies up to 4 months lie flatter
  • Simple height adjustment of shoulder straps
  • Wind and water proof sun hood
  • 'Good' grades from German testing institutions
  • Breathable material and ventilation system prevent overheating
  • Compatible with most Jane prams and buggies
  • Additional security and comfort ensured by Jane Strata Isofix base not included in set

Jané Epic Buggy - Red

Overall Jané's 2016 Collection has maintained their devotion to creating revolutionary, distinctive and superior products, delivering the greatest performance and exclusive special features. Jané have consistently produced durable and modern strollers built to last for the long run.