Before we start with the second edition of international pram story series, I would like to answer a question some readers may have...

Why do we write these stories?

Well to put it simply, we at take an interest in our customers, always wanting to know more about how they use our products so we can always provide the best service possible. Being an international company, we love to learn about all the different types of customers we have all over the world, so that's why we journalists take some time to get to know our customers, inform us about new cultures and places, whilst making it a fun experience! And most importantly, we want you to feel safe knowing that there are many people around the world that have a great experience with us, so there isn't anything stopping you doing the same! But there is more....

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Anyway, now that's cleared up its time to find out what we are talking about today and where we are travelling to…

 Knorr Baby Alive Pure Pram

So what are we talking about today?

This feature of our series of international pram stories is landing in Ukraine. Our resident journalists are connecting and covering prams stories from across the globe, with this second installment being about Svitlana Kornieienko and her family. Together with Svitlana we are going to get some honest and practical feedback about the products she bought at while she opens up about her family and work life which is definitely interesting with her love for travel!


(Courtesy of Svitlana: Copenhagen)

We've added her snaps on holiday throughout this post so you can see the wonderful places she's been also!

Faheem: So let starts with, tell us how you met your partner…

Svitlana: We are a Ukrainian couple who met at university in 2005 while studying in Kharkiv at the National Aerospace University. We first made contact with a social platform that was made for students to discuss anything to do with student life. We were then friends for around 6 months and fell in love.

Faheem: Awwwww...that's really sweet, what about now?

Svitlana: So we married in 2013, and my husband is a .net developer and I am a quality assurance software engineer. We love to travel and go to different places whenever the opportunity is available. Currently we both live and work in Denmark. We had our beautiful baby boy in 2015.


(Courtesy of Svitlana: Madeira)

Faheem: Congratulations, you seem very happy. It's very nice to see. So first I would like to ask you what was your experience shopping online?

Svitlana: In Denmark it can be expensive, so I find myself shopping regularly online to get the best prices. Since my son was born, I have found several sites and have done the majority of my baby shopping online. I like shopping online because it is convenient and time saving, especially when there is free delivery.

Faheem: What is your advice for other parents?

Svitlana: I would say buy your baby products from sites where they provide free service to return good backs to the shop. Just in case you have any issues.

Faheem: What is your favorite memory of spending time with your child?

Svitlana: Ahhh...that's a difficult one...but I would say a vacation in Greece in June. Just the two of us, for a whole week at the seaside. It really was amazing.

Faheem: How reliable has the pram been?

Svitlana: The Knorr Baby Alive Pure Pram we bought is really secure. The part for a newborn is really cute and useful, especially the safety belt it has! You can easily wash the inside part of it as it is connected to the pram with a zip making it easy to remove. The hood is big enough to protect your child from both sunny and windy days. Also, there is is a mosquito net and rain cover which are nice additions. The changing bag is big enough and also has a bottle holder section and a zipped section. The pram is light and has 5 secure belts with soft pads. The wheels are inflatable, that's why I find it so easy to manage and drive the pram.


(Courtesy of Svitlana: Montenegro)

Faheem: What did you like most about shopping at

Svitlana: Shipping to a huge amount of countries and a big assortment

Faheem: How helpful did you find us?

Svitlana: I found you helpful because you have good prices, free delivery to Denmark and perfect support!Faheem: Do you feel safe with you pram? Is it safe?Really safe, I can recommend it for all parents, especially those which have the same kind of breechy child as mine :)

Faheem: How did your friends and family respond to the pram?

Svitlana: They said it was cute and perfect design. They felt it was easy to drive and safe for a child.

Faheem: When do you use your pram most?

Svitlana: Mostly I use it in the daytime while we are going for a walk with my son.

Knorr on street

(Courtesy of Svitlana: Using Knorr for daily walk)

Faheem: We can see that you travel a lot, do you have any tips on travelling with your child?

Svitlana: Yeah, I would say….be sure to take enough food, clothes, diapers and patience (smiles)

Faheem: I think that patience is probably the most important (laughs)

Svitlana: Also make sure you buy a light buggy for travelling because not all airlines let you take large prams to the gate.

Faheem: Any happy family memories with the pram? Where you've remembered to pack your patience? (says jokingly)

Svitlana: Yes, all our past year travels were with the Knorr Baby Alive Pure Pram. We have been to Czech Republic, Rome, Cologne, Greece and Ukraine. It is really helpful, especially when you have a small child and the weather is cold. You can just cover your baby, put in the crib and enjoy!

Faheem: How does the pram deal with different seasons or changes in weather?

Svitlana: In Winter we have snow, but I haven't noticed any problems to use the pram in this kind of weather as you can see in my photos. In a windy or rainy day it helps when you put a rain cover over a pram. It is just perfect for all kinds of weather.

Knorr in Snow

(Courtesy of Svitlana: Knorr in the Snow)

Faheem: How has your son responded to the pram?

Svitlana: He always really enjoys going anywhere in this pram. He can always go to sleep in the pram without any problems. A great thing about the pram is that you can recline the seat so that you don't wake the baby, which is really easy to do.

Faheem: What are the best features of the pram?

Svitlana: Wheels are big and inflatable which means you won't wake your baby during the whole trip which is important.

Faheem: Would you suggest other to buy the pram? If yes, why?

Svitlana: Yes, yes and yes! The best pram ever! This company has been on the market since the 1930s and I believe that the best quality is German quality. So I say just buy it and enjoy it. It's an excellent investment.

Faheem: What has been your favorite destination?

Svitlana: I can't choose a favorite because we love what we have seen in all the cities we have visited. However, I would say that we will be going back to Rome again and would like to see more cities in Italy.

Faheem: Tell us so more about your hometown

Svitlana: I was born in a small town Komsomolsk which is now called Horishni Plavni which is in the Poltava Region, in Ukraine. All my childhood, I spent lots of time on a Dnipro river side which is where my town is situated. I loved my days at school because we had the best classmates ever. We still keep in touch and try to meet each other whenever possible.

Faheem: What's your favourite thing about Ukraine?

Svitlana: In Ukraine, I love our mountains, our seaside in Odessa or Crimea, our green fields and river Dnipro. The Ukrainian kitchen is the best for me. We have a great authentic clothes and motives.

Faheem: What made you move to Denmark?

Svitlana: My husband received a job proposal so we decided to move and try living in a different country.

Faheem: Now what would you do if you were stranded on an island? If you could only take one thing with you, what would it be?

Svitlana: If I was stranded on an island I would choose to have a big yacht with 24 hours service (grins cheekily)


(Courtesy of Svitlana: Crete)

Faheem: That actually would be the perfect thing to take with you! Good answer!Faheem: Who is your role model?

Svitlana: All my life, my role models always have been and always be, my parents.

Faheem: Awwwhhh...that is really special. Faheem: What is your greatest memory?

Svitlana: The greatest memory I have was when me and my husband met, and now it's the day my son was born.

Faheem: What other products have you bought from us?

Svitlana: I also bought the Graco Sweetpeace Baby Swing. I find it very useful.

Graco Sweetpeace

Faheem: What did you think of the Graco Sweetpeace Baby Swing?

Svitlana: I thought it was very safe, useful and helped me out a lot, especially when my baby was newly born.

A short video showing you how great the Graco Sweetpeace Baby Swing is...

Faheem: Why do you think it's useful?

Svitlana: Because it's a big help for any mum, especially those who have a lot of housework or other things to do but have a small child.


(Courtesy of Svitlana: Rome)

Faheem: Would you say its made your life easier?

Svitlana: Yes, most definitely. The swing mode made me able to leave my child in another room and not worry because he always fell asleep in a few minutes. I was able to get work done that I needed to do.

Faheem: Does your baby feel comfortable in it?

Svitlana: Very comfortable, and its very easy to use. For the first 5-6 months we only used the full recline position because a baby's back in these early months is not strong enough.

Faheem: What motivated you to buy it?

Svitlana: I hoped that it would help me with the baby while I do the housework. Let's just say I was definitely right (smiles).

Faheem: Does it save you from your arms getting tired when holding the baby?

Svitlana: Yes, my boy really loves it. He's very comfortable in it.

Faheem: Does your baby fall asleep quickly in it?

Svitlana: He doesn't like to sleep anywhere but a baby crib, but when he gets in a bad mood sometimes only the swing can help him feel better and sleep.

Baby with Korr(Courtesy of Svitlana: Baby with Knorr)

Faheem: Is it easy to use?

Svitlana: Yes, very easy, very safe and very helpful. I would totally recommend to all parents!

Faheem: Thank you for your time, really appreciate you taking the time to open up about your life and experiences with our website and the products we sell


(Courtesy of Svitlana: Tenerife)

To find out how you can get involved in our international prams stories series, send Faheem an email at Until next time до побачення/do pobachennya/Goodbye.....


(Courtesy of Svitlana: Vatican)

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