Gesslein F4 Air

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Young + Urban + Athletic = F4 Air

The Gesslein F4 Air will inspire the athlete in every urban parent.

Air innovated with the new super-lightweight anodized aluminium chassis alongside the silent air chamber wheels, featuring stronger suspension and effortless control.

Updated for the new season, the F4 Air is an experience boasting highly individual style and exceptional quality, fitting Germany's reputation for world class engineering and design.

This zero gravity sport model has impressed our testers, earning a 5* rating.

Review, 5* Rating, 01/02/2016

Alice, 25 and Hugo Borg, 29, a Swedish family based in Stockholm with their two year old daughter, Ella.

Were the instructions comprehensive?

Alice: Very comprehensive, as the visual instructions were very clear and easy to follow.

How fast could you assemble the pram?

Alice: Within 20 minutes, as the parts fitted together very easily, securely and without needing tools or screws.

How easy is the Gesslein F4 Air to use?

Hugo: Very light and easy to push and carry. We can alternate Ella between home, car and pushchair without waking her and the modules fit very simply and securely onto the chassis.

What do you like about the design?

Hugo: We like that it's a very clean cut and minimalistic yet bold design. The leather accents look good.

Do you trust the stroller to be safe and secure?

Alice: We trust the 5-point safety belt system, the integrated fall-out protection and the high quality breathable materials, which will keep Ella safe and the right temperature according to the weather.

How did Ella respond to F4 Air?

Alice: She was so curious when we were assembling it. She was very excited to sit in it and slept in it a few times. She found it fun to put her toys in and push it around the living room. We like that the integrated headrest is padded and the seat can be easily reclined, so she can be comfortable on long outings.

Would the Gesslein F4 Air be ideal for holidays?

Hugo: Definitely! The F4 Air is so much easier to transport abroad, as our first pram which was heavier, larger and had a weaker suspension. Our holidays tend to involve a lot of walking in cities, national parks and beaches, therefore we need the F4 Air, as it's lightweight, durable, has a broad hood for sun protection and is very quick and easy to compactly fold.

Would you use this stoller in all seasons?

Alice: Yes, as the large hood can protect Ella from the elements whilst maintaining good air circulation. Also the pram is very robust and smooth on different terrains.

Is the Gesslein F4 Air age appropriate?

Hugo: Yes, we would have used it with the carrycot when Ella was a newborn and there's enough space for her now at age 2.

Do you feel comfortable pushing the stroller?

Hugo: Very as we can adjust the handlebar to suit our different heights, as I'm 6.2ft and Alice is 5.8ft. The F4 Air has excellent handling and suspension.

What’s the main benefit of the pram?

Hugo: It's perfect for our daily routine, as we use our car and public transport a lot, for commuting to Stockholm's city centre, local shopping centres, the local park, Ella's playgroup, the library and so on. The F4 Air is very convenient as it stores away compactly in our home and car boot.

Alice: The F4 Air suits our lifestyle very well. As our home is on top of a steep hill, our first pram was very heavy to push and carry up stairs and had a weak suspension. After a long day out we don't feel tired pushing the F4 Air home. It's so compact, lightweight, durable and smooth to control!

If you could change one thing about this pram what would it be?

Alice: The shopping basket size. It's spacious and the additional net is conveniently positioned, but personally we would like a larger basket. However the basket would be ideal for frugal parents who don't want to carry everything or buy so much when they go shopping.

Would you recommend the pram to others?

Hugo: We already have! as a couple we know are expecting their first child.

Gesslein F4 Air

We're so happy that the Borg family enjoyed their F4 Air experience!

The best parts is of the F4 Air is that it's suitable from birth onwards, can withstand any terrain and is easy to use for energetic urban lifestyles and holidays abroad.

We're certain that the F4 Air is the ideal pram for young, urban and athletic parents in need of a versatile, lightweight and durable solution.