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This week we're taking a look at what's available in Chicco's 2016 collection, giving you the lowdown on what's hot and fresh this summer. Chicco (pronounced kee-ko, in case you were saying chick-oh like I was) is a brand committed to ensuring your baby is happy. Why? Because nothing makes a parent happier than seeing their child happy. Wouldn't you agree?

To fulfill this promise, Chicco has its own Happiness Labarotory in Italy. The research centre works hard to uphold the brand's vow to establish happiness from an early age, which shows a real desire to make good quality products, resulting in Chicco being a great brand to invest in. So it makes sense to have a look at what prams Chicco has to offer this year...

Chicco's 2016 stylish and innovative collection includes Chicco Urban Plus, Multiway Evo, Echo, Liteway and London Up. So let's have a look at each one in a bit more detail shall we?

Chicco Urban Plus

Let's start by showing you what the Urban Plus pack can do, as there are many different functions which are really impressive. Note: Don't worry the pram will appear. Watch the video and you'll know what i mean...


What a great product right? The design is great. Functionality is really impressive! All the different ways and situations it caters for, really makes the Chicco Urban Plus Pack a versatile stroller. It provides you with everything you need when travelling with your baby. It will make both of you happy by not just providing you with a means of transportation, but by being the perfect travel companion for parents. The Urban range tagline 'push the city limits' epitomizes the flexibility the range brings, especially during city life, making it a great addition to the brand collection for 2016.
Chicco Urban Plus Set Pram + Buggy + Car Seat ancthracite grey

An especially exciting prospect with the Urban range is the introduction of the Itty Bitty City. The Itty Bitty City (isn't that a cute name by the way?) version of the Urban Stroller which has been worked in conjunction with award winning desginer and illustator (amongst other many other talents, making listing them very long indeed), Kate Moross. The very talented artist has a very vivid and bright style to her designs which are shown below.

Kate Moross
Kate Moross

(Kate Moross) (Kate Moross)

You can see the exuberent and colourful style to the illustrations by Kate Moross which she has clearly transalated to the Chicco Itty Bitty City. This makes this stroller a unique and extremely trendy stroller which is easily available on

Urban Plus Itty Bitty

Chicco Urban Plus's versatility doesn't just extend to its wide range of colours, its functionality makes it an exciting purchase, as it ensures you have everything you need to take your child everywhere. The Urban Plus Set consists of a pram, buggy and car seat, allowing you to take your child from the car to the house without waking him/her. The functionality of the combined pushchair and pram attachment is easy and simple to use, providing a smooth transition when moving between the two. The Urban Plus Set boasts a seat liner which means it can be transformed into a pram-style attachment for new-borns. With new borns sleeping for hours on end, this attachment will be extremely useful as the little one can sleep in it from the very beginning. A more definitive list is below.

Urban Plus Features

- Combi-pram- Combi-product: Baby pram, Pushchair, Travel system, Group 0 car seat- Frame with four wheels, lockable swivel wheel at the front- Large shopping basket- Pram attachment is suitable for use from birth, thanks to a seat liner- Pushchair attachment is reversible- Padded 5-point belt- Padded safety bar- Large weather cover- Incl. rain cover- Car seat incl. adapter- Suitable as car seat and as part of a travel system- Suitable from birth, thanks to clinically tested seat liner- Belt system with belt length adjustment

Chicco Multiway Evo

Another great addition to Chicco's 2016 collection is the Multiway Evo. Instead of just hearing from us about how great this product is, lets start off by showing you this greeat video of a customer using and explaining how she has enjoyed using the Chicco Multiway Evo.

Cate and Hannah's happiness test passed with flying colours and she gave a nice explanation of how the Chicco Multiway Evo is a great stroller. Now lets look at what makes it a great part of Chicco's 2016 collection.

Multiway Evo is designed with 4 double wheels with enlarged tread and shock absorbers coupled with a robust structure to make sure it is comfortable strolling on all grounds whilst maintaining stability. This design ensures a strong grip providing maneuverability in every conditon. Backed with a fully reclining backrest, Multiway Evo is made to be suitable from birth and adapatable to your childs growth. Easy to fold, makes putting your stroller away easy with the umbrella folding system. The Multiway Evo comes with UV50+ protection and a little window for you to keep an eye on your precious little one. Also, for those rainy days, there is a full rainy cover making sure your child stays dry, coupled with a padded legcover lined with soft pile to deal with the weather when its more cold.


Multiway Evo Features

  • Modern baby buggy
  • Frame with shock-absorbing function
  • Swivelling, lockable double wheels at the front
  • Double wheels at the back
  • Deep profile for off-road surfaces
  • Large sun hood with UV-protection and peep window
  • 5-point belt and safety bar
  • Large shopping basket
  • Includes rain cover
  • Includes leg cover

Now onto more classic strollers such as Echo, Liteway & London Up which are so popular, they are still available in the 2016 collection.

Chicco Echo

The Stylish Chicco Echo is one that immediately draws attention with its vivid and distinct colour palette. Coupled with its trendy pop like design, it is a practical stroller ensuring you have style and reliability without comprimising either.

The Echo comes with its own great personality ensuring it fits in with your family of trendsetters. The contemporary design of metalized tubes that match the seat fabric and customized wheels, maintain the great look whilst being practical, due to the Echo being a lightweight stroller. Furthermore, it has matching handles and embroidery on the seat which is spacious with a padded backrest. The Backrest has 4 different adjustable positions, one becoming completely flat and ensuring full support for your child. The Echo also has soft shoulder pads and a canopy hood that can become a sun hood by simply removing the rear part.

It's not just good weather the Echo is prepared for, as it comes with a rain cover included, ensuring your child stays dry throughout the unpredictable weather. The practicality of the Echo extends to the practical handle to carry the closed stroller which folds and becomes compact, leading to the Echo taking less of your storage space. Echo also comes in a special galaxy colour which is really great for those aspiring little scientists and future astronauts.

Chicco Echo Galaxy

Echo Features

  • Lightweight baby buggy
  • Modern design
  • Weighs less thank 8 kilos
  • Suitable for children as of birth up to a weight of 15 kilos
  • Padded back rest, adjustable into 4 positions
  • Back rest can be folded back completely
  • One-handed operation of back rest
  • Foot rest adjustable into two positions
  • %-point safety harness with shoulder pads and security lock
  • All wheels suspended
  • Collapsing mechanism
  • Comes with rain cover
  • New: Safety Bar can be folded with the buggy

Chicco Liteway – 'From today, style is prêt-à-partir!' (ready to go)

From the get go, Chicco's Liteway tagline shows that it is up and ready to go with you and your child wherever you go, all day, everyday.
Liteway is another 2016 stroller by Chicco that is a great companion when taking your child for a stroll. Liteway's colours are vibrant and colourful getting that extra glow in the sun with colours such as Garnet, Green Jam, Marine, Purple Jam and others.

Liteway is very light at only 7kg with swivel wheels, making it really easy to handle and navigate. The seat is wide and spacious with a firm backrest which secures the correct support for your child at all times. Liteway also has a backrest which is adjustable and extremely easy to use, needing only one hand to completely recline it. So you won't have to worry whenever your baby just dozes off!

Liteway prides itself in having a unique style, using fine stitching on the seat and hood, with beautiful eco leather on the bumper bar and legrest. The unique style is topped with eye catching shiny platings on the handles and wheels, making it a trendy stroller for for those fashion conscious parents.

Liteway also has a range of acessories with a transformable hood, rain cover and a footmuff. Liteway is designed to bring you and your child comfort having padded shoulder and crotch straps keeping them safe and comfortable. The bumper bar is also padded and folds together with the stroller saving you removing it everytime. Once folded, you can hold the stroller with an ecoleather carry handle making it easier on you to store or move when folded. Finally, Liteway is easy to store with umbrella folding making its extremely compact when closed.

Chicco LiteWay

LiteWay Features

  • Robust, collapsible aluminium frame
  • Pleasant frame suspension
  • Two fixed rear twin wheels
  • Two swivelling and lockable front wheels
  • Rear wheel brake
  • Soft, ergonomic and non-slip push handle
  • Comfortable and large seat
  • Back rest and foot rest adjustable into several positions, including a sleeping position
  • 5-point safety belt
  • Spacious shopping basket, can also be used as a back pack
  • Generous sun hood
  • Includes rain cover
  • Cover removable for washing
  • Safety bar must be purchased separately
  • Can be used as of day one thanks to sleeping positions

Chicco London Up

Chicco London Up is practical, functional, and versatile making it a great all round stroller. It prioritises both comfort and protection for your baby, and is easy to use and lightweight. It is suitable from birth up to 15kg maximum which is approximately 3 years of age. Similar to other Chicco strollers, it has one hand adjustable reclining backrest with 4 different positions. Moreover, the leg rest and 5 point safety harness are adjustable.

London Up has handles ergonomically designed with soft covers made for the comfort of parents, whilst having a fleece lined foot muff for the child. Finally the suspension and swivel wheels, which are lockable, all work together to make it an easily manoverable stroller.

Chicco London Up

London Up Features

  • London Up
  • Robust, collapsible steel frame
  • Pleasant frame suspension
  • Two fixed rear wheels
  • Two swivelling and lockable front twin wheels
  • Two softly padded and non-slip push handles
  • Comfortable seat
  • Back rest and foot rest adjustable into several different positions
  • 5-point safety belt
  • Large sun hood
  • Spacious shopping bag
  • Includes rain cover
  • Suitable from birth onwards

The Chicco 2016 collection clearly has something for everyone, with some great unique and different strollers which would be helpful to any child or parent. What makes this even greater news is that they can all be found easily on