Nicky Hilton dazzles us with Golden winged pram

Nicky Hilton has posted a great instagram picture of her enjoying a nice day out with her desinger pram with the her little one. But why dont you tell me...

Is this an epic instagram post or is this an epic instagram post?


Just a few days ago, Nicky Hilton Rothschild dazzled us with her designer pram on instagram, leaving our tongues wagging...

Although I didn't give you much leeway with the answers you couldve had for my question, there is sense to what I'm saying if you bear with me.

This isn't simply just a celeb knowing how to pose at the right angle for a selfie.

But that’s just part of the story…

As lovely as her gorgous pram is, it is a bit expensive for everyone to be able to afford.

But the question we are asking (and answering) is does that mean you can't have the suave and emit the coolness that the gorgoues heir so elegantly does? In an ideal world we could all buy a golden winged pram masterfully conjured by a great designer such as Jeremey Scott (Head Fashion Designer for Moschnio), which could potentially give all of us that. However, unfortunately we aren't all as blessed as the beautiful mum of one, Nicky Hilton Rothschild now are we? But who says you can't maintain your baby mama swagger without dropping over £1600?

We at believe you can.

And we are not just going to tell you that you can, we are going to help you keep your fashionista mum status. How? By showing you alternatives in the same brand that are not as expensive, but are still trendy and fashionable!

So our first suggestion is the Cybex Iris M Air Buggy + Carrycot M + Cybex Aton 4

Cybex Iris M Air

At only £569.80, it is a fraction of the price of the gold winged Cybrex donned by Nicky Hilton. The great thing is, it is lightweight, easy to use (especially when folding) and engineered to be safe. This makes this a great alternative, and with its design and lovely khaki colour still gives a unique and stylish feel. The details for this pram are:

  • Lightweight, agile buggy in great design
  • Perfectly designed for city life
  • Reversible seat unit
  • 3-position adjustable seat
  • Large canopy with SPF 50+
  • 5-point harness
  • Safety bar, can be turned aside for easy access
  • Lockable front swivel wheels
  • Lightweight, non-puncture rubber tyres
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Height adjustable handle
  • Large shopping basket
  • Can be folded with just one hand
  • Stands up unsupported when folded
  • Suitable up to 17 kg

As you can see its a great value for money product that still brings style to your daily strolls with the little one. So don't worry about not having the designer pram, because I know you, and you can definately pull this pram off with just as much class and style. And whilst maintaining your fashion statement, you save lots of money in the process :)

So maybe your not the khaki type? Even though I think you can pull it off, but never fear, here at we cater for all your preferences!

If you have something more eyepopping and vivid in mind then why not look at Cybex Cura Pram + Buggy black + Cybex Aton. This comes in a alluring and fine red that will have people red with jealousy at how sexy and sophisticated your pram is.

Cybrex Cura Pram

At only £321.80, it is the perfect smoothie with the right amount of key ingredients of comfort and versatility. Comfort is there for you while your driving the pram and more importantly for your child making sure they are nice and snug inside of it. This makes it a much cheaper addition, but still has a great sense of style and userbility. A more detailed description of its benefits are:

  • Pram and buggy
  • Compact, comfortable buggy
  • Chassis with adapter for seat unit and baby car seat (baby car seat included)
  • Lightweight and compact thanks to aluminium chassis and compact folded size
  • Height adjustable handle
  • Lockable front swivel wheels
  • Spacious luggage net
  • Seat unit:
  • Forward or backward facing
  • Backrest adjustable down to lie-flat
  • Backrest easy to adjust via pull strap
  • 5-point harness with shoulder pads.
  • Includes safety bar
  • Includes canopy as weather protection
  • Removable, hand washable cover

As you can see it comes packed with features, making it a great buggy. And even without the golden trimmings, its ruby like red gives it a very attractive look. Trust me when I say this pram will have people double taking noticing how vibrant and stylish your pram is.


Ok maybe not exactly that shocked, but you know what I mean...

Anyway, Cate Blanchett also rocked the priam in red, so the Cybex Cura Pram will leave you in good company.

alt text

(Snapper Media)

So as you can see there are different options to the ones celebs are strolling around in which are more cost effective for the general user who's concern is baby over style. However, as we have shown there is in fact a lot of other options which definitely maintain the style aspect of a buggy whilst giving you the reliable features you need to keep your baby comfy and safe. So make sure when your purchasing you come to to check out the huge variety of prams available at great prices, that are equally stylish and fashionable as the lavish ones used by these mutli millionaires. So look no further and have a look at the Cybex and other collections we have available at