Bridget Jones's Baby: What to Expect When You're Expecting

She's back! Bridget Jones has returned! And this time her life has taken a turn for the... unexpected?

For all of us who are fans of the Bridget Jones saga, it is common knowledge that her love life has never been straight forward, and in the newest instalment of her life, we find our lovable - if not clumsy - heroine 'all by herself' yet again. But her new resolve to focus on her career as a top television producer is interrupted when she finds herself pregnant. That's brilliant, I hear you say. But wait! There's just one problem... she can only be fifty percent sure of who the father is.

Could the daddy be long time love Mark Darcy, or the new American hotty Jack Qwant? Whilst my money's on Darcy (excuse me whilst I swoon), only a trip to the cinema will reveal the answer. And I, for one, can't wait to find out!

So, to celebrate the return of our lovely Bridget, I have decided to explore what she (and you!) might expect to happen during pregnancy.

First Trimester:

Nausea, tiredness, aching breasts, and the constant need to pee...

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No one said that pregnancy was easy! A lot happens to you over these nine months, especially during the first trimester when your baby will grow from nothing to the size of a peach. That's a lot of growing to do in twelve weeks. In fact, it is during these three months that your baby will do most of his/her growing.

Week four will see your baby's body begin to form, and by week six your baby will have two eyes, a little nose and the beginning of a mouth whilst you, no doubt, will be rushing off to the toilet more often than normal. By week eight, your baby will become more active in the womb which, unfortunately for you, means that morning sickness may strike. And I'm sorry to say this ladies, but it doesn't only strike in the mornings!

But there's good news ahead. At the end of your first trimester, your baby is beginning to look like a tiny human and the sickness that has plagued your body should begin to fade.

Second Trimester:

Weight gain, back ache, and swollen ankles...

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I'm afraid they're inevitable, and these three things will worm their way into your lives during the second trimester. Whilst your baby is busy growing into the size of a cabbage and opening their eyes for the first time, you will become more aware of the little life growing inside you.

By week eighteen you may begin to feel your baby moving around and testing out their new leg muscles. And hold on to your hats, people, because by week twenty you will be able to find out if your baby is a boy or girl!!

So, by the end of the second trimester not only will your baby have a head of hair but their hearing will have developed enough to be able to hear your voice and they can hiccup. Sweet, right?

Third Trimester:

This is it... the final push. About time, right?

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Your baby has reached its final stages of development and will have another growth spurt, ending up the size of a giant watermelon. As you may have already guessed, this will place even more pressure on your bladder. But at least now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Week twenty-eight is the time when your baby will start dreaming for the first time as its brain rapidly develops, and from week thirty-seven onwards, whilst your bones may be aching, you can expect the signs of labour to appear at any time.

Watch out, your baby is on the move! Throughout this trimester, your baby will be positioning itself ready for birth which, if they're running on time, should be week forty.


Phew! You've made it. After nine months, your baby is ready to see the big wide world for the first time and you are a parent. I hope this has helped you understand a little about what to expect when you're expecting. If you want to find out more information about caring for a newborn baby, make sure you take a look at our 'Newborn Essentials Guide' for more information.

I shall leave you with one final word of advice from Bridget Jones herself... 'you're going to need some bigger pants'.

Bridjet Jones Big Pants

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